How to Write An Exploratory Essay, Plus 100 Example Topics

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Exploratory Essay

Writing an exploratory essay is a fun way of learning new facts, but choosing the right topic for these kinds of essays can be difficult.That is why English homework help online from Gudwriter has come to your rescue with these exciting and highly debatable one hundred exploratory essay topics to help you exercise your exploratory writing skills.

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Before we get to the details, let’s make sure you understand what an exploratory essay is. 

What Are Exploratory Essays?

These essays are quite different from other types of essays due to how they are written. Instead of convincing the reader with only one answer to the essay question, an exploratory essay aims to examine different opinions of solving a particular problem.

In the end, these types of essays will present a conclusive view of the writer regarding the topic in question, but keeping in mind the vast array of possible solutions to the same problem, executed in different ways by more than one person.

When writing such an essay, the writer usually doesn’t think about how it will end or the exact result. Therefore, the research is conducted throughout the process of compiling the essay, which determines the outcome of the topic in question.

This type of essay allows the student to learn about the issue during the research compared to the other types of essays, which require the student to have an existing knowledge of the topic in question.

How Do You Write An Exploratory Essay

As much as all essays follow an almost similar format, they have more or less different ways of writing them. Knowing how to write an exploratory essay will be an added advantage and will back the great topic you will choose for your paper.

To write a good paper, you need to understand the essential elements of this essay type.

There is an introduction where you are expected to describe the issue and then make an argument. Make your introduction strong by providing a case study of the problem, or coming up with a story on the same.

For the body, start by clarifying the problem, then discuss the different perspectives available on the issue. It is recommended that students discuss at least three views

The different perspectives should come as separate paragraphs, which should contain a clarification of the argument, reasons why people share the belief, present the best claims to support the perspective, and show the reader why the claims are substantial.

The conclusion should be where you can present your perspective and explain why you claim it, then close by allowing the reader to choose his or her own perspective.  

100 Exploratory Essay Prompts, Questions and Example Topics

  • What are the effects of early marriages?
  •  Does divorce affect the upbringing of children?
  • Is it right for gay and lesbian couples to adopt children?
  • In some countries, women are regarded as a disadvantaged group. Is this classification precise?
  • To avoid cases of premarital sex, should people get married as soon as they finish high school?
  • With the championing of empowering the girl-child, has the boy-child been forgotten, and left in a vulnerable situation in the society?
  • Should the church allow polygamy now that a considerable number of religious women confess to being single and lonely?
  • What is the role of a woman in society?
  • What is the role of a man in society?
  • What is the role of elders in maintaining discipline and seeking justice in society?
  • How useful is a smartphone in the life of a teenager?
  • What is the relationship between mobile phones and brain cancer?
  • How realistic is life on social media?
  •  Do you think Artificial Intelligence is the last revolution in human existence?
  • Can cryptocurrency end poverty in the world?
  •  How can blockchain technology end corruption in governments?
  • Owning a website is like owning a piece of land.
  • How does the content of a website determine its net worth?
  • Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s reality.
  • Will the adoption of robots in the workplace and homes make our lives better or worse?
  • Fashion is great, but it can have adverse effects on our health.
  • Freedom and morality are not the best of friends, as seen in indecent fashion.
  • If life is possible on Mars, who will own the planet?
  • Africa is on the dinner table, satisfying the Chinese, Europeans, and Americans.
  • Can it be said that it is a habit to be always broke?
  • How risky is it to eat food that is constantly heated by a microwave?
  • How healthy is it to eat food that has been frozen for weeks or even months?
  • Is GMO farming as harmful as it is perceived, or is it a misunderstanding?
  • Who is to blame for the millions of starving Africans, despite the riches found in the continent?
  •  Was Gaddafi killed because he was pushing for the United States of Africa with one currency made of gold?
  • If he was not dethroned, would Mugabe run for another term in the July 2018 elections?
  •  Technology was invented in America, but its future is being coded in Africa.
  •  Is the world scared of a possible United States of Africa?
  •  Who is more powerful between the United States of America and China?
  •  How likely is World War Three going to happen based on the history of the first and second World Wars?
  • Is America as democratic as they claim since they have never had a female president in over two centuries?
  •  What are the advantages of having a dictatorship leadership in a country?
  • Has the US invasion of Arab nations increased or reduced global terrorism?
  •  Can technology enhance or degrade elections transparency?
  • Has Facebook infringed on users’ privacy rights with the US election allegations?
  •  What is the primary importance of social media privacy?
  • Should parents monitor their children’s online activities, or should they respect their privacy?
  • Does online dating work?
  • How effective is long-distance dating?
  • Can an average or lower class person play golf?
  • Is music connected to human psychology in any way?
  • Should children listen to music?
  • What is the long-term effect of listening to music using earphones?
  • Does music hold any spiritual influence on the listeners?
  • Is there any form of music that can lift one’s self-esteem?
  • Should academic grading be abolished in schools?
  • Does a college degree determine how successful one will be?
  • How influential is sign language compared to foreign languages?
  • Should all government schools be privatized for better management and accountability?
  •  Is it healthy to take an afternoon nap in the workplace?
  •  Is it right for an employer to dictate the dress code of employees?
  • What are the effects of using a personal cell phone in the workplace?
  • Should IT people be allowed to work from home?
  • How does the 8-5 working schedule affect the productivity of an innovator?
  • Is nuclear energy as safe as it is described?
  • What are the realistic methods of ending global warming, keeping in mind the need for growth and development of nations?
  • What is the effect of the recently proposed US immigration policies?
  • Will the building of a wall at the US-Mexico border solve the issues of immigration?
  • Why are teenagers most affected by obesity in the 21st century?
  • Can running more help obese people to cut weight?
  • Is obesity a condition of rich people?
  • Can stress and depression cause one to be obese?
  • With an educated and working female population, is it right for the man to continue being the breadwinner in a family?
  • Is it possible to be single and happy?
  • How realistic is the concept of self-driving cars?
  • How can we justify giving citizenship to a robot?
  • How useful are electronic books and other digital resources in today’s learning activities?
  • Are music and art a feasible tool for the rehabilitation of drug users?
  • How do we perceive our body images?
  • Why do we idolize celebrities and their body images?
  • What changes come with age in our body image?
  • Do women have a different perception of their bodies compared to men?
  • How important is physical appearance in landing a job?
  • Is there a specific age bracket when we become more conscious of our body image?
  • How have TV and internet advertisements influenced the way we view our bodies?
  • What are the effects of watching too much pornography?
  • Is it safe to conduct online transactions?
  • Is WhatsApp an easier way of communication or merely the worst time-waster in recent times?
  • Should governments tax the use of social media as in the case of Uganda?
  • Why do we still have so many wars around the world despite having thousands of peacekeeping forces?
  • Should government corruption be equated to murder?
  • What are the real medical benefits of marijuana?
  • Should marijuana be legalized for medical and recreational purposes?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished globally?
  • Should all schools wear the same type of uniform?
  • Should failed parents be sent to jail?
  • Is there any country in the world that has a police force that never brutalizes citizens?
  • How should children be rewarded for ethical conduct?
  • Should an employer do drug testing to employees, or does this infringe their rights?
  • Is it morally correct to judge an individual in a foreign land?
  • Is cyberbullying a reality?
  • Why do governments consider graffiti as an illegal art, yet similar concepts of art are taught in higher learning institutions?
  • Can gender equality ever be fully achieved in any country?
  • Should coffee be made a prescription drug?
  • How has reality TV influenced today’s society?

Frankenstein essay topics you need to explore.

These are just some of the endless list of possible exploratory essay topics that a writer can explore. When writing these kinds of essays, the bottom line remains to be an open-minded character that seeks to delve deep into a problem that had you had no previous experience or knowledge.

This is where research plays a crucial role in finding facts and analyzing them to fit into the topic. Use a plagiarism checker and proofread your essay to polish it before submission.

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