DEP2004 Module 11 Final Exam Latest 2018 December

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1. A controversial, widespread opinion about emerging adults is that they

Answer: are narcissistic and materialistic.

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2. Which of the following statements about body growth in adolescence is true?

Answer: Growth in body size is complete for most girls by age 16 and for boys by age 17½.

3. Tammy’s father is an exceptional gymnast. When Tammy was just a toddler, her father believed that Tammy already showed great promise as a gymnast. Tammy’s father probably believes that athletic ability is mostly determined by

Answer: nature

4. In the United States today, the average __________ is 78.5 years-nearly 76 for men and 81 for women.

Answer: life expectancy.

5. Sixteen-year-old Max has been introspective lately. He has been wondering who he really is, thinking about his values, and pondering the direction he will pursue in the future. Max is

Answer: constructing his identity

6. A(n) __________ contains only 23 chromosomes, half as many as a regular body cell.


7. In the United States and a few European countries, __________ are responsible for a modest, continuing trend toward earlier menarche.

Answer: Soaring rates of overweight and obesity

7. Compared with school-age children, teenagers’ self-evaluations place more emphasis on

Answer: social virtues

8. Which of the following is a recessive characteristic?

Answer: Cleft chin, dimples, and freckles

9. Which of the following statements about changes in vision in adulthood is true?

Answer: The muscles controlling the pupil weaken

10. Changes of aging in __________ are twice as rapid for men as for women.

Answer: hearing

11. An individual’s __________ age is based on actual competence and performance.

Answer: Functional

12. Skeletal age is measured by determining

Answer: A bone age study 

13. The field of human development is considered to be an applied discipline because

Answer:  Findings are used for practical purposes to improve people’s lives.

14. __________ contribute greatly to emotional and social development in midlife.

Answer:  Family and work transitions

15. According to Piaget, organization takes place

Answer: apart from direct contact with the environment.

16. Fraternal twins are created when

Answer: two eggs are fertilized and develop into two embryos

17. During rapid cognitive change, children

Answer: disequilibrium

18. The __________ secretes hormones that prepare the lining of the uterus to receive a fertilized ovum.

Answer: corpus luteum

19. Aja is a self-confident, secure 2-year-old. According to Erikson’s theory, Aja probably has parents who

Answer: Do not criticize or attach her when she fails at a new skill

20. Ryan is a typical emerging adult. Which of the following is he likely to say is the most essential for attaining adult status?

Answer: constructing a set of beliefs and values to live by

21. Nine-year-old Noah observed that he is better than his peers at math but not as good at spelling. Noah is using

Answer: Social comparisons.

22. When asked to recall personally significant past experiences, Chinese school-age children are more likely that U.S. children to refer to

Answer: personal opinions.

23. Which of the following women is likely to offer more social support to members of her community?

Answer:  Joy, a 50-year-old African American

24. Dr. Fox believes that infants and preschoolers respond to the world in much the same way as adults do. This is consistent with the __________ .

Answer: view of development

25. According to Peck, adults develop a sense of ego transcendence if they

Answer:invest in the future beyond their lifespan

26. People who flexibly modify their identities in response to age-related changes yet maintain a sense of self-continuity are

Answer:  higher in self-esteem and life satisfaction.

27. Which of the following statements about measuring temperament is true?

Answer: Parental reports about their children’s temperament are moderately related to researchers’ observations of children’s behavior

28. According to Erikson, the conflict of toddlerhood-autonomy versus shame and doubt-is resolved negatively when the parents

Answer: reasonable expectations for impulse control

29. Today we know that adolescent development is

Answer: influenced by biological, psychological, and social forces.

30. Which of the following middle-aged adults is the most likely to be stagnant?

Answer: Steve, who has lived his entire life in poverty

31. At birth, the __________ is nearer to its adult size than any other physical structure.

Answer: brain

32. Children use their current schemes to interpret the external world using a process known as

Answer: Assimilation

33. For most young people, identity development is not traumatic and disturbing, but, rather, a process of

Answer: exploration followed by commitment.

34. According to Erikson, if the psychological conflict of adolescence is resolved negatively, a young person experiences

Answer: role confusion.

35. To offset both excess weight and muscle loss, people should

Answer: engage in weight-bearing exercise that includes resistance training.

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