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Leadership: Being an Effective Project Manager
Project Management Ch 10
6th Edition

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1: Project success or failure often is reliant upon the contributions of all of the following groups of stakeholders EXCEPT

    A). Customers

    B). Suppliers

    C). Contractors

    D). Competitors

    E). Top management

Answer; D). Competitors

2: Managing a project and leading a project are two different things. Project leadership is about coping with

    A). Formulating plans and objectives

    B). Monitoring results against plans

    C). Change

    D). Taking corrective action when necessary

    E). Designing structures and procedures

Answer; C). Change    

3: Which metaphor best captures the role of a project manager?

    A). The conductor of an orchestra

    B). The point guard on a basketball team

    C). A programmer on a software development team

    D). A scout on an exploration

    E). A mathematics instructor

Answer;  A). The conductor of an orchestra

4: Which of the following groups of stakeholders place constraints on project work such as requiring permits to be secured, that work is built to code, or that safety standards are met?

    A). Project sponsors

    B). Government agencies

    C). Project managers

    D). Customers

    E). Top management

Answer; B). Government agencies

5: The second ring in the network of relationships for project managers includes all of the following EXCEPT:

    A). Other project managers

    B). Customers

    C). Functional managers

    D). Top management

    E). Project sponsors

Answer;     B). Customers

6: A high ranking manager who advocates the project and uses their influence to gain approval of the project is a project

    A). Promoter

    B). Champion

    C). Godfather

    D). Sponsor

    E). Advocate

Answer; D). Sponsor

7: In terms of commonly traded organizational currencies, being involved in a task that has a large significance or having a chance to do something important and do it well are examples of ______ related currencies.

    A). Task

    B). Position

    C). Inspiration

    D). Relationship

    E). Personal

Answer;  C). Inspiration

8: In terms of commonly traded organizational currencies, sharing personnel, undertaking unwanted tasks or providing technical knowledge are examples of ______ related currencies.

    A). Task

    B). Position

    C). Inspiration

    D). Relationship

    E). Personal

    Answer; A). Task

9: The following are necessary when mapping dependencies or building a social network EXCEPT

    A). Identify those on whom the project depends for success

    B). Identify whose opposition would keep you from accomplishing the project

    C). Examine what sources of influence you have relative to those on whom you depend

    D). Focus on the relationships with project team members since they are doing the project work and you have most influence over them

    E). Diagnose another’s point of view as well as the basis for their positions

Answer; D). Focus on the relationships with project team members since they are doing the project work and you have most influence over them

10: Which of the following is used at Hewlett-Packard for building relationships with key players that will determine a project’s success?

    A). MBO

    B). MBA

    C). GIGO

    D). MBWA

    E). PMI

Answer; D). MBWA

11: Research consistently points out that project success is strongly affected by the degree to which a project has the support of top management. The following are ways a project manager can manage upward relationships EXCEPT

    A). Never ignore the chains of command

    B). Prove loyalty

    C). Pick the optimum time to appeal to top management

    D). Consistently follow through on requests

    E). Accept profound differences in perspective and become skilled at the art of persuading superiors

Answer;   A). Never ignore the chains of command

 12: The traits of successful project managers include all of the following EXCEPT

    A). Pessimist

    B). Proactive

    C). Skillful politician

    D). Effective time management

    E). Personal integrity

Answer; A). Pessimist 

13: When project managers recognize that if they want participants to exceed project expectations then they have to exceed others’ expectations of a good project manager, they are leading by example through which of the following aspects?

    A). Urgency

    B). Problem solving

    C). Priorities

    D). Standards of performance

    E). Ethics

Answer; D). Standards of performance  

14: To provide greater clarity to business ethics, many companies and professional groups

    A). Encourage managers to rely on their own personal sense of right and wrong

    B). Post consequences to unethical behavior

    C). Publish a code of conduct

    D). Conduct annual training seminars on business ethics

    E). Establish a reward system for those who display ethical behavior

Answer; C). Publish a code of conduct 

15: Which of the following would be defined as the ability to lead and manage yourself by establishing a sense for who you are, what you stand for and how you should behave?

    A). Proactive

    B). Emotional intelligence

    C). Empathetic

    D). Sense of purpose

    E). Personal integrity

Answer;  E). Personal integrity

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