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APA Format Essay Example

Here is an APA format essay example on the role of education in the modern world. The essay has been formatted according to APA format guidelines. It also takes the form of a research paper.

The Role of Education in the Modern World


Over the past millennia, education has remained the most valuable ingredient for societal growth and prosperity. Each passing society has its success story deeply rooted in the foundational principles of education, and it incorporates both informal and formal components of education. Ancient communities that had their main economic activity like hunting, for instance, passed this skill across generations through education, the community got able to maintain its cultural beliefs and traditional practices. Ancient Islam communities had children taken to the mosques at an early age to learn the Islam way of life and to study the Quran.

The history of education traces way back to almost the origin of man with each community having its means of education, and it got highly valued among the communities as it gave the learners an insight into the world. In ancient Greek for instance, Spartans began training their children for war at the age of seven years. In Athens, children attended classes to learn how to write and disciplines such as reading, basic math, music and physical training (Carr, 2015). Ancient Rome highly regarded education as well as young boys learning elementary arithmetic, how to read and write at an early age as well as getting military physical training (Spartacus Educational, 2015). Girls had the education of cooking and cloth making from their mothers as well as how to get to the level of a decent woman in Rome.


In the modern society, education has played a significant role to propel the society through the bounds it has grown. Education has influenced the current technological advancements that have made life simpler than it was in the past. Inventions such as the internet and the telephone have eased communication in the past few decades all thanks to education. Inventors such as Thomas Edison, who came up with the telephone idea received formal education in schools, and this enabled him to align his intellectual curiosity with the necessary technical nous to invent the telephone. Advancements in technology have made everything in the society simplified. Business transactions have gone multinational through globalization as information can easily get sent through the internet and emails.

Transport has become one core segment of the success story of the twenty-first century but all that has got possible only through education. The Wright brothers received a formal education that sharpened their technical skills in addition to their creativity to enable them to invent the airplane. Ancient ships consisted of slow vessels but due to the advancements in technology the modern ships have become faster and more luxurious. Modern segments such as agriculture have also developed due to the technological advancements during the agrarian revolution. Research in agriculture has enabled the evolution of some of the conventional agricultural tools to give way to the modern tools with better productivity. Trade has also got revolutionized through technology, and early trade forms such as barter trade have paved way for modern means such as e-marketing. All these advancements in technology that have greatly changed the outlook of the twenty-first-century society are due to education.

Also, education helps to compose or form the social fabric of the modern day society and define the social life. Both formal and informal education has a hand in this with several people learning about ethics and humanity as well as morality. Several schools have ethics incorporated into their systems, and young learners get taught the distinction between law and morality and the essence of maintaining both to become a complete person in the modern day society. For example, the learners get to realize that whereas in is not unlawful to watch a drowning man in a river without giving assistance to him, it is unethical to do so. The education of ethics helps to shape the society and ensure that the principle of goodness and humanity in the current society does not get lost. In theology schools for instance alongside religious studies, the students get taught major principles of ethics that have propelled the society from time immemorial. The students learn the importance of religious tolerance, peace and treating all individuals in the society as their compatriots irrespective of gender, race or religious affiliations. All professions also have a code of ethics that the students have to learn before becoming professionals and adhere to them afterward. The engineering code of conduct, for instance, ensures the professionals take proper safety measures as is reasonably necessary during the construction of equipment to avoid disasters. The lawyers’ code of ethics ensures that the young lawyers learn the essence of seeking justice and not selfish monetary gains. The business code of ethics ensures that all business persons operate in an ethical manner that does not endanger nor intentionally defraud the consumer. It also sees that certain aspects such as the environment and products safety get maintained.

The other role of education in the modern day life is that it ensures financial stability and raises the living standards of people in society. Through formal education, an individual gets able to pursue a career of their choice so that they may earn money through that. Education is self-empowerment (Turkkahraman, 2012) and creates some order in the society about the appropriate means through which individuals get their revenue in the society. It cultivates the value of hard work and determination through all people in the society as everyone gets to know the essence of education is a better life later on. Right from elementary school, to high schools and the universities or colleges, students maintain their focus knowing that it is through education that they shall be able to enjoy high living standards in the society. Education creates some form of a graduated scale of life which ensures that individuals value hard work and not using unscrupulous means to acquire wealth and proper living standards.

Education in today’s society acts as a form of self-empowerment and has enabled discriminated groups of people such as women  and the blacks to grow progressively and acquire top jobs and government appointments. The early society had a misled and misconstrued stereotype that women had lower rights to education as well as jobs as compared to men, but this notion has changed over time due to education. Several women have acquired unrivaled expertise in certain fields such as engineering, computer science, and architecture that previously got reserved as male dominated fields. Also, the ancient society viewed blacks in the society as petty criminals and thieves, but this notion has changed over as more blacks acquire top jobs and government appointments through education and proper academic qualifications. The society has attained some balance and enlightenment as some of the stereotypes that belonged to the dark ages have slowly disappeared. Most individuals in the current society have got judged not by the color of their skins, religious affiliations or their gender but by the contents of their minds or their academic qualifications.

Finally, education has facilitated a good rapport with the current society and nature (Pargaru et al., 2009). Education has contributed to the solution of certain problems in modern life such as health issues and environmental degradation. Education has facilitated reduced incidences of health complications as man has used the resources available in the immediate environment to make some of the most amazing inventions in medicine. Illnesses such as tuberculosis or Malaria got to be a nuisance in the past and wiped out large numbers of people. Through proper education and research, the man got able to invent the various cures for the illnesses that once got dreaded as deadly. The advancement in medicine and health knowledge has, in turn, led to certain advantages such as increased life expectancy and reduced mortality rates among most populations. Health education incorporated in the current educational systems has enabled the society to reduce the amounts of health complications as awareness of the necessary measures to put in place has helped prevent some of the illnesses.


Education can never end as it does not only get limited to formal education but spreads to the informal education learned out of classrooms and lecture halls. Over the past millennia, education has proved to be an essential feature of human life that helps to restore order in the society. A knowledge- based society has higher chances of progressing faster compared to an illiterate society. Education forms the basis of the moral fabric of the modern society and helps maintain proper professional and social ethics among individuals. Some of the cultural values and moral principles have got passed through generations through education, and it contributes to shaping the society as well as maintains order.

Education has proved to be a means of self-empowerment, used by women and the black people to get to the top level appointments and acquire well-paying jobs. Education has acted as a factor of unity for all the different races, tribes, nationalities and religion across the world. Schools and institutions nowadays have Hindus, blacks, Muslims, Jews, and whites all in one lecture room or one class taught by the same teacher or lecturer. It is a tool to foster national and international peace as intellectuals appreciate one another despite their gender, race or religion and the same applies to students in schools.


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