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IMPORTANT: AFTER PURCHASE, LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND SCROLL DOWN BELOW THIS PAGE TO DOWNLOAD FILES WITH ANSWERS. Public policy is a basic set of goals, plans and actions undertaken by: Managers’ understanding of government regulations is: Studies show that texting while driving is: When a government orders companies not to conduct business in another country because of a war, human rights violations, or lack of a legitimate government; these orders are called: Deregulation is often: Government’s role is to create and enforce laws that: The primary way of accomplishing public policy is through: Patterns of government taxing and spending that are intended to stimulate or support the economy are: An example of an early economic public policy was: Public policy effects are: Around the world, government: Governments being asked to ban the use of cell phones by drivers are examples of a public policy: Total social regulation costs are: Economic regulations: Reregulation is: To influence government policymakers’ actions, an information strategy involves: Lobbyists, under U.S. law, must disclose their: In a 2011 Harris poll, how many people believed that political action committees were seen as too powerful? One of the most common financial-incentive strategy tools is: When a firm solicits its stockholders for political contributions for a particular candidate by letter and then sends those contributions to the candidate on behalf of its stockholders, it is called: A corporate political strategy does not: Companies have been permitted to contribute to political action committees since: Which of the following is not a constituency-building strategy tool? Which type of organization’s political action committee gave the greatest amount by total contribution in 2011 – 2012? When a business seeks to overturn a law after it has been passed or threatens to challenge the legal legitimacy of the new regulation in the courts, this is called: Firms in the chemical industry, which must contend with frequently changing environmental regulations and the risk of dangerous accidents, usually have: The information strategy tool most used by business is: Trade associations are: A common tactic in a financial-incentive political strategy is: Advocacy ads are also called:  


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