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The Pantheon in Rome is considered to be one of the most influential works in Westernarchitectural history because of

its proximity to St. Peter’s

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its size, boldness of design and advanced construction techniques

the ancient scrolls found buried under the foundation of the building

the fact that it collapsed and had to be rebuilt seven times

Question 10 According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Rome, the Roman Forum was the primary placefor

political activities



all of the above

Question 11According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Rome, the Nolli map is a good example of

how to chart Roman weather patterns

a modern-day travelogue

a figure/ground drawing

an ancient roadmap

Question 12 According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Rome, roman builders used a volcanic ash knowas ________ which proved to be far superior to that of lime mortar.

common brick




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