Phi 208 Week 2 Quiz All Correct

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Question 1. 1. According to the video “Meet Your Meat”, which of the following is not

true of how animals are slaughtered on factory farms (Points : 1)

        They are driven in extreme weather conditions without food or water

        They are often still conscious while being slaughtered

        They are often roughly handled and severely injured by the time they make it to slaughter

        They are ensured every means of avoiding fear and stress during the slaughtering process.



Question 2. 2. What does Tom Regan say about the cruelty/kindness approach to animal ethics? (Points : 1)

        The best way to explain animal ethics is in terms of our obligation to be kind and not cruel to animals

        It is inadequate because it is possible to do wrong while being kind, and it is possible to do wrong without being deliberately cruel

        It has no relevance to animal ethics because animals are cruel to each other

        You have to be cruel to be kind, in the right measure



Question 3. 3. What moral theory does Jeremy Bentham (with whom Singer seems to agree) endorse? (Points : 1)

        Moral relativism



        Social Contract Theory



Question 4. 4. What, according to Tom Regan, is the contractarian approach to ethics? (Points : 1)

        The view that individuals have rights because of a set of rules that they agree to follow, as with agreeing to the terms of a contract

        The view that all animals have rights because of the agreements that we have made (or should make) with them

        The view that what is morally relevant is the pain and suffering that an animal endures when we mistreat it

        The view that all humans have equal rights independent of particular abilities



Question 5. 5. Which of the following does not describe the ways that chickens and turkeys are treated on factory farms, according to the video “Meet Your Meat” (Points : 1)

        They are raised in their own excrement among corpses of other birds

        Some are so crippled from unnatural growth that they are unable to move

        They are given ample space to roam and to express their own natural behavior.

        They are often beaten with metal rods, which is considered legal by the industry



Question 6. 6. What is Tom Regan’s position about the use of animals in research and agriculture? (Points : 1)

        Animals should be used whenever it can be proven that the human benefits outweigh the harms caused to the animals

        Animals should never be used for medical research or commercial agriculture

        Animals should only be used for medical research shown to be beneficial to humanity, never for agriculture

        Animals should be used in both medical research and agriculture but should be treated as humanely as possible



Question 7. 7. Utilitarianism is a form of what broader kind of ethical theory? (Points : 1)



        trolly problematic




Question 8. 8. How do we determine the difference between higher and lower pleasures, according to Mill? (Points : 1)

        The relative duration and intensity.

        The preference of those who are acquainted with both.

        The amount of happiness they produce on average.

        We can’t, since there is no difference between pleasures.



Question 9. 9. According to Jeremy Bentham (as described by Singer) what should determine whether a being’s interests should be taken into account? (Points : 1)

        Whether they have the faculty of discourse

        Whether they can reason

        Whether they can suffer

        Whether they are capable of love



Question 10. 10. What does Singer say about finding the basis for moral duties in the “intrinsic dignity” of humanity? (Points : 1)

        That God ordained humanity to be the top of the “great chain of being”

        That mankind is the most important species because it is the most intelligent

        That dolphins have actually been shown to be more intelligent than humans in many respects

        That such fine phrases are a last resort for philosophers who cannot find a distinction that gives humans worth while denying it to all other species



Question 11. 11. Which of the following does not describe how egg-laying hens are treated in factory farms? (Points : 1)

        They are allowed to scratch through dirt and grass looking for seeds and bugs in the fresh open air.

        They are kept in such tight confinement that they cannot lift their wings

        They are starved into a period of ‘forced molting’

        They have their beaks painfully seared off



Question 12. 12. Which of the following statements is the strongest evidence that the person saying it is a utilitarian? (Points : 1)

        Ginny: “Violations of rights are very serious, from the moral point of view.”

        Helen: “I agree. It is always immoral to violate someone’s rights.”

        Ginny: “Well, I wouldn’t say ‘always’. It’s o.k. to violate rights whenever the good you can produce by doing so outweighs the harm you do by violating the person’s rights.”

        Kate: “I disagree with both of you. The notion of rights is just a mechanism for the lesser members of society to maintain control over those capable of greatness.”



Question 13. 13. What is Peter Singer’s point about performing vivisection on mentally disabled human infants? (Points : 1)

        That if we say that it would be wrong to perform experiments on such humans but not on non-humans then we are showing bias based upon species alone

        That a good speciesist would not perform experiments on any being

        That we should test upon mentally disabled human infants because the results would be more reliable than tests on animals

        That anyone who would consider testing on a human infant is a monster



Question 14. 14. Which of the following does not happen in the “Meet Your Meat” to animals with diseases or injuries on modern factory farms: (Points : 1)

        The meat is allowed to be “USDA pure”

        They are killed for growing too slowly

        They are generally given immediate veterinary attention

        They are taken to slaughter anyway



Question 15. 15. Peter Singer’s “basic principles of equality” applied to animals means: (Points : 1)

        Animals should be given all the same rights as human beings.

        Animals are not entitled to not all the same rights but to an equal consideration of interests.

        Animals should not be given the same moral consideration because they are do not have the same power to reason as humans.

        Animals do not have rights unless they can demonstrate the same abilities as humans.



Question 16. 16. What is Tom Regan’s main criticism of the contractarian approach to ethical duties? (Points : 1)

        It works fine for humans without problems, but it has not yet been applied to animals

        It ignores the importance of pain and suffering when it comes to ethics

        It would allow all kinds of human injustice if a stronger group is able to oppress the members of a weaker group of people

        He does not criticize it; he things that contractarianism, if properly understood, represents the most rational approach to ethical problems



Question 17. 17. What is speciesism? (Points : 1)

        The view that all animals should be treated equally regardless of their abilities

        The view that endangered species have the right to exist

        Allowing the interests of one’s own species to override the greater interests of members of other species

        Protecting endangered species from extinction regardless of economic costs



Question 18. 18. According to Mill, utilitarian morality holds that: (Points : 1)

        If each individual strives to maximize their own happiness, the happiness of all will follow.

        Each individual is required to sacrifice their own individual happiness for the happiness of all.

        With the right social arrangements and education, individuals can come to associate their own individual happiness with the happiness of all.

        Neither the happiness of the individual nor the happiness of all is worth pursuing, since neither is attainable in this life.



Question 19. 19. What does Singer say about other philosophers’ attempts to argue that only humans have moral worth? (Points : 1)

        That they give a good way to determine who has rights in a way that includes all humans and no animals

        That they all say that animals should have rights too

        That they come up with unjustified methods to include all humans while excluding all animals from moral consideration

        That animals do not have rights because they are not as smart as humans are



Question 20. 20. What happens to the offspring of dairy cows, according to the video “Meet Your Meat”? (Points : 1)

        They are taken away at a young age

        They stay with their mothers until a healthy age

        They are placed in animal sanctuaries

        They go to pasture to become breeders






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