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If you have ever read a book review before buying an interesting book or going through a description of a movie to help you make a choice, creating an evaluation essay might be easier for you than you expect. As the name probably suggests, an evaluation essay does just that- evaluate!

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Evaluations can be humorous, sarcastic, or serious because they often take up the writer’s personality. Nevertheless, it is still essential to remain subjective to offer the best evaluation on a thesis, query, or subject. The best evaluation essays maintain a balance to as not to come off as too opinionated.

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The Main Parts of an Evaluation Essay

Being a review of something, an evaluative essay must include three critical components. That is the judgment, criteria, and evidence. In the judgment part, you are required to express your overall opinion on the idea or topic in discussion. Once you have communicated your stand, you should explain why you hold the specific opinion now; this is the criteria part. An evaluation essay does not stop at giving reasons for holding the view. You must make the reader understand why you have chosen the opinion, and this is done by providing evidence. The evidence is what will bring the reader fully on board.

The introduction of an evaluation essay serves as the thesis statement of the paper. The criteria basically serve as the background of the paper.

What is The Purpose of Evaluation Essays?

The objective of most evaluation essays usually is to demonstrate the quality or lack of quality of a specific product, service, program, or business. While most evaluation essays require you to have a point of view, in academic writing, evaluation essays must be literary. This means that the writing should be critical and well researched to form an informed opinion and conclusion on a specific topic. Sometimes evaluation essays are known as evaluative reports, evaluative writing, or essential essays of evaluation.

Evaluation Essay Questions and Prompts

  1. Evaluate the impact of social media in today’s modern business environment.
  2. Evaluate some of the issues that management faces today in business, thanks to technology.
  3. Take on the role of a civil warrior and use your experiences to evaluate the Civil War’s impact on history.
  4. Assess how self-driving cars fit into future transport.
  5. Discuss the role of Tchaikovsky’s music in the growth of contemporary music.
  6. What are some of the benefits of Sudoku for the elderly?
  7. How does sex impact human behavior?
  8. Evaluate the concept of sustainable living. Is it realistic?
  9. Are some animal rights too extreme? Assess.
  10. The future of global warming in today’s technology-driven
  11. The role of a single mother in society.
  12. Gauge the current education system in the United States.
  13. Evaluate the importance of workplace
  14. Is the world a little too obsessed with divorce?
  15. Evaluate five common weight-loss trends and why they are popular.
  16. Discuss the factors that go into a custody battle and the components that make one parent better than the other.
  17. Evaluate how hoarding starts and how to stop it.
  18. Hoarding is a psychological condition- assess the validity of this statement.
  19. Take an in-depth look into OCD and its impact on sufferers.
  20. What causes impulsive lying?
  21. Look at the laws of gravity and discuss how they are applied in daily life.
  22. Evaluate the racial tension in America.
  23. Has technology made communication impersonal? Discuss.
  24. Evaluate the existing differences between generic medication and their original counterparts.
  25. How does green tea work to boost metabolism?
  26. Evaluate the effectiveness of marijuana in fighting PTSD
  27. Evaluate the effects of having alcoholic parents.
  28. What is the impact of coming from a broken home?
  29. What is branding?
  30. Evaluate how the auto industry has changed over the years.
  31. What are the factors that led to the war in Iraq?
  32. Why are production costs outsourced to countries such as China?
  33. What are the necessary steps to follow when writing a great review?
  34. What triggers seasonal depression?
  35. Have human beings lost touch of what it means to be good neighbors?
  36. Discuss how photography has changed over the last few years.
  37. How has technology contributed to the evolution of music?
  38. Is homeschooling effective? Why?
  39. Should the criteria for running for president in the US be evaluated?
  40. Evaluate the process of picking a social media platform for your business.
  41. Evaluate the factors that have led to global warming.
  42. Are digital textbooks the future of education?
  43. What role do websites play in business success?
  44. What breaks the bond of marriage?
  45. Discuss the benefits of space travel.
  46. Is the modern education system effective?
  47. Can fast food be made healthier?
  48. Evaluate the danger of carbonated drinks.
  49. Discuss the role of globalization in the spread of contagious diseases
  50. Can video games be beneficial?
  51. Evaluate whether having a smartphone is worth it.
  52. By judging the latest smartphones in the market, evaluate whether they have specifications and features suitable for students.
  53. Social media has infiltrated society in a myriad of ways, and it has also affected families. Has social media impacted the family institution positively or not?
  54. Evaluate the ways technology has changed the way people access entertainment.

Working on your college coursework and lacking a suitable topic to work on? Here is a list of some interesting social media topics that will give you brilliant ideas.

How to Pick a Topic for an Evaluative Essay

1. Pick a topic

To start writing an evaluative essay, you will need to choose a topic that you will work on. Regardless of whether you opt to evaluate a local business or a service provided by one, you will need to be critical about your analysis and judgment.

As such, you should only pick a topic that you know or understand well or at least one with plenty of research information that can help you write effectively. Anything that you find interesting can be subjected to a rigorous evaluation, which means that you will have a wide array of options.

2. Narrow down your evaluation essay topic ideas

When picking a prompt for your evaluation essay, be sure to focus on a specific policy, business, service, or product. In short, try and evaluate a particular company policy rather than evaluate an entire band and its operations. This way, it will make it easy to conduct your overall research, but it will also help pinpoint your criteria, strategy for collecting evidence, etc.

3. Analyze your preferred prompts

You need to figure out whether or not there is a wealth of information available on your preferred topic to determine whether you will be able to write your essay. The best evaluation essay topics should be narrow and focus on a specific area of interest rather than a broader one. Ensure that the amount of available information will allow you to create a comprehensive essay because there is no point in working on a narrow topic when there is insufficient research data to be utilized.

Finding a great topic for your evaluative essay should be the least of your concerns, which is why this comprehensive list should help move things along. To write a great evaluative essay, you will need to include both the positive and negative aspects of your chosen topic to give a comprehensive review.

Remember, great evaluative essays are not subjective, but rather, they are unbiased and founded on great research. The key to making this happen is sticking to a topic that you find interesting so that the writing process can be stress-free. You can also use an essay title generator to refine the idea you already have.

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