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Who Moved My Cheese Essay

Change is something inevitable to our life especially if it is that change which is expected to have a positive impact on our life. Changes can occur in our places of work, as a result of technology or from a family setting. Different people react differently to changes as they manifest in their lives. Most people fear change because of the fear that they may fail to adopt it successfully (Hawk 10). There are also those individuals who fear change but after implementing it successfully, they start wondering why they had not started early. From the book of ‘Who moved my cheese,’ there are changes that manifest in relation to personal lives and, therefore, knowing the hidden meaning of the term ‘cheese’ and some of the important lessons derived from reading the book are some of the matters that will be articulated in this paper.

Who moved my cheese is a story whose focal point is ideally based on the change that happens in amazement where four funny characters look for cheese. The cheese, in this case, is a metaphor symbolizing what people wish to have in life, the needs of life could be viewed in terms of looking for a job, being in a relationship having money, owning a magnificent house, being at liberty among other things (Johnson 14). For somebody like me, the cheese would be becoming an entrepreneur through learning proficient skills of management. From perspectives of critical thinking, cheese can be viewed as the source of happiness to our lives such that if by any chance we are deprived the cheese then we have to deal with the circumstance in different ways. The four amusing characters in the book represent the parts of ourselves during the times we are confronted with change. It, therefore, means that the maze in the story give a representation of where we spend time in the pursuit of searching what we want. Through them, we discover ways by which change can be implemented to a person’s success.

This book has key messages that seem to be some of the lessons learned from this story. First, the book shows that change happens, this is seen by the movement that is portrayed concerning the cheese. Also, the book tries to explain to the readers that they should always anticipate change as it is seen by the people who get the cheese ready to move. The book also goes ahead to say that there is a need to monitor change as it happens just like the way you need to smell cheese so that you can determine when it is getting old. As you monitor the change, it is also essential to adapt to the change quickly, flow with the change, enjoy it and be flexible in a way that shows that you can adapt quickly to the change (Hawk 10).

As a person who has an interest in entrepreneurship, I would say that this book is critical to determining my success. An entrepreneur should be ready to detect the change and accept it as it comes because a positive change in the organization would mean success in production. Also, as an entrepreneur, it is important to make follow-ups of the changes as they occur and look at their feasibility in providing what would be viewed as a success for the company. Moreover, the most significant aspect would be based on the flexibility of the entrepreneur in effecting the change. If the change is not bearing fruits, the manager should be able to look for an alternative to keep the cheese moving. Therefore, as a person who wishes to become a successful entrepreneur or any other person who has carried out critical decision-making process and has decided to implement change to his organization, affiliation with the acquaintances provided in this book would be of much benevolence to him.

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