77 GRE Essay Topics

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The Graduate Record Examination has long been used by many US universities to assess entrants’ eligibility for Masters and Doctorate programs. The GRE test is standardized and has been written by millions of students over the years. 

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While it is reasonable to be apprehensive about the test, it is possible to pass on the first try with proper preparation.

How to write a GRE essay

The exam includes GRE essay topics that test verbal reasoning, qualitative reasoning, and analytical writing. The best way to prepare is by looking at the pool of topics listed on the ETS website. Each testing section will have listed topics. From this pool, it is relatively easy to predict what essays you want to write and prepare adequately. Several websites also contain free GRE test questions practice on them.

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Suggested topics for a GRE essay

  1. The issue of international gray markets and the threat they pose to manufacturers
  2. An overview of the financial instability and the soaring volume of international finance and increased interdependence of markets in the united states
  3. The two epic forces sweeping the word today, new technology and free markets
  4. The successful strategies of Disney in penetrating foreign markets
  5. An introduction to the situational analysis of performing markets relative to specific industrial settings
  6. An in-depth description of key forces in capitalism and free markets
  7. The main aims of implementing the compulsory order by the United Kingdom competition and markets authority
  8. An introduction to the world bank as a player in international capital markets
  9. An analysis of Maignan and Ferrell, on whether a firm markets its services or goods internationally or domestically
  10. The importance of animal rights in the US
  11. An analysis of the marketing strategies of Kudler and the need to expand to new markets
  12. An analysis of the effects of the recession on the emerging markets
  13. The strategic issue of entering emerging international markets
  14. Research on the current situation of cisco in emerging markets
  15. The united states’ government policy on the big emerging markets
  16. A look at one of the traditional markets in Russia
  17. An overview of the four different markets in the united states
  18. An analysis of the opportunities and roadblocks in the new markets for coca cola and Pepsi
  19. How the soft-drink battleground has turned towards new overseas markets
  20. An analysis of the crisis of September 2008 on relative abilities of currency markets and national governments to influence exchange rates
  21. A look at the four different markets structures in Europe
  22. Japanese automobile companies: how do they retain their competitiveness in the international markets?
  23. A description of the office of gas and electricity markets (Ofgem)
  24. An analysis of the concept of globalization of markets
  25. Does oil hinder democracy in developing in the middle east? Support your arguments with examples.
  26. Critically discuss the need for democratic governments. How do you explain cases where democracy fails to deliver, and authoritarian regimes appear to do so?
  27. Digital democracy: social media and political participation
  28. “democracy is the best form of government for all the world’s inhabitants.”
  29. Eu democracy promotion in the Mena region
  30. China, capitalism, democracy and human rights: future alternate scenarios
  31. Does the emergence of Islamist movements signify the success or failure of democracy in the middle east?
  32. Global trade and trade policies of china
  33. How might china defend itself against the charge that it is the supreme violator of international human rights?
  34. Fossil fuel (oil) and its impact on air pollution in Beijing china
  35. How the rise of china is reshaping the business environment for Mnes (multinational enterprises); what are the implications for Mnes?
  36. Critically assess Mearsheimer’s argument that the rise of china cannot be peaceful.
  37. What are the main obstacles that china faces in dealing with environmental problems?
  38. A critical review of the article “a review of Chinese and English language studies on corporate environmental reporting in china.”
  39. How convincing is the evidence that china’s development did not diverge from western Europe until around 1800?
  40. An analysis of morality in abortion
  41. An examination of moral accountability
  42. The decline of courtesy in the morals of society
  43. A discussion on applying morality to animals
  44. A look at the morals and beliefs of Christianity
  45. A comparison of moral absolutism, moral nihilism, and moral relativism
  46. Stem cells and the moral dilemma
  47. Development of moral philosophy of Immanuel Kant in his grounding for the metaphysics of morals
  48. Master morality and slave morality of Fredrich Nietzsche
  49. A moral debate on the use of euthanasia
  50. The point of morality and the moral absolutist approach to ethics
  51. The direct causes and effects of global warming on our environment
  52. An analysis of the exploration of the issue of global warming and the shifting attention that the skeptics are receiving in the recent past
  53. Global warming as a major environmental and economic challenges
  54. Effects of global warming on the world
  55. The negative effects of global warming on food supply and security
  56. Why the issue of global warming is not an issue at all
  57. Global warming and the government’s role on spending money on limiting the amount of greenhouse gas emission
  58. A description of global warming as a major crisis on the planet
  59. Is global warming a hoax?
  60. Why is global warming intensifying on earth today?
  61. The benefits of political parties in modern British politics
  62. The contributions of Machiavelli on the world of politics and political thought
  63. An introduction to comparative politics as an important aspect of political science
  64. An analysis of the nature of political terrorism
  65. The distribution and exercise of political power
  66. An analysis of political messages in political campaign strategies
  67. A breakdown of political extremists
  68. Important issue of politics
  69. Polarization of political parties and centrist politics
  70. The definition of the referendums in the political system
  71. The difference between political theory and political ideology
  72. The importance of tertiary education and the decrease in education standards in the united states
  73. The overlooked sex education in the education system in the USA
  74. The benefits of pursuing an online education over on-campus education
  75. An analysis of elementary education as the first phase of compulsory education
  76. Multicultural education: the role of cultural exposure in the school performance
  77. A comparison of public education and private education
  78. An analysis of compulsory basic education in Kenya and Rwanda

How to pick a topic for a GRE essay

The best approach is to choose a topic that builds on what you already know. Do practice questions on this topic and identify areas that have knowledge gaps. This way, you can build confidence in facing familiar questions.

Things to avoid when writing a GRE essay

You might have the best topic ideas and know what GRE essays are all about. However, that is not enough to have a winning essay. There are a few things that you might miss, which will get in the way of your paper being a success. You may also be interested in things to avoid when crafting your MBA essays.

One of the mistakes that most people make when writing this kind of essay is writing in the first person. What you should know at this point is that self-reference is not acceptable. Remember that GRE essays are written from people’s perspectives; therefore, there is no need to mention that again. First-person pronouns must not be used in the introductory and concluding paragraph. It is only allowed in the body paragraph.

Sitting on the fence or taking a middle-of-the-road approach will make your argument weak. Choose one side to defend and come up with a foolproof strategy of supporting it in order to sound clear and confident. The use of examples in a GRE essay is allowed. However, do not make the mistake of making the examples the bulk of your essay. Also, only use examples if you are sure that they are going to support your point.


The GRE test is mandatory, and the only way to get over it is to prepare adequately. Reviewing GRE essay topics from the past gives a very close idea to what the test will include. Practice makes perfect, and this is true even for a GRE test.

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