The Impact of Mass Media on Religion was Reflected in The Rise of Religious Televangelists Like?

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A televangelist making a speech in church
A televangelist making a speech in church

The impact of mass media on religion was reflected in the rise of religious televangelists like?

A). Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon

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B). Betty Friedan and Josephine baker

C). David Riesman and John Kenneth Galbraith

D). Jackie Robinson and Paul Robeson



Step-by-Step explanation

  • Billy Graham and Oral Roberts sought to harness the power of television to spread their gospel.
  • A similar phenomenon could be seen in Betty Friedan and Josephine Baker, who sought to use the new medium of television to promote their ideas about women’s rights.

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What were televangelists?

They were Christian ministers who once had religious shows on television. These televangelists were especially common in the 1970s and 1990s, and they frequently sang to the audience, performed miracles, or told religious stories. However, many of them became discredited due to scandals during this period.

Why are televangelists always asking for money?

Some televangelists ask people to donate money because they want to support their projects. However, some ask for money to “save” the donors’ souls.

How do televangelists justify becoming millionaires while preaching the word of Christ?

Many televangelists earn a lot of money from donations from their television programs, but they claim to be offering spiritual guidance simply. Many people don’t believe in televangelists words since they are money oriented compared to honest religious leaders such as Mansa Musa.

Some say there is nothing wrong with televangelists asking for money because it is their job to spread the word of God, and people freely give them money as a contribution.

Why do female televangelists wear too much makeup and big hair?

Televangelists’ appearance is important because they often try to influence people watching. They are trying to show that they are happy and wealthy so that the people watching want to be like them.

How can people believe televangelists?

Many people who watch television programs believe what they see and hear. Many televangelists use their TV shows to promote Christianity, but some use it to spread other ideologies.

Why do televangelists own private jets?

Many televangelists own their private jets, which costs them a lot of money. However, they commonly use this jet to travel to places on the other side of the country or worldwide and spread the Gospel to others. Since they often have large congregations and many televangelists travel internationally, it is easier for them to go places where more people need help.

Why aren’t televangelists being prosecuted for fraud?

While it is true that many televangelists have been exposed for having some illegal money-making strategies, others are not being investigated. It is not fair to assume all televangelists are out to get money from their congregation when many of them do a lot of good.

It is also important to know that whatever the television preacher does, their congregation decides if they approve of the action or not. As long as the congregation approves of their televangelist’s actions, they will continue to do it.

What does the Bible say about televangelists?

In the Bible, there are examples of televangelists and apostles. Also, many people have been inspired by the preaching they hear on television. As long as they are inspired by what the televangelist has to say, many people will continue to be part of their congregation.

What is the difference between televangelists and bible teachers?

There are many things television preachers do that bible teachers don’t do. For example, televangelists focus on spreading the word of God and encouraging people to become better Christians. On the other hand, bible teachers are focused on teaching students the word of the Bible and will give them examples from other places in the world.

How are televangelists avoiding taxes?

It is alleged that many televangelists use a trick called “conversion,” which involves taking money from an individual who has given hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past. However, not all televangelists use this trick. If a person has to pay taxes on their money, the United States tax laws provide a deduction for donations to legitimate charities.

When did the pope declare televangelists heresy?

The pope has never officially declared televangelists heretics, but he did talk about the dangers of televangelism in general. The pope said that televangelism is “one of the most insidious temptations in the Church” and that it has “wounded ecclesial communion.” 

What is the attraction of televangelists?

Why do people listen to preaching on TV? One reason is that it makes people feel like they have a direct connection to the speaker. It makes people feel like they are sitting in the front row, and when someone speaks directly to them, it can be very hard to turn the television off. Luckily, most televangelists preach from a script and do not say what is truly on their minds.

What did Billy Graham have in common with modern televangelists?

Billy Graham, a televangelist in his time, had the same issues with hustling money from his flock that many of today’s televangelists have. He also demonstrated the ability to grow close to his followers. At one point, he suggested that he would pray with his followers if they were having financial or medical issues.

How do televangelists handle taking the sacrament?

Most televangelists have no problem taking the sacrament, despite a no-tithing rule in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They do not tithe because they are being paid to be ministers. They are violating the rules set by God just as any other job is.

What will happen to people when they become rich?

Perhaps the most puzzling thing that happens when someone becomes rich is that they seem to think it has little to do with them.

What happened to some of the leading televangelists of the decade?

Many of the top televangelists of the 1990s had a falling out with the church for their various scandals. Pat Robertson was so unpopular in his day that many people who did not like him still turned on the faith he claimed to represent. The late Paul Crouch took a lot of heat from members of his flock who thought he was too radical, even as he preached faith healing.

How do religious people accept televangelists?

Religious people tend to accept televangelists because they see them as people who are just doing what they need to do, or they see individuals who believe God has singled them out to preach the Gospel.

The televangelist phenomena is arguably the most successful form of evangelical preaching in recorded history. Through television, they have extended their reach far beyond their local congregations, making them household names. Their messages are so compelling that their followers follow them right over the cliff when some of these preachers fall from grace.

How do televangelists rationalize being rich when Jesus was poor?

The argument televangelists use to justify their wealth is that the money they are given is not for them but for furthering the Gospel.

How do televangelists move up in rank?

Every televangelist has a following. The size of their flock determines her rank. How do televangelists keep their followers? Preachers strongly influence their followers and can convince them to follow them blindly, no matter what transpires.

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