My Experience with Community Service Essay

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My Experience with Community Service Essay

In the course of my community service projects, I interacted with different people in our community. It was a pleasant experience since it not only gave me a chance to help the needy but also provided me with the opportunity to be thankful for what I already have. I worked on several projects, and it took me at least sixty hours with fifty hours in school and ten hours of out of school service. In the out-of-school hours, I worked with the aged, helped in cleaning the streets, and interacted with the homeless. The experience taught me a lot, and I am grateful for having taken part in such a noble and humbling undertaking.

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Through working on different projects, I learned the critical skills of teamwork and leadership through working with others and being a role model. I gained the ability of collaboration since we worked as a team on all the projects. I learned how to listen to others and the experience helped me realize that people have different approaches to problem-solving. When my way of thinking was matched with my peers’ ways of thinking, we managed to solve problems that could have otherwise been difficult to solve alone. I also gained the skills of cooperation and respecting opinions of others. It was at this point that I came to appreciate the value of collaboration since when people cooperate, tasks are accomplished quickly and successfully.

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I believe that in every situation, there is always a chance to help. In most cases, a receiver is assumed to benefit more than the giver. However, I believe the vice versa is true. Ever since I was a kid, I have always engaged in different forms of community service work from tutoring, Sunday school teaching, organizing and attending mission trips, and cleaning the streets among others. In all my experiences, I have come to learn so much about myself as well as about other people and the world around me. There is often an argument put across that when one does something useful to a person, they should not feel happy about it since it appears selfish. However, I believe it is a misconception because in my experience as a volunteer in different projects, community service is a massive cycle of happiness where both parties are rewarded.

The kids’ day out was the best event I attended. In my community, there is a day dedicated to children whereby they are given a chance to play for an entire Sunday. During the event, there are student performances, arts and crafts, free snacks, and moon bounces. In my volunteer work on one such Sunday, I volunteered in preparing the venue before the event and during the event took children through the schedule of events. It was one of the best experiences as we interacted with kids and helped them understand everything there was about the event. Through teamwork, we were able to make the event a success, and everyone appreciated our efforts as no kids were injured.

We also incorporated service learning into the day’s program in order to make it even more beneficial to the participating children. Service learning is whereby children or students are subjected to community service activities. There are several benefits that are associated with community service activities: enables children to explore the reality of work; encouragement of volunteerism; development of a sense of civic responsibility, and; development of children’s self-esteem. In this respect, service learning contributed in the development of the children’s career awareness as well. They learnt how to interact while handling job duties and appreciate the importance of collaboration or teamwork at the workplace. The day’s service activities additionally involved the making of decisions by the participating children. In effect, this helped them to learn how to make work-related decisions.

It is without a doubt that community service is an essential undertaking in every community. Usually, volunteers get to work with different people who might require a helping hand such as children, the homeless, and people recovering from various forms of addiction. In the course of my service work participation, I developed critical life skills that will go a long way in helping me with my career. I believe that through helping others, one plants an ever-growing tree in their heart that never dies.

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