Is feminism an effective ideology?

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Write 400 words for college. Is feminism an effective ideology?” Choose a position yes or no and why. Use historical truths and known figures to validate your point. 8-10 peer journal article references . Thank you.

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Is feminism an effective ideology?

An ideology could be termed as a relatively coherent and also comprehensive set of ideas that get to explain and also evaluate the social conditions, assisting the public in understanding their place in the society and also at the same time getting to provide a program for the social and political action. When individuals get to fall under some particular ideologies such as communism or even feminists, they are presumed to have been robbed of their individuality (Hirschman, 1993).

Feminism could be termed as an organized movement that gets to promote equality in the political, economic and even social spheres (Gordon, 1981). Feminists believe that women are usually oppressed due to their gender based on the dominant ideology of patriarchy.  Patriarchy is generally a system that gets to oppress women through its social, political and even economic institutions (Jackson & Jones, 1998).

Feminism ideology usually gets to take so many different forms. In the 70’s different women started developing some kind of a theory that could assist in explaining their kind of oppression. Various groups of resistance began to organize and also challenge patriarchy. By the year 1980’s the feminists had already started to disagree on different issues that had been linked to feminism. What was once a theory began to branch out into several theories that were focusing on different feminine issues.

There have been some infinite number of beliefs so ideologies should get to be infinite as well. Not all the individuals in a particular society get to follow all the tenets of a particular ideology. For instance, a feminist could be fighting for the equal rights for the females in the workplace or even in public places, but the same feminist could feel the need for a male to control the government. This means that that particular individual cannot be said to be a real feminist due to their varying reasoning (Kay, 1985).

Feminism is not an effective ideology because the individuals that claim to be true feminists still get selective on the issues that the women should be allowed to do. For instance, feminists still fight to force the fire department to establish some less demanding physical examination for women. This tends to go in contrary with their “equality” belief, which makes it quite questionable. One may think that the feminism ideology is just a way of enforcing some particular measures to be allowed for women. An ideology is supposed to be freedom. This means that despite the fact that feminism is viewed as freedom of women, it’s still quite selective which makes it ineffective ideology.


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