Which is not an Accurate Description of the Minoan Civilization

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Ancient greek Minoan Civilization Palace
Ancient greek Minoan Civilization Palace

Which is not an accurate description of the Minoan civilization

A. it enjoyed the benefits of trade with many parts of the Mediterranean

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B.it left behind no artifacts for archaeologists to study

C.it was centered on the island of Crete

D. it was prosperous


A). It enjoyed the benefits of trade with many parts of the Mediterranean. 


It is because it’s a bronze-age Aegean civilization on the island of Crete and not in the Mediterranean.

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What is Minoan civilization?

They are known for their art, including pottery, sculptures, and frescoes. The Minoans traded heavily with other civilizations such as Egypt and Mycenaean Greece; they were great builders with a notable culture.

Describe the main source of success for the Minoan civilization

Abundant resources and a strategic location helped the Minoans thrive. Many natural resources were found on the island, including copper and silver. The Minoan civilization’s main source of success was their skill at trade. 

Their trading partners included Egypt and Mycenaean Greece. They traded for valuable materials such as gold, silver, bronze, and glass. Crete’s position on major trade routes also played to their advantage. They could control the sea lanes to form a monopoly on trade with other civilizations.

Explains why the Minoan civilization was able to develop its rich culture

The Minoans were skilled at building and growing produce. They developed an advanced system of agriculture that included terracing, irrigation, hoes, and reapers for harvesting wheat. They also had the necessary irrigation systems: the only way to grow crops on Crete was with terraces and canals. The Minoans also benefited greatly from their position on trade routes. The location allowed them to exercise a monopoly on trade with other civilizations. The Minoan civilization avoided war at any cost since it would have brought about instability in their politics thus maintaining a rich culture.

What was the most important factor that created changes in the Minoan civilization?

The trade links that the Minoans maintained with other civilizations influenced their culture. The technological advancements they made, and the resources they imported, led to a progression of society and the development of art.

What happened to the Minoan civilization?

The downfall of the Minoans is hard to determine due to the lack of evidence. However, many historians have concluded that a natural disaster caused the civilization’s demise. The most popular theory is that a volcanic eruption occurred on the island and led to catastrophic results. This idea is supported by recent findings in volcanic ash on Crete.

What does the great palace at Knossos reveal about the Minoan civilization?

The great palace at Knossos reveals a great deal about the Minoan civilization. It was one of the most impressive in Europe during its time. Many historians have concluded that it was more of a religious complex than a palace, which helps explain why it contained so many shrines and religious buildings.

Political centre of the minoan civilization
Political centre of the Minoan civilization

What other cultures influenced Minoan civilization?

Mycenaean Greece and Egypt both influenced Minoan civilization greatly. Greek architecture, writing, and political systems were imported to Crete. Egyptian traders also brought their culture and beliefs to Crete; they brought ideas like the afterlife.

Minoan civilization transmitted its legacy to archaic Greece

The Minoan civilization did not give rise to Greek civilization. However, it did provide the foundation for the later Greek culture. The Minoans influenced many aspects of the later Greek tradition. They brought the hieroglyphics and awls (folding knives) widespread in ancient Greece. They also developed a sophisticated writing system, using raised red paint on wet clay tablets.

Why was the Minoan civilization on Crete able to flourish?

The Minoan civilization flourished due to its location. They maintained trade with other civilizations, allowing them access to many goods and materials. Their location made it a necessary stop for every ship headed toward Europe. This gave them a monopoly in trade and allowed them to prosper economically.

Why do historians believe that the Minoan civilization was advanced?

Many historians believe that the Minoans were advanced because their society was one of the most advanced during its period. They built tall buildings, used irrigation systems, and had writing systems. They also developed complex mathematical and astronomical systems that are still used today.

How did the Minoan civilization collapse?

The Minoan civilization collapsed because of volcanic eruptions. These disasters led to tsunamis that affected Crete and global climate changes. Trade was inhibited as trade ships were damaged. This caused a drop in the economy and led to political instability.

What was the first generalization about Minoan civilization?

The first generalization of the Minoan civilization was that they produced exquisite pottery, which is still prized today.

What led to the end of the Minoan civilization?

The Minoan civilization was brought to an end because of natural disasters.

What destroyed Minoan civilization?

The Minoan civilization was destroyed by the eruption of a volcano on the island of Thera, which was the capital of their empire.

How do the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations differ?

The Minoan civilization and the Mycenaean civilization differ in that while the Minoans were able to build the cities they did during their period, the Mycenaeans were unable to do so.

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