How To Write a Research Proposal

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How to Write a Research Proposal

A research proposal is a document suggesting a research project, generally in academia or sciences. A research proposal is aimed at convincing the reader that you have a worthwhile research project and that you have the capability and the work plan to complete it. Research proposal outlines what you plan to research and also the procedures for quantitative and qualitative study you intend to use. All research proposals must answer the question of what you plan to accomplish, why you want to do it and how you are going to achieve it.

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Nearly all research proposals follow a straightforward structure and has common sections. Ensure you have a suitable topic that will make the research process a success. If you are stuck getting a good topic, you can choose one from a variety of research proposal topics researched by our team of professionals. This article will give guidelines on how to write a research proposal.

Research Proposal Structure

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Research proposal include the following sections:

  • Title

The title should be descriptive and concise. It should give a clear indication of your proposed research. Buy research proposal online has examples of how a title should be written.

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  • Introduction

Introduction provides the necessary background of your research problem. It should begin with problem statement which is referred to as the basis of the study. Introduction provides the objective of the study, indicates why the study is worth doing and indicates the independent and dependent variables of the study. You may also include table of contents or abstract in your research proposal. They are included just before the introduction. You will see all the details to include in introduction on buy research proposal papers websites.

  • Back ground and Rationale

You should include the background and issues of your proposed research, identify your discipline and a summary of key debates and developments in the field. You describe why your research is important, and how it relates to previous researches. This will help you to demonstrate the similarity with the relevant fields and also the ability to communicate concisely and clearly. You may strengthen existing research, complement or even challenge it. You will also indicate how you will conduct your research and indicate which questions you will not be covering in your research.

  • Literature Review

An examination of already done research which relates to the proposed research should be done to find out the findings. This will assist in identifying the results of the research and the knowledge gap on the topic. Consider the following five Cs when plotting your literature review:

  • Cite: Centre your literature attraction to be connected to your research problem.
  • Contrast different arguments, methodologies, theories and findings demonstrated in the literature: what common thing does both research proposals agrees on? Which authors uses similar method to examine the problem being researched?
  • Contrast the numerous themes, reasoning’s, approaches, methodologies and controversies that the literature covers: which main areas have contention, disputes or argument?
  • Criticism of the literature: which approaches, methodologies, findings are more dependable and why? You should look at the verbs that you use to describe what the author says. Example, demonstrates, asserts, etc.
  • Connect your literature to your area of study: compare how your study depart from, draw upon or blend with what the literature says?

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  • Research Questions

The research questions should be clear and focus and precisely shows what the writer needs to do. The questions should not be too easy nor too difficult to answer. Example:

  1. Does USA or Canada have a better healthcare system?
  2. How does USA and Canada compare in health outcomes and patient contentment among low earning people with chronic illness?

The first question is overly subjective and too broad. The second question is more researchable. It has a clearly defined terms and narrows its focus to a defined population.

  • Research Methodology

The research methodology should outline the theoretical resources to be drawn on, the theoretical framework, the proposed research appropriate research methods and a discussion of merits and demerits of a particular methods and approaches. The methods of study should be based on the research project purpose and hypotheses. Some of the issues to be covered under the research methods are:

  • The location of the selected research and the reason for choosing the location?
  • What public will the research cover?
  • Which procedure will be used to sort out sample units?
  • Which mechanism will be used to gather the information?
  • How statistics will be prepared?

There are other clear issues to be covered under research methods which are highlighted on research proposal buy online.

  • Plan of Work and Time schedule

Plan for the research proposal should include the activity schedule and time frame for the proposed research. The time frame should indicate time for:

  • Obtaining relevant materials needed for the study
  • Conduct of study
  • Data analysis
  • Writing up the research report.

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  • Conclusion

The ending highlights the importance of your project and summarizes the entire research. There is quite more information on the research proposal buy online on how your conclusion should look like.

  • Bibliography

It should include a list of references which has been used in your proposal or any other relevant source appropriate to the proposed research.

The guidelines explained above will be crucial when crafting your research proposal. Use our plagiarism checker to confirm if your research paper is original and was written from scratch before submission.

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