Florida ARC 1720 Quiz 5 – According to Professor Tilson’s

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1. According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Baroque architecture, ________was mostly self-taught, trained as a stonemason, was a keen student of Michelangelo, and understood mathematics, structures and construction intimately.


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D.none of the above

Answer: Borromini

2. The main idea behind Boullee’s Cenotaph for Newton was

Answer: to surround Newton with his own great discovery, and therefore himself.

3. According to Professor Robinson’s lecture on Eighteenth Century architecture, this image by artist and draftsman Giambattista Piranese depicts the _____________ and what Rome may have looked like in the Eighteenth century.

A.Roman Forum



D.Piazza Navona

Answer: Roman Forum7

4. Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire was financed by the British crown as ____________.

A.a suburban cattle ranch for Christopher Wren

B. a palatial summer retreat

C. a reward for the Duke of Marlboro

D. a wedding gift for Marie Antoinette

Answer: a reward for the Duke of Marlboro

5. For over fifty years, Baroque work in Rome was dominated by

A. Lorenzo de Medici

B. Michelozzo Bartolomeo

C. Brunelleschi

D. Bernini

Answer: Bernini

6. According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Baroque architecture, the construction of Vaux le Vicomte was said to have employed almost eighteen thousand workers and cost as much as sixteen million pounds. It was necessary to demolish three villages and move countless tons of earth to make way for the project. The displaced villagers were then employed in the

A. upkeep and maintenance of the gardens

B. maintenance of the kitchen and general household

C. nearby city of Paris

D. horse stables

Answer: upkeep and maintenance of the gardens

7. The façade of S. Maria Novella in Florence was designed by ____________.

A. Alberti

B. Brunelleschi

C. DaVinci

D. Bramante

Answer: Alberti

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