Reflection on Time and Stress Management

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The way we handle time resource affects our stress levels and accomplishment of our goals. With so many activities to do over the day, one needs to create activity-tracking log (Tracy, 2014). This helps in programming the activities according to the most pressing. Besides, it tells whether one has performed the intended tasks or not. I established that the arrangement of personal activities in the tracking log influenced the ease of completing the task. I thinking arranging the activities in the order complexity help in reducing the stress associated with completing workload.

In my time tracking log, an activity counts as important if it requires special attention and would take much of my time to complete. For example, assignments that needed a lot of research counted as important task because completing them required much time. I prioritize the activities entered in the time tracking log in the order of importance. For example, I made entry of class activities that required fast attention first. The essence of this approach is to limit stress that result from failure to complete the urgent tasks.

I categorize an activity as urgent if the time available for it to be completed is limited. In this case, the task has a short deadline, which I cannot afford to ignore. For example, the assignments whose deadline is due within a span of two hours count as urgent because I have to submit them before the end of this deadline. The treatment of this case would be different from other cases because it triggers the stress to complete the task before the end of the deadline. As such, I need to make early preparation to complete the urgent tasks without waiting for the deadline to be beckoning me to rush towards completing the task. I often respond to the urgent activities by completing them before the others.

I have learnt stress is a result of failure to complete an activity that is pressing or pressure resulting from work. The failure to complete the tasks before hand often exposes us to the feeling of need to accomplish the respective activity (Miller & Shelly 2010). Whenever one exhibits this feeling, he or she would be struggling to have a peaceful mind by finding the means of accomplishing the objective. For example, when I fail to submit the assignment before the deadline, I often feel the pressure of wanting to complete the task.

I have learnt that time is a critical resource and it tends to affect our performance and stress levels (Powell, 2007). For example, a plan on how to handle the daily activities tends to help in accounting for the time we have. I established that the way we utilize the time we have affect our result and performance. For example, early planning on how to complete a task tends to make the entire exercise easy to handle. However, with poor planning, one has to strain and raise the stress level. Proper management of time that we have is important in managing stress.

In conclusion, time management helps in controlling the stress level in our bodies. A good plan on how to handle our daily tasks reduces the trouble of hurrying to complete a task that often triggers stress. To achieve effective time and stress management, one needs to create activity tracking log because it reminds us of the tasks that are urgent and important thus affecting the ease of completing the task.


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