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Question 53 ?(3 points) Concerning intelligence and its measurement, many psychologists:

Question 53 options:

criticize both the definition and the tests used to measure it.

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agree on a definition of intelligence but criticize the IQ tests.

criticize the definition but accept the tests used to measure it.

accept both the definition of intelligence and the tests used to measure it.


Question 54 ?(3 points)

IQ predicts _________, ___________, and _____________, but it does not predict __________ or __________.

Question 54 options:

Grades, job success, and health; creativity or social status.

Grades, job success, and happiness; creativity or health.

Grades, job success, and social status; creativity or happiness.

Job success, social status, and health; creativity or wisdom.

Health, wealth, and wisdom; creativity or happiness. Save

Question 55 ?(3 points)

What is the current view concerning what determines IQ?

Question 55 options:

Primarily genetics.

Primarily income of the parents.

Primarily environment.

Both genetics and environment.

Primarily the quality of the school.


Question 56 ?(3 points)

According to Howard Gardner’s theory of ?multiple intelligences?, there are eight or possibly nine distinct kinds of intelligence. How is this theory different from the standard conceptualization of intelligence (e.g., IQ)?

Question 56 options:

Gardner focuses more on verbal intelligence and mathematical intelligence.

It is not really that different.

Gardner argues that intelligence has more different facets or dimensions.

Gardner is less interested in musical intelligence and inter-personal intelligence Gardner cares more about using intelligence to predict who will perform well in school.


Question 57 ?(3 points)

Which of the following statements is ?TRUE? about the development of an individual’s IQ?

Question 57 options:

An individual’s IQ is relatively fixed as soon as he or she enters school.

An individual child who does not perform well in school will not show much development in IQ.

An individual’s IQ is malleable and has much possibility for change.

Individual IQ scores are typically stable; if they change, it is usually to decrease.

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