Which pairs consist of two countries that were members of the triple entente?

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Which pairs consist of two countries that were members of the triple entente?

A.) France and Russia

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B.) Italy Austria-Hungary

C.) Germany and Bulgaria

D.) China and the Ottoman Empire


France and Russia

What is triple entente?

The Triple Entente was a collective term for the alliances of the United Kingdom, France, and Russia. It formed in 1907 and lasted throughout World War I. The alliance’s name comes from its three signatories: 

– The United Kingdom: England; Ireland; Scotland; Wales

– France: Metropolitan France; Algeria; French Tunisia 

– Russia: Russian Empire (now Ukraine) 

Soldiers  preparing for war
Soldiers preparing for war

Why was the triple entente formed?

The alliance originally intended to maintain the balance of power in Europe by containing German expansionism. College admission essay writers are available to do your homework on Triple entente.

How did Germany feel about the triple entente?

Germany was wary of the alliance because it feared becoming a target for war. It also did not want to see an international business carried out by the alliance, leading to a loss of wealth.

How did triple entente increase tension in Europe?

The alliance caused great tension in Europe because it was a defensive alliance. The alliance only intended to contain and counter German expansion. Still, at the same time, any political decision from the other European powers could cause the tension to skyrocket and lead to war.

Why did France join the triple entente?

Part of the reason France joined the triple entente was to prevent Germany from dominating.  France also signed the Geneva Accords removing themselves from Vietnam.

Why did American support lean toward the triple entente?

It wanted to maintain a neutral state between two major powers.

What key factors led to the formation of the triple alliance and the triple entente?

The key factor that led to the triple alliance and the triple entente was Britain’s desire to take all of Germany’s trade routes in Europe, which would enable Britain to become a great power. That way, Britain could dominate the European continent and control all German trade. The Triple Entente also wanted to prevent Germany from becoming too powerful and forming a new naval alliance with another country.

World War II aerial attack
World War II aerial attack

The triple entente was an example of what factor led to the breakout of war in Europe.


How did the triple entente affect the balance of power?

The Triple Entente put two major powers in one corner and three major powers in the other. Because Russia was in its alliances with the other two, there was a loosening of border controls and diplomatic relations between countries. This gave more leeway for political maneuvering for these countries than if only one or two existed.

The triple entente was victorious due to what factor?

They got monetary assistance from the United States and could control the air and sea in their war efforts.

Why was the triple entente important in ww1?

The triple entente was an important alliance in World War I because it contributed to the success of the three Powers comprising Britain, France, and Russia. 

The three countries came together, all threatened by Germany’s overreach. Triple entente was important historically because it helped deter Hitler’s ambitions before World War II began in earnest because he would not have been able to use his full military might on just one front rather than attacking two different fronts at once (a defensive action).

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