78 Top Compare and Contrast Topics For College

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It is hard to miss a compare and contrast query in a written exam at all academic levels. Compare and contrast essay topics are quite challenging because the author has to look at different angles of the issue even when they don’t exactly fit an apples to apples comparison and contrast scenario. Compare and contrast essays have many gains for student development:

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1. Improving understanding

Compare and contrast essays helps in improving students’ comprehension. It helps them pay more attention to details, making it possible for them to better understand different ideas. This helps them in avoiding confusion in related concepts even in the other subjects they study. Essays and research questions can be answered by college research paper writer online at an affordable price.

2. Promoting higher-order thinking skills

 Higher-order thinking is vital for the success of students in their academics. Compare and contrast essays encourage higher-order thinking, playing a crucial role in students’ academic success.

3. Enhancing students’ memory

Memory plays a vital role in concentration and helping students follow instructions. The success of students in academics relies on their ability to hold information and use it later, for instance, in exams. Weak memory can impede the ability of a student to excel in his or her academics. Compare and contrast essays have been found to be very instrumental in promoting an excellent working memory in students.

Compare and contrast essays have are also useful in enhancing the writing skills of students. That is through better organization of information and developing their ideas with precision and clarity.

How to write a compare and contrast essay

It is very important to do proper in-depth research on what is being compared and contrasted. This is because it is essential to remain objective and present facts to the readers as they make their judgments.

A common practice of writing compare and contrast essays is by starting on the background of both sides that have led to their being compared and contrasted. This is the reference frame, which helps stay within the topic at hand. You then lay the comparison and contrast grounds to e.g., performance or effectiveness. It is essential to establish a thesis that explains the relationship between two or more subjects. When writing a compare and contrast topic, organize the comparison point by point for the reader to follow.

Suggested topics for compare and contrast essays

  1. Exploring the Origin of Both Christianity And Islam
  2. Exams: are they a true reflection of a student’s ability?
  3. Summer holidays vs. winter holidays in New York
  4. Colonial Resistance Vs. Collaboration: Which One Was More Effective?
  5. Video Computer games vs. smartphone games
  6. What Did The Greek Gods Have In Common With The God Of The Israelites?
  7. Similarities and Differences Between Windows and Android Software In Smartphones
  8. Daydreaming Vs. Dreaming During the Night: What Would You Prefer?
  9. What are the differences and similarities between the two moon missions?
  10. What Makes People Completely Different from Animals
  11. Comparing and Contrasting the Teachings of Christianity and Islam
  12. Comparing and Contrasting Buddhist and Christian Beliefs
  13. Comparing and Contrasting the Sumerian and Egyptian Culture
  14. Differences and Similarities between the Homo Habilis And Homo Erectus.
  15. Hailing an Uber vs. Riding a Bus
  16. Money vs. gift for a birthday.
  17. Hardcopy books vs. Ebooks
  18. Compare Dance Styles Ballet vs. breakdance.
  19. Chinese vs. Korean
  20. Compare and contrast the two cities.
  21. Horror Films and Thrillers: What is in Common?
  22. Textbooks or tablets in schools – what are the advantages and disadvantages of each in the process of learning?
  23. The differences between feeling sad or lonely
  24. Comparing and Contrasting Aristotle and Plato
  25. Comparing and Contrasting Visual Perception and Visual Sensation
  26. Comparing and Contrasting Taoism and Confucianism
  27. Comparing and Contrasting the Minoan and Mycenaean Civilizations
  28. What are the main differences between writing an essay and writing a research paper?
  29. 2000s rock music compared with rock from the 1970s – what are the differences?
  30. Democracy & Dictatorship: which one is better in an unstable political scene?
  31. Batman vs. Superman: who is the true hero of the world?
  32. American Vs. British Judicial Systems
  33. Comparing and Contrasting Taoism and Confucianism
  34. Comparing and Contrasting Martin Luther and Malcolm X
  35. Comparing and Contrasting Armed Uprising and Civil Disobedience
  36. Comparing and Contrasting the Reagan and Bush Presidencies
  37. Comparing and Contrasting a Light and an Electron Microscope
  38. Comparing and Contrasting the Population Management Strategies in India and China
  39. Comparing and Contrasting the Philosophers Karl Marx and JS Mill
  40. Comparing and Contrasting Faith and Cultural Customs
  41. Comparing and Contrasting Cloud Storage and Onsite Storage
  42. Comparing and Contrasting the Stories, The Odyssey and Ramayana
  43. Comparing and Contrasting the Democracies Canada and India
  44. Keynesian Economics Compared and Contrasted to Monetarist Economics
  45. Comparing and Contrasting Civil Rights Movements in India and USA
  46. Comparing and Contrasting the Religions of Christianity and Hinduism
  47. Comparing and Contrasting the Philosophers Aristotle and Plato
  48. Comparing and contrasting Luxury and Utilitarianism
  49. Comparing and Contrasting the Male and Female Condom
  50. Comparing and Contrasting the Side Effects of Cannabis and Alcohol
  51. Comparing and Contrasting Physical Addictions and Psychological Addictions
  52. Comparing and Contrasting China and Japan
  53. Compare and Contrast of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism
  54. Comparing and Contrasting Two of the Social Contracts Advocates; Rousseau and Hobbes
  55. Comparing and Contrasting the Play and Film Versions of Romeo and Juliet
  56. Comparing and Contrasting the Codes of Ethics in the Counseling Profession
  57. Comparing and Contrasting Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather
  58. Comparing and Contrasting the Jewish, Christian and Islamic Fundamentalism
  59. Comparing and Contrasting Realism, Naturalism, and Symbolism
  60. Comparing and Contrasting Modern and Classical Music
  61. Comparing and Contrasting Two Adventures: Treasure Island and Robinson Crusoe
  62. Comparing and Contrasting The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible
  63. Comparing and Contrasting the Religions of Judaism and Buddhism
  64. Comparing and Contrasting Hector and Achilles in The Iliad
  65. Comparing and Contrasting Cult and Religion
  66. Comparing and Contrasting the Shared and Differed Cultures of USA and Mexico
  67. Comparing and Contrasting Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi
  68. Compare and contrast Islam and Arab Nationalism. Why did Islamism become so prominent from the 1970s and 80s?
  69. Compare the Monarchy in the United Kingdom with Spain.
  70. Compare and Contrast the phenomena of guerilla warfare and urban terrorism
  71. Compare and Contrast life in the US and life in the Soviet Union in the 1930s
  72. Compare and contrast the creative processes of the mind; Carl Jung and Freud.
  73. Andrew Carnegie and George Soros: Compare and contrast
  74. Compare and Contrast Friedman Vs. Hayek
  75. Compare the education system between Post-Colonial Hong Kong and Post-Colonial South Africa.
  76. Comparison and Contrast of Champions of Nonviolence M Gandhi, and Martin Luther King
  77. Compare traditional and agile project management methods.
  78. Compare and contrast tomb art in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia.

How to pick a topic for a compare and contrast essay

Long-running topics – This is where you add to a long-running topic e.g., the Windows vs. Linux debate.

Highlight new information– When a new technology, for example, appears on the market, it is essential to examine what it offers better than older technologies and other emerging technologies.


It is not very difficult writing compare and contrast essay topics. The important thing is to have the facts right on each item, issue or personality being compared and contrasted. Writing this kind of essay will also help you uncover unsupported hidden biases that you may have ignorantly held. You can also get assistance from our team of experienced and qualified writers for a flawless paper.

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