ARC1720 Quiz 4 – Question:The organization of the urban Zulu village

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1. The organization of the urban Zulu village was influenced by

A. early Pre-Columbian settlements
B. the Palazzo Farnese in Rome
C. French town planning in the early 6th century
D. the need to accommodate cattle

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Answer: the need to accommodate cattle

2 The layouts of Dogon villages in Mali are based on

A. The reclining male figure

B. The reclining female figure

C. The shape of male antelope at rest

D. The shape of female antelope at rest

Answer: The reclining female figure

3. The Fali compound was formed in the shape of a circle for what purpose

A. Alignment with objects of cosmic signficance

B. gain production

C. breeding livestock

D. security

Answer: security

4. According to Professor Tilson lecture on the Americans , Mesoamericans were never compelled to invention were structural spans were concerned. all major civil and religious rituals

A. were avoided

B. happened in small gatherings

C. took place in cathedrawals

D. unfolded in landscape

Answer: unfolded in landscape

5. The west Farcade of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in paris

A. is almost entirely hidden within the structural column

B. Conceals a four building within

C. was compeleted three years

D. is not entirely symmetrical

Answer: is not entirely symmetrical

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