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In the Political Science faculty, there are thousands of possible topics that a student can write on. However, choosing the best topic can be an overwhelming task given the width of Political Science studies that date back centuries; whilst playing a key role in shaping the current political events around the world.

To write an excellent Political Science research paper, it is important to choose a topic that would spark interest during the research and hence throughout the writing process. This choice should be narrowed down to one specific topic and a specific time period. It is only then that you can compose the research question based on the topic and delve deep into the details of factual events and their direct or indirect influence of the political arena in question. Such analysis done concretely and in-depth will demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic by researcher.

50 Political Science Research Paper Ideas

Here is a list of 50 topics to consider when you’re writing your political science research papers:

  1. In the United States, how has the Citizens United Supreme Court case influenced elections in the local, state, and national levels?
  2. In the United States Congress and Supreme Court, what role does architecture play in demonstrating democratic ideals?
  3. What impact is expected in the future political relationship between the US and the Middle East with the fact that a large proportion of the Arab population is under 30 years?
  4. How did technology affect the voting process in the recently concluded US elections?
  5. What was technology’s role in speed difference during the marriage equality movement and the civil rights movement in the United States?
  6. The nuclear triad may be termed as an outdated Cold War policy. Is this true?
  7. In what ways has the Supreme Court nomination process been influenced by expectations of diversity?
  8. With modern technology, how different might the process of drafting the constitution have been?
  9. Between pursuing regional or global trade agreements, what should the United States be focused on?
  10. What impact does the role of US in the World Trade Organization with regards to global climate change negotiations have?
  11. Describe the history of Political Science.
  12. How applicable is postmodernism in today’s Political world?
  13. What is the influence of institutionalism among the political scientists of America and beyond?
  14. How has modernization shaped the world politics of the 21st Century?
  15. What was the future political impact of the American Civil War?
  16. How has terrorism affected politics of the East and West from the late 20th Century to date?
  17. Is American politics still shaped by the old age bureaucracy of administrative functions executed on behalf of the executive?
  18. How have Interest Groups influenced the decisions of politicians and the public policies they pass in America?
  19. Why did American political parties become weak in the beginning of the 20th Century leading to more focus on presidential candidates?
  20. How has voting behavior changed the tune of global politics since the inception of democracy?
  21. Is race and ethnicity still a major factor of American politics in the 21st Century?
  22. Is American politics gender biased since we are yet to see a sitting female president after over 200 years of democracy?
  23. How influential has religion been in shaping the political space in America?
  24. What is the importance of experimental research in today’s political science world compared to survey-based research?
  25. Why is content analysis important for campaign managers in the 21st Century politics?
  26. Explain the evolution of science in political science.
  27. How has American foreign policy affected the political decisions of her neighbors?
  28. Is there a common ground for liberalism and idealism in American politics of 21st Century?
  29. Is balance of power achievable in today’s politics given the recent America-North Korea talks?
  30. Despite the growth of democracy globally, is democracy peace realized in full across the globe today?
  31. What impact has International Law made in recent years owing to the fact that nations thought to be democratic are still at war with each other?
  32. How has International Environmental Politics assisted in meeting the Millennium Development Goals and the SDGs?
  33. With seemingly only two political parties in America for decades, how democratic is this nation compared to other democracies composed of dozens of party systems?
  34. Between parliamentary and presidential systems, which one emerges better for young democracies in Africa?
  35. What are the future trends of the judicial comparative politics in Africa after a series of Supreme Court cases in recent elections?
  36. What is the social political impact of civil societies in the politics of the 21st Century?
  37. How did the technology revolution affect the political culture of the 21st Century?
  38. Describe the history of political psychology and its influence in modern politics.
  39. What is the similarity between anarchism and political science in the real world of politics?
  40. Has nationalism produced better leaders compared to those who led with different philosophies?
  41. How did the three periods of renewal change the studies of fascism after the Second World War?
  42. How did Karl Max’s Marxism influence the politics of the 20th Century?
  43. Is financial muscle a major factor in American politics now that there is a billionaire president?
  44. How is propaganda used to affect the outcomes of an election during campaigns?
  45. What is the role of media in electioneering campaigns across the world?
  46. Why are public relations important in political campaigns and successive governments?
  47. How effective have electoral reforms been in achieving free and fair elections?
  48. What is the impact of social medial in government day-to-day business and political movements?
  49. How will the huge number of unemployed youth in Africa influence elections in the coming years?
  50. Which system of political governance would successfully achieve a United States of Africa?

Political Science topics are many as described above, and the bottom line is that this is a faculty that presents real-life situations with reference to real historical facts mixed with scientific theories to study what has transformed the universe into a global village of political governance.

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