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Topic: ‘Securing Your Needs’

Topic description: In all probability, you’re going to spend money in your life. In fact, it is quite likely that you’re going to spend some money this week, possibly even today. There are different ways to spend money. One is by simply using cash or checks. Another is by using credit cards, or applying for (and receiving) a loan. But what about your household needs? What are they? Clearly, food and clothing are needs. But in this section, we’re going to be talking about larger household needs, such as: Cars, Houses, Jobs.
When considering a job in this instance, pay special attention to benefits. Additionally, especially if you get a car or a house, you’ll want to keep in mind insurance. Most importantly, you’ll want to be able to control your debt.


-500 words

-A reflection paper (first person)

-Think about what you’ve done, what you’ve learned, and how it could apply to your life. What from the topic do you want to be sure to remember in the future? Are there any personal goals that you’ve identified? Are there any habits you need to change? Is there anything about your financial life you need to change? These reflection essays are a chance for you to pull your thoughts together.

Sample Answer

I have once been a victim of identity theft. My credit card was used by a fraudster to conduct purchases. Through the card, the thief was able to access my information which they thereby used to apply for a loan. The ordeal put me through a tumultuous process of clearing my name from the fraudulent transaction and achieving the restoration of my credit. The process actually took me a whooping five months. It is an experience that I wish to remember the whole of my life because it served as a significant financial lesson to my life. From the misfortune, I learnt that protecting oneself from credit card fraud and identity theft should be a priority in one’s life regarding financial matters. The lesson applies to my life because personally, I have a dream of building my personal wealth so that I will not grapple with financial scarcities in my retirement. The techniques I intend to apply in accumulating the wealth include savings from my job, operating on good budgets, and making viable investments.

Apart from my retirement period needs, building wealth will enable me to access various opportunities and acquire products of my desire. I would not want to be restricted in living my life because of limited finances. On the same note, I would not want to subject my family to inadequate provisions. I would love to have my own car and a home for the family. I would also want to provide entertainment to my family by, for instance, owning a modern digital television and a home music system. These are the personal life goals that I have identified. This is why I believe such mishaps as identity theft should not befall me. They would work against these goals of mine. In this respect, I would want to protect myself against such misfortunes as much as I can. One of the ways I intend to use in the protection is guarding my information online. This is because I conduct most of my banking and shopping activities online. I will for instance from now on clear my password and login details after every online transaction. I will also monitor my credit report and credit card and bank statements.

There is one major financial habit I need to change in my life. It has been overly detrimental to my financial plans and budgets. The habit is impulse buying. Buying on impulse is an enemy of personal wealth creation. This is because the unplanned purchases I often make do not in any way contribute towards my dream of saving for a better tomorrow. For instance, I have many clothes in my wardrobe that I do not actually wear. They are a product of impulse buying. Another example is a pair of shoes I bought in spite of having the same brand already back at home. As one would concur, there was no need of making the purchase. It is a habit I have to change in order to actualize my financial dreams.

One method that would help me in changing the above-identified habit is writing down my budget whenever I am going to make a purchase or purchases. In the past, I have never been doing this and it has cost me a lot in terms of buying things that I never budgeted for. With a written budget, I will buy all that is included therein and make sure I do not make any other purchase out of the budget. In the same breadth, I have learnt the important lesson that without a budget, one can find it challenging to plan their spending and cut on expenses towards achieving their financial goal(s). In addition, this situation makes one to spend without tracking their expenses and this means one cannot tell when they start jeopardizing their financial goal(s) through expenses. This is what has bedeviled me for a long time and I plan to effectively address it by developing my budgets.

Scheme through the causes of financial crisis 2008 essay.

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