Plagiarism Checker

Copying content from the internet to complete your paper could be one of the biggest mistakes you ever made in your studies. Plagiarism is one of the killer factors for many students’ grades. No lecturer will take in copied work from any student. Plagiarism may occur after copying directly from other sources or even without copying directly from other sources.

You see, there are a lot of papers already written on the topic you are handling. There are chances that some of the sentences and phrases you use could have been used by someone else. That is why we always advise students to check their work for plagiarism before submitting whether they copied from the internet or not.

Gudwriter has an efficient plagiarism checker for you to use. Uniqueness is one of the requirements to secure quality grades, and that is what our free online tool helps you with.

How Does our Plagiarism Checker Work?

Our tool is straightforward and quick to use. Anyone can easily use the plagiarism checker and get results in a few minutes.

  • After writing your paper, copy and paste the text in the box provided in the tool. Select the correct settings and click on “check for plagiarism.” The process is straightforward and takes significantly less time.
  • Our online tool will check for plagiarism by comparing your paper to other sources on the internet and looking for similarities. The duration taken to analyze your text will depend on how long or short the text is. Our free online tool will give you the percentage of plagiarism, if any is present, in about five minutes or even less.
  • Upon completion, the tool will transmit the work to a reporting page where a comprehensive report will be provided, the percentage uniqueness, and also any sources the text is similar to. The tool will highlight the texts and phrases that were copied directly.
  • The final stage in the plagiarism checking process is optional. It is where you can download the report in any format you wish.

From the process, you can see it is pretty reliable and simple. However, you have to be careful about the plagiarism checker you use. Most of the free online tools are not as effective. Make sure you are using a tool from a trusted source.

Benefits of Plagiarism Checker Free by Gudwriter

You may ask why you should trust our online tool? Well, we are here to assure you of a professional tool and comprehensive report to ensure you submit a unique and high-quality paper. Our free plagiarism tool guarantees you the best services, and here are the main benefits of our service:

  • The tool is safe and very fast. This tool will analyze your text fast, saving you more time to go through the piece and make the necessary changes.
  • com plagiarism tool is free. You do not pay anything for this service since we value our customers and want what is best for them even if we don’t gain anything in return.
  • Latest and remarkable algorithms. Our plagiarism checker is updated and uses the latest technology to ensure it does not miss checking any single source.
  • The system is very straightforward. With our system, there are no complex things you have to do to get your plagiarism report. It is effortless to use, and anyone will use it in a short time.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

Fortunately, avoiding plagiarism is not a challenging task. If you want to produce a paper that is 100% unique, then follow these guidelines:

1. Include quotations

In any case, you use exact wordings from another source; it is advisable to use quotation marks around those phrases or sentences. That will mean that the phrases are not yours. When using direct quotes, make sure you cite who said those words for your readers.

2. Cite your sources

Always add a citation when using other people’s wording or ideas. The citation should include the date of publication, the full name of that specific source, and any other requirement depending on the style guide. Use our research paper writing service to get expert help on how to cite your sources correctly.

3. Have your ideas

It doesn’t have to be someone’s else idea you write every time. Come up with your unique ideas as well. Ask yourself what points can you put across that have not been shared by another author before. If you are going to use another author’s ideas, make sure you apply the other hacks to avoid plagiarism.

4. Paraphrase

It is rewriting another author’s ideas in your words without altering the message. With this technique, you have to be more vigilant as this can easily be plagiarized. With paraphrasing, you have to avoid similar words and phrases from the ones used in the source. However, since you are using another person’s idea, you have to cite them.

5. Use Plagiarism checker

It is advisable to always check for plagiarism before submitting your task. An online plagiarism checker will help you notice any plagiarism issues and correct them before handing your lecturer the paper. Ensure you use only the authentic tools from top quality websites such as Gudwriter for the best quality results.