207+ Problem Solution Essay Topics for College Students

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Before you write an essay, the first most crucial decision you have to make is the topic. You are writing a problem solution essay, and you have to overcome the topic challenge first. If you want to get out of the dilemma, you have to be able to get up on topics that you are knowledgeable and passionate about.

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Again, select one with a viable solution with measures that your audience can take and solve the problem. If you still get clogged for ideas, then you can look at my list of topics and find a plan that will work for you.

Problem-solution essays are all about finding out an existing challenge and then concrete ways of solving them. They are very educational, but at the same time, they can be intriguing. Still, the problem-solution essay opens the reader’s mind to the opportunities and relations that lie in wait.

Because you are trying to convince your readers that you are solutions are good enough for the problems, you might have to use persuasive language. Some people find working out these papers a little sophisticated.

But, if you consider an excellent information background and a clear outline, you’re easily joint to cruise to the top grade. When you choose problem solution topics for your essay, you should have a long list of topics you are good at.

But sometimes it might feel too overwhelming to do the work all by yourself. You have too much work already, and you’re trying to balance between work and sports as well as academics. If you need help, you can always contact our English assignment writing service. We have the world’s best essay writers from different disciplines.

In this article, I intend to provide you with a hundred-problem solution essay topics that you can use.

How to write a problem solution essays

Every problem solution essay might be unique, but; it is to flow in a specific way. After you finished deciding on the essay topic, you will need to come up with most of the points from scratch.

However, you need to defend your topic using scientific evidence and smart logic. Think through every topic and discover what you’re interested in full stop then write down your ideas in a logical format. There are four main mandatory components of a problem solution essay.

  • Situation: Where you introduce the topic and give a background of the problem.
  • Problem: Where you describe the challenge and why it needs to be addressed. In this part, you go to the specific details of the problem and provoke the audience to appreciate why it must be solved.
  • Solution: Where you start giving answers to the problem. In most cases, you stick with one answer and then defend it using logical conclusions and scientific evidence.
  • Evaluation: Where you have a conclusion about the ideas that you’ve given. In this case, you provide an overview of the real estate at ideas and then a call to Action.

Examples of Problem Solution Essay Topic Ideas

People have different interests, and we’ll take you through various topics you can write about. We have also divided the topics into different subcategories so that you can find what you’re looking for easily.

1.    Problem solution topic ideas on relationships

2.    How can we end racism and discrimination?

3.    Is it possible to beat stereotypes in this era?

4.    How is it possible to break group barriers?

5.    What do you think about women taking the first step in any relationship?

6.    How can you deal with overbearing people?

7.    How can you free yourself from an unhealthy relationship?

8.    Is it possible to stop cyberbullying?

9.    How can you make the next step when you’re just friends?

10.  Which are the best ways to help someone who is entangled in depression?

11.  Which is the best way to understand the culture and social status?

12.  Which one between texting and face-to-face interactions has a long-term effect on a relationship?

13.  How can you save your close friends from bad decisions in life?

14.  What would you do to get out of a bad relationship?

Social Problem Solution Topics

15.  How can we improve the rates of literacy in our society?

16.  How would you solve the issues of healthcare around the world?

17.  Which is the best way to handle illegal immigrants?

18.  What’s the best way to eliminate racism and discrimination?

19.  Which are the best solutions to homelessness in the community?

20.  Dropping out of school, especially by teenagers, is becoming rampant in your society. How can you solve this?

21.  This is the best way to convince your kids not to do or experiment with drugs?

22.  Drunk driving is one of the major causes of accidents on the road. How can you prevent this?

23.  Is it possible to convince young people to drive safely?

24.  How should we relate with those who are lower than we are in social status?

25.  Which measures can be taken to prevent divorce?

26.  What are the results of divorce, and who suffers most between the parents and their children?

27.  How can we prevent teen pregnancy?

28.  Is it possible to help kids from divorced families to build strong relationships and successful marriages?

29.  Prisons are supposed to help rehabilitate prisoners. How is this possible?

30.  What is your view about the increase in gun violence?

31.  Is it possible for the National welfare system to solve poverty in society?

32.  Which is the best way to counter-terrorism?

33.  How can you make your city more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly?

34.  Which are the measures that should be instituted to help our kids from being influenced negatively by technology?

35.  How far has the internet influenced the behaviors of individuals in society?

36.  Is it possible to balance free speech and freedom from being bullied?

37.  What are the best ways to persuade people to live a healthy lifestyle free from smoking or bad eating habits?

38.  Human trafficking is one of the most rampant negative practices in the community. How can we help prevent it?

39.  Unsolicited data mining is one of the threats to the free use of the internet. How can we prevent brokers from saying our personal information?

40.  How would you help a person who is a victim of family violence? 

41.  Most young people usually complain about feeling to get jobs that suit them. How can we solve joblessness in the community?

42.  Schools and colleges are supposed to offer skills to students. How can we improve the quality of education?

Cases That Solve Problems in Athletics and Sports

43.  Should colleges remunerate their athletes?

44.  Which is the best way to limit the use of steroids in sports?

45.  Which is your favorite sport? And how can someone Excel in it?

46.  Is there any need for children to train hard, especially at young ages?

47.  Which is the best way in which colleges can handle and teach athletics business and education?

48.  Which is the best way to learn and become excellent in a sport?

49.  What measures would you take to increase the attendance at the stands of your favorite sporting event?

50.  Your team is facing the defending champions, and you are odds too low. How can you prepare for the inevitable loss?

51.  Which measures should professional players take to get ready for retirement or injury?

52.  In what ways can a coach encourage athletes to give their best?

53.  What should our team or Sports Club do to increase the number of fans?

54.  How should a professional coach or player behave during Media interviews, especially after a significant loss?

55.  In what ways can you engage the media to be more effective, especially at covering your favorite sport?

56.  What role does the media play in determining the progress and development of a sport?

57.  Which is the best way to learn new skills in a sport?

58.  How would you train young athletes to love and be dedicated to a sport?

59.  What do you think should be done to trainers or parents who usually push their kids too much in athletics?

60.  Which is the best way for a professional athlete to keep off injuries?

61.  Are there ways in which the governing federation can prevent injuries among football players?

62.  In what ways would you improve coaching, especially in your favorite sport?

63.  How would you divide money and from sports between the club owners and the players?

64.  How do you improve the stadium where you go to watch live sports?

Essays That Help Solve Pre and Post College Life Problems

65.  In what ways can students avoid procrastination?

66.  How can you make college more affordable?

67.  How would you help college students to earn better grades through effective study?

68.  To what extent should parents of college students offer them freedom?

69.  How would you, as a college student, convince your parents to let you be independent?

70.  How would a college student eat healthily and avoid the freshman 15?

71.  How would you advise a college student who is not actively involved in sports to stay in shape?

72.  Which considerations must a college student make when deciding on a major?

73.  How will you decide on the best college to attend?

74.  How would you advise a student to be a better test-taker?

75.  Which is the best way in which college teachers can improve the attendance of students in the class?

76.  What would you do if you have a college mate who is suicidal?

77.  How can you manage long-distance relationships while you’re in college?

78.  What are you supposed to do when you’ve hoped for something such as a scholarship or a college admission so much, but you failed to get it?

79.  Which is the best way to resolve problems with your roommates?

80.  How would you, as a college student, ask your parents for more money?

81.  How can you deal with your noisy neighbors, especially in your dormitory or apartment?

82.  How will you balance sports classes’ social life and work while you’re in college?

83.  Which measures should be taken to improve College student participation in politics as well as elections?

84.  How can you overcome homesickness at college?

85.  Why should the government offer more funds to a college education?

86.  How can college students manage their money more effectively?

87.  What would you do to increase your attentiveness in class?

88.  How should colleges and trainers help their weak students to perform better?

89.  Stress among college students is on the increase. What can be done to alleviate anxiety and depression?

90.  Is it essential for parents to have access to the Year College students’ grade sheets and academic performances?

91.  How should the issues of sexual assault in colleges be handled?

92.  What should be done to increase the security of students in college?

93.  What should college students do to improve their relationships with other people on campus?

94.  How can college students break the monotony of academics?

95.  Which is the best way to choose the right friends in college?

96.  How would you improve your relationship with a teacher?

97.  Which is the best way to approach a lecturer when you have a question?

98.  To what extent does having a tight schedule improve your college life?

99.  How would you deal with college mates who influence you to do negative activities?

Essays to Solve Problems in Education and School

100. How should parents choose the right schools for their children?

101. What should be done to help kids who fell in school?

102. How should schools solve violence and bullying?

103. How should teachers deal with disruptive and misbehaving pupils?

104. Which formula should schools use to allocate their funding for Arts Sports and other co-curricular programs?

105. How should schools handle special needs students?

106. What help would you offer kids who don’t like education or going to school?

107. What activities should be added to school programs to reduce childhood obesity?

108. In what ways can kids who have been schooled at home be ready for college?

109. Is it time that school switched from the traditional books to the Digital textbooks?

110. Some governments around the world have considered giving school-going children iPads and laptops. Is it a good idea, and how can schools be prepared for it?

111. How should schools benefit from curriculums from other countries?

112. How important is it for schools to start offering foreign languages to their students?

113. How can America benefit from European education curricula?

114. How can schoolteachers prevent cheating in examinations?

115. How can parents and teachers use the internet to improve the quality of education?

116. How can schools and the government ensure that Talents are well captured in the curriculum?

117. Which measures should schools take to boost creativity among students?

118. How would you solve social stratification in schools?

119. Should high schools start to offer online programs to willing students?

120. Which is the best way for schools to attract and retain great outstanding teachers?

121. Should schools have more physical education?

122. Which measures should schools use to produce all-round students?

123. How should schools improve their students have?

124. How should school administrators deal with student pregnancy?

125. How has the technology and the internet influenced the quality of education in high schools?

126. Which methods should schools use to motivate their hard-working students?

127. Should schools have stricter laws, or should they operate in a laissez-faire policy?

128. What would be the effect of school uniform policies? And which is the best dress code?

129. In the last few years, there have been lots of shootings in schools perpetrated by students. Should the government legalize and license teachers as well as administrators to carry weapons in class?

130. Should police officers play Undercover in classrooms?

131. What should be done to improve the safety of students in schools?

132. Should parents encourage their students to learn a martial art for defensive purposes?

133. What should regulatory measures be taken to govern the way teachers and students use technology in class?

134. How should high schools help their students for the future consumer share Force prep courses for college or technical programs for oncoming jobs?

135. What role does the school play in making a better Society?

136. Should schools have a custom curriculum, or should I use the standard core curriculum? What should such kind of curriculum include and how should it benefit the students?

137. What metrics should be used when coming up with a curriculum containing what the students need to know?

138. And how can we know whether the curriculum used in high schools is good enough for students and valid for the time we live?

139. What should forms of punishment be administered to indisciplined students?

Transportation and Driving

140. Which is the best curriculum for teaching new drivers?

141. How can we ensure that licensed drivers are apt enough?

142. Do you think Elementary schools should teach pupils how to drive?

143. What exactly causes a traffic jam and how can you solve it?

144. How can you integrate technology into you are driving skills?

145. Do you think the present-day driver education curriculum is sufficient enough? And what can you do to improve it?

146. How can you find the route to a place where you’ve never been in the past? Would you use Google Maps GPS or ask from a friend?

147. Do we need stricter traffic laws, of course, you be down to improve the already existing laws?

148. How should the government encourage people to drive better?

149. Which measures should be taken to prevent drunk driving?

150. How should we discourage DUI, and how should the law enforcement act?

151. Do you think speed limits should be used to make driving safer?

152. What should be done to encourage more people to use public transportation means? And how can the government improve public transportation methods so that more people start relying on them?

153. Do you think public transportation means could help reduce traffic jams?

154. Do you think more police offices on the roads would make people drive safely?

155. More than 100000 people get involved in road accidents every year around the country. Do you think something is wrong with our legislation?

156. Which are the worst traffic Rule violations, and how can they be prevented?

157. Which steps should be taken in your town to make driving less stressful?

158. How should car parking be improved in your College campus?

159. How should people who text while driving they handled?

160. How can self-driven cars help prevent accidents?

161. What would you do if you went to another country that has different traffic regulations from the US? 162. Do you think state authorities need to offer refresher-driving courses after every five years?

162. Do you think state authorities need to offer refresher-driving courses after every five years?

 Problem Solution Essays That Pertain Family Life

163. How should parents administer discipline among their children?

164. How does the behavior and conduct of parents influence the character of their kids?

165. Which considerations must everyone make whenever they are looking for a spouse?

166.To what extent has technology made the family stronger or weaker?

167. How can parents monitor their children’s use of social media and cellphones?

168. How should parents control gaming among their children?

169. How can parents encourage healthy lifestyles among their children?

170. Some of the demands and requests made by children are inseparable. How can parents you know what to offer to their children and what not to?

171. In which ways can parents give an enabling environment to make their kids pursue their dreams?

172. How are parents supposed to deal with children who have special needs?

173. In which ways should parents encourage their kids to be better students?

174. What do you think parents should do for their kids and to love them more?

175. How can parents help their teenagers to trust them?

176. In what ways would the parents encourage the kids to be more honest?

177. What’s the importance of religious education among kids? To what extent should parents regulate search education?

178. How can a parent train their kids on money and financial management?

179. In which ways should parents prepare their kids for the future?

180. How can you encourage your children to take over the family business?

181. How should families enable children to live in a healthy mental state?

182. How should parents and other kids help in appreciating adoption?

183. How should a spouse approach their partner to adopt a kid?

184. Are parents responsible for childhood[KNSK1]  obesity, and how can they prevent that?

185. In what ways can you involve your family in deciding on a family vacation?

186. How can you strengthen the bond between you and your family?

Other issues

187. What measures should universities take to prevent sexual assaults?

188. What role can sororities and fraternities play in educating students about rape culture?

189. Is there any way that universities can protect students from prohibitive loans?

190. How can corporations contribute to creating new jobs for graduates?

200. Unemployment is one of the issues that fresh graduates face. What can the government do to ensure that a long-term mitigation strategy is in place?

201. Several programs can be put in place to help pacify the effects of unemployment for graduates as they seek jobs?

202. Which unemployment benefits can be made accessible to youth finding jobs?

203. Child labor has been a global problem for a long time. What can governments do to address this issue once and for all?

204. What measures should be taken against companies that encourage child labor?

205. What are the benefits that workers can get from unions?

206. While workers’ unions are vital for employees, not all employees are members. What measures can governments take to ensure that all employees join the unions?

207. Which trade policies can address child labor?

So, Choose the Perfect Problem Solution Essay Topic

Many professors give students the freedom to choose your favorite topic. This means that the challenge you must have in the beginning is coming up with a topic that you can argue well. Make sure to pick a topic that best favors you. As long as you’re able to put enough evidence and information, you will be better placed at earning high marks.

Remember also that you must choose a full conversant topic, and you’re passionate about you will have high odds of getting good grades. Always stick to the instructions given in the paper. Then write it in the best outline possible. Make sure to raise ideas that logically connect to the rest of the text, and it is clear of errors: you can use our plagiarism checker to ensure that the grammar is perfect.

You’re probably used to summarizing everything you have written, especially in your other essay writing escapades. But in this case, you will have to do more than that if you want an A+ grade. Restate your laces and give illustrations as well as logical proves as to why it is right or wrong. The whole point of essay writing should be captured in conclusion.

Explore some of the best persuasive essay topics.

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