What are Historical Lenses?

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Historical lenses helps us relate with what happened in the past
Historical lenses help us relate to what happened in the past

What are historical lenses?

Historical lenses are a type of lenses designed for people to use during a history lesson. These lenses help students to gain a closer understanding of what it is like to live in their period. Historical lenses have been used in classrooms worldwide. They are very effective at helping children gain an immersive and personal knowledge of historical events they may not be aware of.

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What are the political historical lenses?

Political historical lenses focus on a particular period’s political events and actions rather than the actual events. This can be very useful for teaching about totalitarianism and how one country can negatively affect another.

What are economic and historical lenses?

Economic and historical lenses use the money to explain the economic conditions of a certain period. This lens can teach children about the level of wealth in different countries during a historical period and how it changed over time.

What are the six historical lenses?

The six historical lenses are:

  • Political historical lenses.
  • Economic historical lenses.
  • Cultural-historical lenses.
  • Environmental historical lenses.
  • Physical historical lenses.
  • Technological and social scientific historical lenses.

The main difference between these lenses is the perspective they teach from. These six types of perspectives make all of these different types of history lessons more interesting, as children will be able to get a feel for how a certain event affected an economy or the world in many different ways.

What are the values of historical lenses?

The values that historical lenses are teaching are:

-History is a living thing

-Local and global events all affect other countries and people.

-History can be used to help people understand their own lives, past and present.

-Understanding history is a necessary part of life

How do historical lenses change the context of a historical event?

Historical lenses change the context of a historical event and how history is taught in school. Before students began using historical lenses, they had to study a topic in great length and detail. When they put on their historical lenses, they can see the events from different perspectives and learn about a certain subject matter through as many different lenses as possible. This can help children understand history in an easier way than they would have been able to before putting on their historical lenses.

What issues going on today can be looked at through historical lenses?

Any of the issues currently affecting children throughout the world can be looked at through historical lenses. For example, the issue of girls’ education in India is a big problem because many girls do not have access to school. Instead of just looking at this as an issue, teachers can get their students to put on historical lenses and figure out who has been the main contributor to this problem. Then, the students can devise possible solutions to fix this problem from a historical perspective.

When talking about historical lenses, what does historical value mean?

Historical value means how historically accurate a piece of information is. For example, if you were to look at the historical value of Columbus discovering America, you would want to look at how he was depicted in books and what was taught before and after this event occurred. An example of this is how Native Americans have historically been portrayed in schools.

Historical lenses are helpful in teaching history so that children don’t learn a single side of an issue or event.

How are historical lenses valuable to history?

Historical lenses are valuable because they give children a different perspective on history. For example, things were taught in schools about Christopher Columbus and how he discovered America. However, now kids are learning about how Native Americans were seen as “savages” and being forced off their land. This is just a small instance of how historical lenses can help students learn more about the past.

How can historical lenses affect the study of a historical topic?

Historical lenses are important, especially when looking at a historical topic. If you were to look at the history of the struggle for equality between women and men, you would want to consider the feminist lens when looking at it. There are several reasons why this historical topic should be looked at through a feminist lens, such as recognizing that the suffragettes were labeled as radicals during their lifetime and also recognized more after they died than when they were alive. Historical lenses can affect how we interpret facts and how we choose topics to interpret.

Articulate how different historical lenses impact how people perceive a historical event?

The civil rights movements are an example of historical lenses affecting how people perceive a historical event. African Americans were highly discriminated against until a certain point in time. Once the civil rights movement occurred and African Americans began to have equal rights, the discrimination against them diminished significantly. Although this struggle was fought for years, the change was dramatic, which can be attributed to different ideologies about race.

The invention of gunpowder would be important in using which of the historical lenses?

The tool of gunpowder is important to the Industrial and Scientific lenses. Gunpowder played an important role in the Industrial Revolution by helping produce guns and early machines that made workers faster and more productive. Gunpowder is also important to the Scientific lens because it helped propel human beings into the scientific revolution.

Why did Japan surrender historical lenses?

Japan surrendered because the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had a great impact on their surrender. By dropping the atomic bombs, they could weaken Japan’s chance of winning the war. When they realized they would not be able to beat the United States, they decided to surrender before more lives were lost.

Why are historical lenses important?

Historical lenses are important because they aid in understanding how and why people made decisions in the past. These lenses help change perspectives about the past and allow for a better understanding of what happened.

Name four historical lenses through which you could analyze the events of the Cherokee removal?

I could analyze the Cherokee removal through four different historical lenses. First, I could analyze it as a political and social issue done by the federal government to rid the original inhabitants of their land. Another lens that I could use would be a justice lens, which is how society viewed Native Americans at the time. It was seen as extinct people, weaker than white people, and not valued or wanted in society. Finally, I could analyze the removal through a recreation lens because this was how people were able to gather lumber and resources at that time.

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