Biology Osmosis Jones Worksheet Answers

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The biology of osmosis jones worksheet answers

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1. What type of cell is Osmosis (Ozzie) Jones?

Answer; White blood cell

2. A cop and his girlfriend are going to the kidneys to see who? Why do they need to go see them soon?

Answer; Stones because they’re passing through

3.  After germs enter the bloodstream, whose problem do they become?

Answer; The immune system’s

4. What does Ozzie’s bullet hit, causing Frank to get a leg cramp?

Answer; A main nerve receptor

5. When the saliva boat patrol is cleaning up the remnants of the dirty egg, they say that they are going to send a letter to the mayor about what?

Answer; Washing hands before they eat

6. Outside the mayor’s office, what statue has the title, “Our Founder”?

Answer; Sperm cell

7. There is a fat cell housing shortage. What does the mayor say that they are working on to solve this problem?

Answer; Make a third chin

8. Hair cells are being laid off on the scalp. (Frank is balding.) Where can these hair cells find plenty of jobs?

Answer; The back

9. Tom Colonic is running for mayor on a campaign of cleaning up the rot and stagnation in the bowels. He wants to “get things moving” by adding what to Frank’s diet?

Answer; Salads

10. The mayor says that he has a plan that will, “Flush Colonic

Answer; Down the toilet

11. In order for Drix to stay in Frank’s body, he’ll need a lawyer. Where does Ozzie suggest he go to get one?

Answer; Hemorrhoids

12. What substance kills Thrax (and most other pathogens)?

Answer; Alcohol

13. What is the “little dangly thing” in the back of the throat?

Answer; The Uvula

14. Drix gets on a bus whose sign indicates that its destination is what?

Answer; The bladder

15. When Drix decides to leave the body, what effect does he not want to have on Frank?

Answer; He does not want frank to become immune

16. What did Ozzie’s ancestors come over on?

Answer; The umbilical cord

17. What did Osmosis’s Great Great Grandpappy fight?

Answer; He fought the measles

18. When Thrax is going to leave the ingrown toenail with his two remaining henchmen, one of them suggests that they do what for a while first?

Answer; Incubate for a while

19. What do Ozzie and Drix decide to call for in order to clean up the mess after the zit explodes?

Answer; Scab

20. What part of Frank’s body controls the temperature?

Answer; The hypothalamus gland
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