75 Descriptive Essay Topics to Improve Your Storytelling

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Storytelling comes naturally to many people. What differs is the degree to which you perfect the art of drawing in the audience into your world and sharing the experience such that they feel they were in the experience. Writing descriptive essay topics is deceptively easy. Your audience must get close enough to have the first front view of your experiences, as told by you.

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How to write a descriptive essay

The simple definition of a descriptive essay is one in which you try to recreate an image or sensory experience so that your reader feels like he/she was in the place and time. There are different types of descriptive essays;

• A Place essay is one in which you describe a physical place e.g., a visit to the city

• Human essay in which you describe people

• Event essay in which you describe events as you experienced them

• Behavior essay in which you describe your behavior or that of others

A descriptive essay is written from your point of view, which makes it highly subjective and biased. This is why a good storyteller can work up different emotions in the reader. Writing a descriptive essay is a balance between giving too much and too little detail. This type of essay requires more work on manipulating language, rather than research and facts. Judicial use of metaphors, similes, and appropriate adjectives helps in recreating the perfect experience.

Suggested topics for a descriptive essay

  1. An analysis of a descriptive essay on mother’s apple pie
  2. A cafeteria encounter with a stranger
  3. My day at the mall
  4. What happens when my dog is off the leash
  5. My first night jump out of a military aircraft as a paratrooper
  6. Descriptive essay about the beach
  7. Descriptive essay about the best years of her life
  8. A descriptive personal essay on first night jump out of an airplane
  9. A bite on a grapefruit using all senses
  10. A descriptive essay about the beauty of America
  11. A visit to Nashville, the Athens of the south
  12. A descriptive essay on people assumptions
  13. A perfect weekend out at the movies
  14. My plane trip to New York
  15. Descriptive essay: questions and responses in my first job interview
  16. A descriptive essay of an event: a night out with friends
  17. An analysis of a descriptive essay by Kylie Harrison
  18. Descriptive essay: my childhood unicorn figurine
  19. A visit to a motel bathroom
  20. My struggle with glaucoma
  21. My introduction to the sport of skateboards
  22. A descriptive essay about my best friend, josh
  23. An introduction to the descriptive essay on the topic of bathroom
  24. A descriptive essay on my vivid recollections of Miami
  25. What a perfect Sunday school looks like
  26. A lunchtime experience in a typical Japanese restaurant
  27. My childhood bedroom and its fond memories
  28. How Poe uses the description of environments in his narratives
  29. A New York night: an experience of New York’s weekend club scene
  30. The double nightmare
  31. A description essay of my college roommate George
  32. My problem with concentration throughout my math 101 course
  33. A day in my life as a plumber
  34. How lit 131 course has helped me advance as a writer
  35. A personal account of spending time in my living room
  36. Different personalities observed in night clubs of London
  37. A description of a spontaneous visit to Disneyland
  38. My high school best friend Amy
  39. The crosswalk’s sorrow: a descriptive essay
  40. My vivid memories of the college dorm
  41. A descriptive essay on a typical Thai restaurant
  42. An introduction to the game of chess played on a chessboard
  43. A description of my retired US. Navy uncle the best uncle of all time
  44. My problem with concentration throughout my English 101 course
  45. A brief analysis of George Orwell’s novel “a hanging”
  46. The perfect veggie salad
  47. A story of my first airplane ride
  48. My first read of the English essay “shooting an elephant”
  49. A descriptive essay of Donald Trump
  50. A portrayal of my path towards literacy in my life
  51. A summertime visit to woodland hills, California
  52. The people i avoid on a museum visit
  53. A day out with friends at louvre museum
  54. An essay on a visit to a haunted house
  55. Brian O’Connell’s search for the meaning of life
  56. The importance of determination and commitment: Megan’s story
  57. Why does Donald Trump behave in the way he/she does?
  58. The person i love to hate
  59. My idea of a perfect action movie
  60. My first encounter with a ghost
  61. How would you act if you bumped into Beyoncé on the street one day?
  62. My idea of a best friend
  63. A description of the perfect business competitor
  64. A teenage friendship: my first opposite-sex friendship
  65. Make-my-day George: a barman for any day
  66. The perfect summer location for a California vacation
  67. Bliss on the slopes: a first skiing experience
  68. Why Dubai makes my heart skip
  69. An ideal white wedding ceremony venue
  70. 5 memorable restaurants from my childhood
  71. An ugly encounter anti-terrorism police
  72. A new world: the first day in college
  73. A day with my grandfather
  74. Seeing America: a bike road trip
  75. My first romantic love experience

The first step in writing a descriptive essay is choosing a topic that will give you great ideas. If you have selected an interesting topic and you do not know how to go about the essay, you can seek help from Gudwriter where we provide “do my case study project” at an affordable price. We have expert writers who assist students from all over the world. Contact us today and get a quality essay.

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How to pick a topic for a descriptive essay

What are your favorite memories of friends, places, or events? Which do you care not to remember? What do you imagine a particular place looks like? Picking descriptive essay topics is highly subjective and depends on what you want to create or recreate. This could be pleasant or not-so-pleasant memories. The only consideration is how vividly you can recreate it to convince the reader.

Avoid the following when writing a descriptive essay

1. Not organizing your essay

The success of a descriptive essay is only as good as its organization. The one mistake that most students make when writing a descriptive essay is doing disorganized work. Like most other types of essays, a descriptive essay must have a well thought out structure and a flow of ideas. Each paragraph of the essay should have a central idea that you should stick to and smooth transition between the sections.

2. The use of long string adjectives

The use of long string adjectives is a temptation that most students have not been able to avoid. They need to be avoided when writing a descriptive essay as they can interfere with the flow. Instead, in the place of adjectives, use more metaphors and similes. This will protect you from running out of adjectives to use in your paper and create an appropriate impact on the reader.

3. Picking the wrong topic

This will be the beginning of failure. Students need to be careful when selecting a topic for this kind of essay. Descriptive essays do not do well with boring topics, so you might need to consider doing enough research to come up with an exciting topic.


Writing a descriptive essay is not particularly difficult. It all depends on how well you can recreate a personality, event, place, pet, or other subjects. It will tax your powers in manipulating language to carry the reader along, but practice will eventually make you a better storyteller

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