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A — 1
B A 4
C A 3
D B 2
E C,D 5
F D 2
G F 2
H E,G 3

a. Draw the network.
b. What is the critical path?
c. How many weeks will it take to complete the project?
d. Which activities have slack, and how much?

The R&D department is planning to bid on a large project for the development of a new communication system for commercial planes. The accompanying table shows the activities, times, and sequences required:

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A — 3
B A 2
C A 4
D A 4
E B 6
F C,D 6
G D,F 2
H D 3
I E,G,H 3

a. Draw the network.
b. What is the critical path?
C. Suppose you want to shorten the completion time as much as possible, and you have the option of shortening any or all of B, C, D, and G each one week. Which would you shorten?

d. What is the new critical path and earliest completion time?

Immediate Time (Days)
Activity Predecessors a m b
A – 1 3 5
B – 1 2 3
C A 1 2 3
D A 2 3 4
E B 3 4 11
F C,D 3 4 5
G D,E 1 4 6
H F,G 2 4 5

a. Draw the network.
b. What is the critical path?
c. What is the expected project completion time?
d. What is the probability of completing this project within 16 days?

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