180+ Cause And Effect Essay Topics to Investigate

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To understand the present state of a subject, an event, personality, technology, or even health requires understanding its background. This is why cause and effect essay topics need solid research going back in time. But writing this type of essay help gain insight into why things are the way they are and what is expected to follow.

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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

Why are cause and effect essays written in schools? The goal of cause and effects essays is to explain how various phenomena are related. It explains the events that took place for things to be the way they are.

The objective of these essays is to identify patterns and explain them. They also tell or highlight the effects and consequences of an event.

How to Choose a Topic for a Cause and Effect Essay

To perfectly understand the present state of technology, subject, health, or personality, one needs to understand its background. In fact, this is true for anything you would wish to study about. You have to go down to the roots of its existence. It is the reason why these cause and effect essay topics require solid research to understand the subject better.

Creating these types of essays will help you gain more insights into why things appear the way they are and why what is expected to follow. It is important to select a topic that matters to you. The more interested you will be in the topic, the more the cause and effect essay will be successful.

The main goal of these essays is to give a clear explanation of how different phenomena are related. They will categorically explain what happened for things to be as they are now. A cause and effect essay will identify various patterns and explain what is happening in these patterns. It will also highlight on the consequences of a given event.

There are thousands of cause and effect essay topics that one can come up with. At times you may be overwhelmed by the right one to pick. This post has a list of well-researched and handpicked cause and effect essay topics that you can pick. Explore these brilliant ideas and pick the right topic for your essay.

Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Getting a cause and effect essay topic should not always seem strict and professional. You can also go for a fun topic that makes it interesting to research. However, remember to remain professional even as you research on the fun cause and effect essay topic. Here are some example fun topics you can try:

  1. Why do many students believe school homework is useless?
  2. The causes and effects of road rage
  3. Causes and effects of stress on students in daily life
  4. What is the relationship between child obesity and junk food?
  5. How long distance relationships affect your mental health
  6. Relation between a homogenous workforce and racial discrimination
  7. How unhealthy family relationships result in teen pregnancy
  8. How dancing can reduce stress and anxiety
  9. Causes and consequences of laughing on mental and physical health
  10. Effects of using emojis when writing text messages
  11. How yoga affects mental clarity and focus
  12. Causes of daydreaming at work or in class
  13. Effects of using funny memes on social media
  14. Consequences of consuming ice cream for your breakfast
  15. Causes and effects of performing pranks on family and friends

Easy Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Instead of going for the complicated cause and effect essay topics, you could select the easy topics as these will give you an easy time. They are simple to understand and research since they do not require in-depth digging to acquire information. Choose any of these easy topics to create your ideal essay.

  1. Effects of fine arts on culture
  2. How do fast food chains affect our eating patterns
  3. Effects of drug wars on the Third-World Countries’ Economies
  4. How rejection will affect your mental health
  5. Relevance of sports events in international relations
  6. Effects of the pandemic on human behavior
  7. How sports affect the human mind and body
  8. The cause and effect of college binge drinking
  9. The causes and effect of the stock crashes
  10. How bullying affects a person’s social life
  11. Effects of the digital world on the average retirement age
  12. How social media impacts interpersonal relationships
  13. How procrastination will affect your academic performance
  14. Impact of technology advancement on your communication skills
  15. How excessive screen time will affect your eye health

Personal Topics for Cause and Effect Essays

Personal topics are also another interesting category to select an alluring topic for your essay. These are topics that touch on the personal life of individuals. They could touch on the health, societal, or spiritual aspects of an individual. Pick from any of these topics:

  1. The cause and effects of alcoholism
  2. How traveling the world affects life and personality
  3. What effect does exercise have on the body?
  4. The causes and effects of anorexia nervosa
  5. A description of the cause and effect of stress on an individual
  6. The effect of a negative or positive attitude on personal accomplishment
  7. Effects of water pollution on the human body
  8. Consequences of drug abuse on a person’s life
  9. How demanding schedules affect relationships
  10. Growth of human population and illegal immigration
  11. How technology impacts communication
  12. How anxiety affects young people
  13. How social media has changed the scope of business practices
  14. Effects of modern technology on family relations
  15. Negative and positive effects of online shopping

Interesting Cause and Effect Essay Topics

If you love making things more interesting as you write, this is a category to try out. These are impressive yet interesting cause and effect essay topics that will jolt your mind. Find some of the brilliant topics to try below:

  1. Effects of improved sea travel
  2. What causes illegal immigration
  3. Causes and effect of mechanism on animal relationships
  4. Effects of media representation on social behavior and attitudes
  5. Cause and effects of rising costs of healthcare
  6. Impact of economic globalization on cultural imperialism
  7. How educational accomplishments affect employment outcomes and opportunities
  8. Impact of the rising popularity of energy sources other than electricity
  9. How popularity in reality TV shows affect the individual’s lives
  10. Effects of increased steroids intake on the human body
  11. How working from home is affecting the conventional work environments
  12. How social media affects political campaigns
  13. Why some fast food joints always remain relevant?
  14. How anti-racist protests actually stir up racism
  15. The damage made to our environment by electric cars

Sports Cause and Effect Essay Topics

For the sports lovers, this is a category you will find quite interesting. You can cover a wide range of sports topics you love especially majoring on the specific sporting activity you fancy. Whether you love athletics, soccer, basketball, or tennis, there is a sports topic to choose from. Below are some examples:

  1. Why is football (soccer) the most popular sports worldwide?
  2. What was the motive behind the creation of the Olympic events?
  3. Why do most kids lose interest in sports?
  4. Can intense physical activity regularly lead to injuries?
  5. Does getting into sports early affect kids?
  6. How did baseball become an iconic American sport?
  7. Why do some people engage in the extreme sports?
  8. Causes and effects of doping on professional and amateur sports?
  9. Effects of exercise on your mental health
  10. Historical facts that led to popularization of basketball
  11. How can sports enhance character development?
  12. Do race biases influence sports in any way?
  13. How has e-sports altered the sporting landscape?
  14. Explain how youth sports influence the development of a child
  15. Who introduced cricket to the sporting world?

Controversial Cause and Effects Essay Topics

Controversial topics will cover some of the complex and otherwise deemed not right issues. These are topics that could elicit emotions in the society and some people would rather keep off them. Below are some examples:

  1. What are the effects of globalization on the position of women?
  2. An analysis of the cause and effects of pet overpopulation
  3. Causes and effects of product piracy
  4. Why is the USA no longer a democratic leader according to the world?
  5. What causes war in the modern world?
  6. Does the internet have terrible effects on our society today?
  7. Why are young men giving up completely on women?
  8. Reality shows are a gem since people love watching them
  9. Why is it that people love animals more than fellow humans today?
  10. Normalizing obesity leads to more overweight individuals
  11. Parents who treat their children as friends are doing them more harm than good
  12. Why do many people prefer to live outside big cities?
  13. Are there more feminists in the world today?
  14. Is the church the safest place today?
  15. Should we have sex education in schools?

Psychology Cause and Effects Essay Topics

You could also handle a psychology topic for your cause and effect essay. These essays tell us why people behave the way they behave or look at certain aspects of human life in matters of psychology. You can pick from the examples below:

  1. Why is psychology becoming more relevant today?
  2. How poor mental health and lack of confidence make plastic surgery popular
  3. Is modern lifestyle making people more anxious
  4. What are the common factors that may result in learning disabilities in kids
  5. Bullying in schools can cause mental problems to kids
  6. Impact of different cultures on human intelligence and development
  7. Why do people with low self-esteem cheat on their lovers
  8. How does witnessing violence affect our mental health?
  9. Different parenting styles and how they affect children’s personalities
  10. Diverse temperaments and how they alter our perspective on different matters
  11. Effects of misunderstanding between parents and kids
  12. Effects of additional family responsibilities in marriage
  13. Impact of single decision making in marriages
  14. Causes and effect of alcohol addiction in relation to family breakdown
  15. How silent treatment affects relationships and friendships

Sociology Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Choosing a sociology cause and effect essay should not be hard. Ensure you select a topic you like and it also looks easy to handle. Here are few examples you can borrow from:

  1. Work discrimination and how it can end
  2. Dangerous effects of looking for retirement at an early stage
  3. What does religion have on modern society?
  4. What leads to homelessness, and what economic problems does it bring about? Try to be focused on the global effects on society and the economy.
  5. Sexual education in school; its advantages and disadvantages based on the effects
  6. What are the effects of severe birth control on society?
  7. Effects of disease and farming on nomadic communities
  8. What are the reasons for poor water access for many people around the world?
  9. Examining the causes and effects of financial crisis finance essay
  10. The causes and effects of the credit crunch finance essay
  11. Rogerian argument; bullying and the effects that it causes
  12. An overview of the cause and effect of generations of society
  13. Evolution of social norms
  14. Is technology a curse or a blessing?
  15. Should school uniforms be abolished?

Environment Cause and Effect Essay Topics

These are topics that touch on the environment. They could talk about the surroundings, global warming, and anything environment related. Some examples include:

  1. The causes and effects of global warming
  2. Understanding the causes and effects of an earthquake
  3. The causes and effects of acid rain
  4. The causes and effects of a tsunami
  5. Earthquakes; history, causes, and effects
  6. The global temperature increase leads to growing malaria and cholera prevalence
  7. What is causing changes in the ocean?
  8. How water vapor causes the natural greenhouse effect
  9. The causes and effects of geomagnetic storms
  10. The cause and effect of climate change
  11. An analysis of the cause and effect of water pollution
  12. A debate on the cause and effect of air pollution
  13. Effect of urbanization on the environment
  14. What are the main causes of a volcanic eruption?
  15. Why do some trees shed leaves?

Technology and Social Media Cause and Effect Essay Topics

There are numerous technology and social media-related topics students can choose to handle for their essays. These are topics that touch on the relevance of impact of social media and technological advancements in our society. Below are some brilliant examples:

  1. What is the effect on learning when students do most of their work reading from digital media?
  2. How has social media led to cyberbullying?
  3. The causes and effects of cyberbullying
  4. Does using technologies like iPads in classrooms cause students to learn better?
  5. Effects of YouTube on college students
  6. Effects of GMOs on food production
  7. An overview of the cause and effect of internet addiction
  8. How technology affects productivity
  9. How mobile phones affect human relationships
  10. Where did cyberbullying originate from?
  11. How does social media impact our privacy?
  12. Do mobile phones affect our sleep quality?
  13. How is online dating changing the dating sphere?
  14. Does the steadfast rise of TikTok affect Instagram and Facebook?
  15. Are photo filters affecting the self-esteem of the young generation?

Culture and Social Issues Cause and Effect Essay Topics

These are brilliant topics touching on the social issues in any modern society. The topics also touch on their cultural practices and beliefs. Examples may include:

  1. The effect of poverty on educational development of children
  2. What causes people to seek non-western medical cures like traditional Chinese medicine?
  3. The causes and effects of racial discrimination
  4. An analysis of the causes and effects of smoking
  5. Causes and effects of aggression on the society
  6. Poverty: causes and effects
  7. The cause and effects of high crime rates in New York
  8. The cause and effects of crime rates in Dubai
  9. A look at the cause and effect of selling human organs
  10. Causes and effects of product piracy
  11. What is the main cause of homelessness?
  12. Impact of death sentence on social justice
  13. How the economic status affects healthcare quality
  14. Does religion influence the society in any way?
  15. How ageism affects job opportunities

History Cause and Effect Essay Topics

For history lovers, this would be a lucrative opportunity to uncover more information about a given community, situation, war, movement, or any major activity in the past. There are numerous historical topics to choose from including:

  1. What were the causes and effects of the Arab Spring?
  2. Effects of the fall of the berlin wall
  3. What were the causes of the 60s feminist movement, and what effect has it had?
  4. The causes of war in Syria for Europe
  5. World History and cultures
  6. The cause and effect of the Russian Revolution
  7. The cause and effect of the French Revolution
  8. Effects of the Syrian War on the United States
  9. What were the effects of the Pearl Harbor attack
  10. How does 9/11 affect modern American society?
  11. What made the RMS Titanic sink?
  12. How does globalization contribute to modern-day slavery?
  13. What caused the Vietnam War and what were the effects?
  14. Events leading to the fall of the Roman Empire
  15. How does ISIS impact international security?

Mental Health Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Mental health is an intriguing category that covers lots of causes and effects of mental stress and overall mental health. These are topics that look to uncover circumstances that may lead to mental health problems or why some people are more affected mentally than others. Learn how to write a cause and effect essay step by step.

Here are examples of such topics:

  1. An analysis of the causes and effects of alcoholism
  2. What impact does stress have on the immune system?
  3. Impact of divorce on the young generation
  4. How social anxiety affects the young adults
  5. Can high academic expectations cause depression?
  6. The impact of child trauma in childhood development
  7. Effects of witnessing violence on the mental health of an individual
  8. How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect mental health?
  9. What is the main cause of high anxiety levels in the society today?
  10. Causes and effects of high stress in the work environment
  11. Does insomnia affect your mental health?
  12. Is social media a leading cause of high stress levels?
  13. How does poverty affect mental health?
  14. Can lack of sleep cause psychological disorders?
  15. What is the impact of substance abuse on the mental health of an individual?

Health Cause and Effects Essay Topics

These are essay topics touching on the health of individuals. Great example topics in this category include:

  1. A study on the cause and effects of malnutrition
  2. Eating junk food makes children unhealthy
  3. What biological causes create colon cancer, and what are its effects?
  4. Effects of asbestos on human health
  5. Effects of exercise on the human hormone system
  6. The characteristics, causes, and effects of heartburn
  7. The causes and effects of bulimia
  8. The causes and effects of bipolar disorder
  9. Cigarette smoking: causes and effects
  10. Major cause and effect of malnutrition in West Africa
  11. An analysis of the cause and effects of eating disorders
  12. Cause and effect of smoking
  13. HIV/AIDS, definition, cause, and effects
  14. What causes low body immunity?
  15. Severe weight loss due to emotional distress

Family & Relationship Cause and Effect Essay Topics

For students wishing to explore more about family and relationships, this is the category to go for. They are brilliant essay topics that discuss and explore family and relationship matters. Here are examples:

  1. An evaluation of the causes and effects of divorce
  2. What causes a family to have close relationships?
  3. What are the causes and effects of having twins on parental care?
  4. What causes families to buy unlimited internet plans?
  5. Even positive life changes, such as marriage, can cause stress
  6. Parents’ role models influence kid’s behavior
  7. How lack of communication affects family relations
  8. What are the negative and positive outcomes of sibling rivalry
  9. How does drug abuse affect family relationships?
  10. How social media impacts infidelity in marriage and how it affects family relationships
  11. How does technology affect quality family time?
  12. Effects of drug abuse on family relationships
  13. How does divorce and co-parenting affect the children?
  14. Effects of cultural differences on families and relationships
  15. Relevance of mental health in the family dynamics

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Cause and Effect Essays

The first mistake that you should avoid when exploring this kind of essay is choosing broad topics that will leave you with a long list of causes, effects, and consequences. The reader is likely to get lost with this. The other common mistake that students make is failing to show the connection between events: note that this is what the essay is all about, showing the relationship between events.

Supporting details are also instrumental in these types of essays. This means that you should, at no point, wander away from the logical flow of events. The one thing that will help you pull off your paper successfully is reminding you that the purpose of the essay is to link the causes and effects to make it easy for the reader to understand your essay.


Writing on cause and effect essay topics requires serious background research, and the analysis to help predict what effects are to follow. This essay requires an open mind because the research might bring up a hitherto overlooked cause, or point to the unexpected impacts.

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