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Philosophy is one of the most exciting social sciences that you can learn. But against a popular misconception that philosophy is simple, there is so much that goes into writing essays, and it usually not a walk-over. While it’s admissible that philosophy is unlike math or chemistry, which have definite answers, finding out what lies beyond ordinary thoughts is the kitty of having a good philosophical argument.

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Therefore, philosophy is an inexact science, but that does not mean that you can write it and how you want. Writing a persuasive philosophy essay will require you to follow established rules as well as plunge into in-depth research to understand what exactly you are commenting about.

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To make your school work a little simpler, we have come up with a long list of philosophy essay topics that will increase your chances of hitting the GPA you’ve been looking for.

Why is it important to know how to write philosophy essays?

You’re probably wondering what exactly makes the philosophy term papers and essay different from the rest. While you are at college, you will have to write lots of topics and essays with the same kind of structure.

However, when writing a philosophy paper, you might realize that it is a little different from this. You have to be able to understand the idea that you want to talk about inside out so that you can be in the right order. This is quite different from just eating your opinion or throwing your answers in the blank spaces.

You need to draw critical analysis for every idea you raise in a philosophy topic. This makes you analytical and increases your capability to persuade your audience.

What is the structure of a philosophy essay?

First, you need to have a clear picture of what you’re going to talk about. This will make your work coherent, and you will have a nice logical flow. I have to admit that not many people can hit an A grade in philosophy, but once you have an excellent mastery of the content and arrange your ideas in a good structure, you are already set for success.

The following are some of the things that your philosophy essay must have to make sure that you are on the right path you need to use a structure that is not only appealing but also effective.

1. You need to have a strong thesis statement

2. Everything you explain to the leader has to be backed up with real-time evidence

3. Make sure your sources are credible

4. Have a logical order of presenting your ideas. 5. Your ideas should flow seamlessly.

Sample Philosophy essay topics for your assignments

1. What does love mean?

2. Does love exist?

3. What is time, and does it even exist?

4. What situation would you change in your life if you had a time machine?

5. What time of your life would you use if you want to spend a year on vacation?

6. People have both good and bad traits. Is this statement correct?

7. What would you choose between a vocation and a well-paying job?

8. Can anyone be happy without a family?

9. What does society do in the formation of a personality?

10. How different are you from other people? And do you think you have a unique personality?

11. Are animals any different from people?

12. How can you boost someone’s creativity?

13. What role do emotions play, and are they any helpful?

14. Define a perfect lifestyle. What prevents you from living an ideal life?

15. Which is more critical between being loved and loving?

16. Do you support the theory of free will or determinism? Why?

17. Do you agree that love only lasts for three years?

18. Is truth valuable enough, or which situations do you think giving a lie is better?

19. Has there been any change in the value of education over the years?

20. Does everyone require education to be successful in life?

21. Are human beings the only intelligent organisms in the universe?

22. Is planet Earth the only Home For Life in the universe?

23. Do you agree with the statement that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?

24. Can anyone be educated without having to go to school?

25. Have quotes upset you most in life? And how would you deal with it?

26. What defines the importance of the most significant and important decision you ever made in life?

27. Would you like to live your life again if you had the chance?

28. What is more important between education or wealth?

29. Why do the standards of Beauty keep changing?

30. Define loneliness in your own words.

31. What’s the difference between being rich and having a lot of money?

32. Do you believe in life after death, and how would you be prepared for it?

33. Who would you Mary between a rich person that you don’t love and someone you love that your family would leave the rest of your life struggling to make ends meet?

34. Discuss five main character traits that define you. Which one would you like to change?

35. Are there any modern life values?

36. Is it possible to live without feeling alive?

37. Should people obey rules all the time question mark, is there a time when there is a difference between Rebellion and breaking the rules for the greater good?

38. Does acting ethically help in achieving happiness and pleasure?

39. What is happiness?

40. Define power.

41. Define eternity.

42. Define harmony.

43. What is the role of death in the development of humankind?

44. Life is vanity. What are the things that make human life so senseless?

45. What is the ideal society, and how can you create it?

46. What roles do the good and the evil play?

47. How can the globalized world be at peace?

48. Is there anything like total control of situations? Whether the advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon?

49. Is it even possible to have an inaccurate design of the ideal World?

50. What does it mean to cross the border of ethical conduct?

51. Is it essential for humans to live within the pre-established laws?

52. What effect does binary opposition have on humankind’s development?

53. What are the things that are most meaningful to the life of a human being?

54. Is truth a relative issue?

55. Should people have the freedom to make their decisions?

56. Is it possible for genetics to influence the behavior of an individual?

57. Is Knowledge a result of evolution experience or learning?

58. What’s the relationship between free will and spiritual power?

59. Why is the concept of a happy life so complicated?

60. What came first between the hen and the egg?

61. What’s a supernatural thing? And do you have any evidence of such existence?

62. What are the pros and cons of commuting suicide?

63. What makes human beings evil and cruel?

64. Do you have any justifiable to torture?

65. How can you always think positively?

66. Is the USA a meritocratic state?

67. What ethical ideas do you have about abortion?

68. How can you increase the IQ of a person?

69. What’s the difference between consciousness and subconsciousness?

70. What is the future of humankind?

71. Can We Blame parents for their children’s needs?

72. Are there instances when murder is justifiable?

73. Explain the interrelationship between Peace and War.

74. Discuss how video games affect the moral behavior of Gamers.

75. How does social media influence morals?

76. Is morality an objective or subjective concept?

77. How ethical would it be to introduce euthanasia?

78. To what extent should the church be involved in politics?

79. What is utopia?

80. Define anti-utopia.          

81. What are the pros and cons of egoism?

82. Can the belief in God have any effect on Human Nature?

83. Why are there humans who are good or evil by nature?

84. Some behaviors are by nature, where others are by nurture. Discuss this.

85. What are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence (AI)?

86. Should genetic engineering be legalized?

87. Should feta termination be legalized? Legalized?

88. If humankind decided to colonize other planets, would it be necessary to implant hour morality and ethics onto our new subjects?

89. Should humankind start creating the code of conduct of space ethics?

90. How is human being supposed to act when other planets have sent their envoys or representatives to planet Earth?

91. Are governments Justified to hide information about aliens visiting our planet?

92. What is the relationship between culture and morals?

93. Should small religious sects be banned?

94. Who are the positive and negative features of Niccolo Machiavelli’s ideology?

95. Is cloning ethical, and why has it been banned in many countries?

96. What are the advantages and disadvantages of communism?

97. What are the pros and cons of utilitarianism?

98. Is it ethically justifiable to perform experiments on human beings?

99. What is the compatibility or incompatibility of science and religion in the modern world?

100. Is it possible that the world can achieve a universal language?

101. Are human beings the most advanced species in the universe?

102. What are the pros and cons of genetically modified products?

103. Does going to bed early and rising early add to the lifespan of an individual?

104. Who is more intelligent between cats and dogs?

105. Does the American dream exist?

106. Discuss happiness in relation to modern youth.

107. What are the ideal principles that the family should be based on?

108. Discuss post-modernism in philosophy.

109. Should people I’ve been found guilty of criminal offenses be allowed to have children?

110. Would you like to live forever, and why?

111. Are there any moral obligations to speak the truth?

112. What are the pros and cons of organ transplantation?

113. What are the advantages and disadvantages of blood transfusion?

114. What are the pros and cons of applying the internet in Modern Life?

115. Are childless families happier or sadder than those with children?

116. What is the ethicality of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin?

117. Why do most people lie?

118. Is it reasonable sometimes for someone to tell an outright lie?

119. Is patriotism still a virtue?

120. Is it ethical to have zoos and circuses?

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While there are so many people who will tell you how to write essay topics and provide you with a list of ideas, there is more that you need to know about writing essays. There are mistakes you can make along the way that will ruin your essay regardless of how strong your topic may be.

The first mistake is creating a vague thesis statement. Note that the thesis statement sheds light on the perspective of your topic. Your thesis statement should be able to answer the question of why and how. Students’ other mistake while writing philosophy essays is not having enough evidence to back their statements. You are advised not to choose a topic that you do not have enough facts to support it. Long and confusing sentences are also enough to put off the reader. They will impede his or her ability to understand your essay. Being careless while writing essays can also cost your grades. Before submitting your essay, run it through a plagiarism checker, and proofread to ensure that it is flawless. Show the reader that you put in work in the paper.

Our professional writers are always on standby to help you achieve your dream grades. We provided you with a long list of fascinating philosophy essay topics that you can use in your papers. You can pick one and handle it yourself, or you can hire an expert from Gudwriter to help you out.

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