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Do you work endless hours to make both ends meet? Are you worried about the fact that you are still unable to meet your expenses because your wages are unpaid? Well, it is not wise to suffer in silence. What you need to do is look for a solution. If you do not seek help, then your financial issues may become unbearable, and this is something that you will not want.

You should contact an Unpaid Wages law firm, and they will give you adequate guidance in this regard. Now, most people are oblivious to laws for unpaid wages. You can offer potential help in this regard if you write this information in the form of a paper.

Let us write down the essentials you should include in your paper.

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Highlighting a plan in your paper to claim your wages

When you write your paper about claiming unpaid wages, then make sure that your guidelines are clear, and simple for the layman to follow.

Discuss when you can claim the wages

The first and foremost thing is that you have to mention the scenarios in which the wages can get claimed. If your employer fails to pay you the minimum wage, then you are eligible for the wages. There are times when employers act unfair, and they do not give the break-time to the employee in the break.

If that is the case, then you are eligible for the unpaid wages. Are you often asked to do off the clock work? If your answer is in affirmative, then you should not remain silent about it. You can ask your employer to pay for the off-time. If he refuses, you can seek legal help.

When you prepare for your work in your office premises, then you are eligible for the wages during that period. For example, if you need time to put on the needed safety gear, then you can ask your employer to pay you for that time.

Are you deprived off the vacation time?  If you have untaken vacation time, then your employer is bound to pay you for this time also. Are you working extra hours that exceed your daily and weekly target? If your answer is yes, then again you can ask the employer to pay the due wages for that time.

We talked about the different scenarios that make you eligible for overtime. However, when you want to seek legal help, then it is essentially a law firm should evaluate your case. Only your lawyer can help you figure out if the conduct of your employer is against the state laws.

Well, this is why you need to discuss these claims with your lawyer before you make your move.

Next, you should discuss another essential aspect of your paper. You should discuss how the lawyer will help you get paid for your wages. The benefit of this practice is that you will have a clear perception of the advantages of hiring a lawyer to claim your wages.

 How will the lawyer assist you in claiming your wages?

The good news is that a lawyer or a law firm is in a position to challenge the employer for his illegal conduct. Now, the attorney will give you an idea of whether your case is worth pursuing or not. If it is not, then your attorney will help you save your time and money.

If the case is worth pursuing, then he will give you a roadmap. He will discuss all the viable options with you. For example, you can sue your lawyer in some of the cases. You can make a claim for the unpaid wages with the labour department of the state. The labour department will schedule a hearing so that it becomes easier to unveil the findings of the claim.

What you need to keep in mind is that if you decide to file a lawsuit, then it will turn out to be a more expensive option. If things settle down during the labour department hearing, then this will turn out to be a better option for you.

 The advisable approach that your lawyer may suggest is to start with an informal negotiation with your employer. There are times when the employers do not want to end up in a lawsuit and then may decide to settle the wages outside the court.

However, this is more of an idealistic situation, and this may not happen every time. When you contact a lawyer for unsettled wages, then he will do a cost/benefit analysis for you. He will evaluate the cost of each of the options suggested above. As a result, you can make a realistic decision in the light of facts.

 Your lawyer will discuss what damages you can recover and the attorney’s cost to recover the damages.

The questions you should put forward to your lawyer

When you make a claim for unpaid pages, then it is an indicator of the fact that you are in financial trouble and need help. Well, this is why you should discuss the attorney’s fee if you decide to avail any of the suggested options. There are times when an option is more time-taking so it may cost more. Ideally, you should negotiate the cost depending upon the option you chose.

If the lawyer takes up your case on the percentage of recovery, then this will suit you more. You will not have to bear any extra charges in this situation. However, there are times when a lawyer might want hourly fees, and this can be expensive. The good news is that you can still go for an hourly lawyer, and only seek legal guidance.

Once you have the legal guidance, then you may seek the help of another law firm that suits your pocket. The reason is by this time you will have a picture regarding how you should go about your claim.

You should also question your lawyer about the litigation costs. These costs are related to the legal action. A good lawyer should be willing to give you a run-down of all these costs.

 The benefit of the informed decision-making is that you will not have any surprises coming your way.

 Homework that you need to do as an employee

 When writing your paper, you need to mention a critical aspect. You have to provide the necessary documents to your lawyer so that it becomes easy for him to make his assessments. The important thing is that you need to have copies of documents related to your pay.

It is also essential that you need to have the copies of time cards when you go to your lawyer for unpaid wages. Your lawyer will want to know the perks that your employer offers you. He may ask you for a bonus plan so you cannot go wrong here. Take a copy of the employer bonus plan. It will help your lawyer assess how fair your employer is to his employees.

If you have any essential emails that relate to your wages, then you should have them with you. All these documents will play a role if you end up in a lawsuit. However, make sure that you do not violate the employer’s policy.

For example, you should not violate the proprietary information that prohibits you from copying a specific document. You need to have some valuable information with you when you visit the lawyer.

You should make sure that you calculate your unpaid wages. For example, if you have unpaid wages less than $5000, then, in this case, you can file a complaint with the labour department. You will not need to retain an attorney in this situation.

 If the amount is more than $5000, then the best approach is to hire an attorney to give you the needed guidance. Keep in mind that if you have a low-value wage claim, then your attorney may not be ready to work on a contingency basis.

Remember that you cannot make a claim for the unpaid wages anytime. There is a deadline that you need to follow by all means. Do your bit of research and figure out the state law deadline for placing a claim for unpaid wages.

When you place a claim in time, then you will not have to face any disappointment at the end of the day. Now, there are many attorneys that do offer a free consultation before the hire.

Well, this is an ideal opportunity for you to extract the maximum information from the lawyer without paying a dime. Before visiting any lawyer for unpaid wages, discuss free consultation. The benefit is that you will have a stress-free discussion with your lawyer because you will not have to worry about the wages.

Make it a point to talk about all these essentials when writing a paper that offers legal insight into unpaid wage claims. Such a paper offers value to the readers, and they are keen to adopt the suggested approach. Plus, employees can get hold of reliable legal assistance without wasting their time.

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