Naturalistic Observation Essay Example

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Essay Prompt : The assignment is just to write a naturalistic observation essay about someone performing an everyday task, or activity. The elements of the naturalistic style should be clear an evident. Such as

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  • Helplessness of humans against the natural elements
  • Pessimistic
  • A little hyperbole added (not much)
  • Survival

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Essay Sample

Jake the Farmer

Jake is a farmer who specializes in crop cultivations. He entirely depends on rainfall for his farming. He owns a vast land on which he plants a variety of crops both for subsistence and commercial purposes. In the past years, Jake has always been successful in his farming because of the rainfall that has always been reliable and the climate that has usually been favorable. However, the situation has recently changed. The farmer now cannot have a guarantee that his crops would do well in every season. This is because of the climate change that has been as a result of the emission of ozone gases into the atmosphere (Downing, 2013). Nevertheless, Jake is never a quitter and thus has not given up just yet. He continues to wake up every morning to attend to his crops and farmland with hopes that the climate would change for the better. However, all seems to be going wrong for the once successful farmer.

This season, in particular, the farmer has had to grapple with the worst challenge of unreliable rainfall. He has already planted his crops which of course require adequate rainfall for their growth. The problem is that there are no signs of rainfall, let alone any drops. The region where Jake’s farmland is located has been hit by a spell of scorching sun that would force a plant to dry up within minutes! Jake’s sorghum and maize leaves are curling into the size of onion leaves. The farmer is losing it as he is growing increasingly pessimistic. Does he have any chance of even an average harvest this season? This question lingers through the mind of the poor farmer as he ponders over options which also seem to be remotely available. If he had power over nature, Jake would definitely reverse the situation so that rains would fall to the rescue of his crops. However, as stated by Burton, French & Jones (2011), nature would always triumph. All that humans would afford would be to apply methods that would guarantee their continued survival even in the worst conditions of nature but not actually reversing natural conditions.

Jake has realized that if he continues waiting for the rains to come, he might as well count himself a loser as his crops would not likely perform. He now believes that in the face of natural adversity, human wit and survival tactics should be put in place. He has been a farmer all his life and nothing, in his view, should come in between him and farming. This is the reason why Jake has made up of his mind to resort to irrigation. Though it appears late, it is never too late. The farmer is well aware that with irrigation, he should not expect so much from his crops but at least, he would realize a harvest. Jake considers this a good idea since it would keep his crops in the right course to maturity even as the dry spell continues. The problem Jake is facing now is that he has to go for water in a distant place with his tractor and he has to make several trips on a daily basis. However, the farmer knows that what would come out of the efforts is worth the task.


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