Which European country dominated international commerce in the early seventeenth century?

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Which European country dominated international commerce in the early seventeenth century?

a) France

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b) The Netherlands

c) Britain

d) Spain

e) Portugal


(b) The Netherlands

Step-by-Step explanation

Dutch or The Netherlands dominated international commerce in the early seventeenth century.

Why was promoting international commerce important to the Mongols?

Their nomadic way of life was unsuitable for a sustained and profitable form of commerce. So they called upon merchants who had access to their neighbors’ markets. The Mongols then ensured that the merchants were protected and that their routes were safe for travel. This enabled the Mongols to rise from relative poverty in the 1200’s by conquering more than half of Asia to become one of the richest empires in history.

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How did silver from the mines of Mexico and Peru affect international commerce?

Silver became a universal currency, the first the world had ever seen. Silver was so common that people didn’t consider it valuable until much later when massive quantities of gold and diamonds were discovered.

Silver is also one substance that led to international law and order development.

Mines in Mexico
Mines in Mexico

What are the strategic implications of protectionism for international commerce?

Protectionism can be detrimental to international commerce when it becomes too extreme. A country that prohibits all foreign goods will soon find itself in trouble if it is at war with its neighbors. The same is true of a country that raises excessively high taxes on foreign goods. Eventually, the country will lose consumerism and see its economy collapse.

What role did Antwerp and Amsterdam play in international commerce?

They were financial centers, making it easy for merchants to find capital for their mercantile projects.

Antwerp was the center of international commerce and trade. From there, merchants could obtain information about new products and foreign markets.

How does the international nature of e-commerce affect its infrastructure?

It will affect it in the same way as it has affected international trade. Goods, information, and services are moving worldwide every day, but they travel in restricted areas using fixed paths.

How did international commerce affect the lives of women?

Women were not allowed to travel alone because of the risk of falling victim to kidnappers or bandits. They were still at home when their husbands and fathers traveled.

They cared for the household, including shopping and cooking for their families.

How long did it take to build an international commerce center?

The construction took three years and opened in 2011.

Why is international trade more costly than domestic commerce?

Shipping goods over long distances costs money because the goods must be transported by boat and then transferred to other ships.

What are the advantages of using the metric system in international commerce?

The advantages of using the metric system include:

1. It allows for simple comparisons between various units of measure, such as distances and weights.

2. It makes it easier to distribute measurements and weights evenly among people.

3. It allows for product comparisons based on weight or volume properties.

4. The same unit of measure can be used in international and domestic commerce without problems regarding the conversion from one measurement system to another or a fractional system.

Which type of standards help overcome technical barriers to international commerce?

The various types of standards that help overcome technical barriers to international commerce include:

1. The government standard governing measurement.

2. Standards adopted by scientific and technical communities in the different countries regarding measurement.

3. Codes of measurement for weights and measures established by the International Committee for Weights and Measures 

Three major challenges when entering into international commerce?

1. The different currency standards in the various countries.

2. The different legal systems in the various countries.

3. The different languages used in communications between countries and between people who represent companies from one country when dealing with people from another.

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