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Writing a research proposal is never fast or easy. A research proposal is essential as it is a significant part of your final project. Before you start crafting your project, the professor requires the student to submit their research proposal. And if the research proposal is good, the professor will give you the go-ahead. This is why it is essential to ensure that your research proposal has a perfect outline.

A research proposal is simply an organized, formal document that describes your research topic, why it is worth researching and how you plan to scrutinize it. The objective of the research proposal is to persuade your research supervisor, university or committee that your thesis is worthy and manageable, given the resource and time constraints you will face.

A good research proposal needs to cover the ‘’what’’, the ‘’why’’ and the ‘’how’’ of the research.

  • WHAT- Your Research Topic

Your proposal needs to articulate clearly your research topic. This needs to be brief and clearly expressed. Your research topic should exactly make it clear what you plan to research and in what context. In case you are having issues selecting a good topic, we have a well researched list of research proposal topics to choose from.

  • WHY – Your Justifications

You need to explain what makes your research proposal unique. What gap does it fill in the current writings? What good will it add to the world if you manage to find answers to your research questions?

  • How – The Methodology

After you have selected a good topic that is original and important, you should elaborate on how practical it will be to carry out the research.

  1. How will you undertake your research?
  2. Is your research design suitable for your topic?
  3. Is your plan achievable given time, money and expertise constraints?

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Writing a research proposal is never fast or easy. A research proposal is essential as it is a significant part of your final project. Before you start crafting your project, the professor requires the student to submit their research proposal. And if the research proposal is good, the professor will give you the go-ahead. This is why it is essential to ensure that your research proposal has a perfect outline. 

Making your research proposal seem perfect involves taking so many steps, such as choosing the topic, in-depth research, analysis of the paper, and compounding all your ideas in one paper. In cases where you lack the experience to craft a good research proposal, you will have to look for help. The good news is that there are various buy research proposal writing services in the market. 

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Key Peculiarities of a Research Proposal

1. Introduction and Theoretical Framework

The introduction is the part of the proposal that provides background information for the research described in the paper. Its purpose is to demonstrate a framework for the proposal, so that readers can recognize how it is related to other researches.

Introduction should build reader interest in the topic, lay foundation for the problem being studied, place the research within the larger context of the scholarly literature and connect to a specific audience. If you are unable to do it you can always buy research proposal papers from Gudwriter.

2. Statement of the Problem

The problem statement elaborates the context of the study and it also distinguishes the general analysis approach. You can refer buy research proposals online which will give a clear detail on how to state a problem in a dissertation. A problem is issue that leads to the need of the study. In a proposal a problem should be easily recognized by the reader.

3. Purpose of the Study

This provides a clear synopsis about the overall purpose of the study. Briefly elaborate the specific area of research that you will later elaborate in details. Incorporate sentences which begins with ‘’ The purpose of this study is ….’’ There are clear examples on the buy research proposals online that you can go through.

4. Review of the Literature

Literature review will provide the background and context of the research problem. It should establish the purpose of the research and demonstrates that the writer has knowledge about the topic. The literature review should be brief and on point. Some students find it hard to come up with the literature review which is why you are encouraged to buy research proposal papers where you will receive assistance.

5. Questions and Hypotheses

Questions must be relevant to the research. Research questions presents relationship between two or more variables but cite the relationship as a question. Hypotheses are relevant to theoretical research and are used in quantitative enquiry.

6. The Design – Methods and Procedures

This is the heart of the research proposal. You will indicate methodological steps you will follow to answer every question or test the hypothesis. Use as much details as possible to describe the details.

7. Limitations and Delimitations

A limitation will describe the potential shortcomings of the study. The threats that may have been impossible to avoid. Delimitations will discuss how a study will be narrowed in scope. Things that the reader expected you to do but you have decided not to do with a clearly explained reasons.

8. Significance of the Study

Elaborate how your research will revise, refine or add existing knowledge in the area of study.

9. Reference

Only references cited in the research proposal are listed here. You can learn about different method of citation on buy research proposal online.

Essential Elements of Good Research Paper

It will be easier to write a research paper when it is broken down into well-defined elements. The basic elements of a good research paper are:

  • Tittle 

The title should explain the main idea of the research paper. The tittle should catch the readers attention.

  • Abstract

Abstract is a paragraph that shortly summarizes your article. It should support your objectives, explain how data was gathered, examined, condense your results and identify the main research deductions.

  • Introduction

The introduction describes your thesis and why it is relevant. It is the most essential part of the research paper. Buy a research proposal paper will guide on how to write the introduction.

  • Literature Review

Literature review provides background to your study and elaborates the importance of the proposed research. Precisely, it is the review and combination of previous researches that is related to the problem you are planning to investigate. You may consider previous researchers recommendations based on their findings when writing literature review.

  • Methods

The goal of this section is to persuade the reader that your overall research methods and designs of analysis will help you to solve the research problem you identified and also help you to correctly interpret your search results. The research methods should be clear, well written and logically organized. You will learn how to write in buy a research proposal paper.

  • Results

Tables and graphics are recommended so as to enable the reader visualize and understand your research findings. You will leave your personal opinion, attribute your results but don’t explain.

  • Discussion/ Conclusion

At the conclusion, you will discuss about the results, the effects and how it relates to your dissertation. You can relate your results to prior studies, provide warnings or suggestions and outline your interpretations. It will provide a brief summary of your entire project.

  • Reference/bibliography

You must cite the source of your information. A reference list will show the literature you referenced in the proposal body. Bibliography lists everything you cited in your thesis, with additional citations to any important source that may help understand the research problem. Many errors are made in this section, buy a research proposal paper may help in eliminating those challenges.

Check out one our Research Paper and Proposal Examples about Childhood Obesity to get more insights.

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