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IMPORTANT: AFTER PURCHASE, LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND SCROLL DOWN BELOW THIS PAGE TO DOWNLOAD FILES WITH ANSWERS. Important functions of the chief information officer include One of the primary advantages of a relational database is that it allows tables to be linked to reduce data redundancy and allow data to be organized more logically. According to Lewin and Schein’s 3-stage model of organizational change, which of the following tasks would be found in the ‘unfreezing’ stage? The need for additional data storage capacity is one of the factors driving the growth in data centers. Suppose you wish to run two different operating systems on one computer, you can accomplish it by using _______. An operating system with _____ capabilities allows a user to run more than one program concurrently. A _____ is a simple database program whose records have no relationship to one another. To develop software you need all these except  ?________. Providing value to a _____ is the primary goal of any organization.  _____ is the term used to describe enormous and complex data collections that traditional data management software, hardware, and analysis processes are incapable of handling. ?Which of the following is NOT a task typically associated with the systems analyst role? On a modern home computer, one can set up accounts for many users and be able to control what resources a user may access.  A(n) _____ is a field or set of fields in a record that uniquely identifies the record. If “color” is an attribute, then “green” is a data item. Data modeling usually involves setting a specific business goal and then analyzing the data and information needed to reach that goal.? Businesses and organizations that manage a local area network (LAN) connect to the Internet via a Web browser. The area covered by one or more interconnected wireless access points is commonly called a(n) _____. There are Web-based productivity software suites that require no installation on the computer. Most operating systems support virtual memory which allocates space on the hard disk to supplement the immediate, functional memory capacity of RAM. The role of a systems analyst is narrowly defined and seldom involves communications with others. While information systems were once primarily used to automate manual processes, they have transformed the nature of work and the shape of organizations themselves. Solid state storage devices (SSDs) store data in hard disk drives or optical media rather than memory chips. You cannot boot a computer from ____________. At Coast-to-Coast Moving and Van Lines, Ryan is responsible for managing the flow of the company’s data, from initial acquisition of new data to deletion of old, outdated data. Ryan is involved in ___________. All of the following are potential drawbacks to outsourcing EXCEPT: A command-based user interface employs icons and menus that people use to send commands to the computer system. The _____ is the heart of the operating system and controls its most critical processes. Which of the following is a markup language for defining the visual design of a Web page or group of pages? ?In most large organizations, the IS department is divided into the following functions __________. Like other programs, Java software can run only on specific types of computers. New cars come with an onboard computer that controls anti-lock brakes, air bag deployment, fuel injection, etc.  The software is known as ____. Suppose a business wishes to move away from hosting its own applications, the recommended solution is to use ______. _____ is an approach that starts by investigating the general data and information needs of an organization at the strategic level and then examines more specific data and information needs for the functional areas and departments within the organization. Disk mirroring is a method of storing data that generates extra bits of data from existing data, allowing the system to create a “reconstruction map” so that if a hard drive fails, it can rebuild lost data. The diffusion of innovation theory can be useful in planning the rollout of a new information system.  ? 3D printing is ________. A software suite is a collection of programs packaged together as a bundle and typically includes a word processor, spreadsheet program, graphics program, and more. One of the advantages of off-the-shelf software is that ________________. Over time, disruptive innovation tends to become less attractive to users in a new market. Haley’s employer has asked her to review tens of thousands of social media posts about their company’s products and compile this data into a database.? In terms of the characteristics of big data, Haley is dealing with ________. ?According to the diffusion innovation theory, _____ are the risk takers, always the first to try new products and ideas. Reengineering and continuous improvement have the same definition. Your friend has a Mac that runs OS X.  If she needs to run a Windows app on it, she can set it to run Windows also. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) uses companies called _____ to handle the business of registering domain names. ?In a large IS organization, the professional who is responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of the organization’s systems and data is__________. _____ consists of server and client software, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), standards, and markup languages that combine to deliver information and services over the Internet. A liquid crystal display (LCD) functions by exciting organic compounds with electric current to produce bright and sharp images.  Software as a Service (SaaS) refers to the use of computing resources, including software and data storage, on the Internet rather than local computers. In a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the markers are codes that tell the browser how to format the text or graphics that will be displayed. A type of memory whose contents are not lost if the power is turned off or interrupted is said to be _____. It is possible to restrict access to data depending on the database user’s privileges. Two sets of fields can have a common primary key. A _____ satellite system employs many satellites that are spaced so that, from any point on the Earth at any time, at least one satellite is on a line of sight, each in an orbit at an altitude of less than 1,000 miles. When making hardware decisions, the overriding considerations of a business should be technology cost and currency. There is no way a manufacturing firm would implement an Internet of Things because the risk of hacking is far too high.

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