Florida ARC 1720 Survey of Architecture Quiz 1

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1. According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Ancient India and Asia, a monastery developed from the Sanskrit meaning a “secluded place to walk” and associated with sanctuary and refuge is also called a

Answer: vihara

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2. According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Ancient India and Asia, studies like the one at Angkor Wat have greatly expanded our understanding of these cities as more than an isolated collection of great monuments. They raise important issues

land conservation
land use and urban planning
water use and conservation
all of the above

Answer: All of the above

3. According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Egypt, the plan of Amun-Re reveals a space containing a grid of columns. This space is called a

Answer: hypostyle hall.

4. According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Egypt, a BENBEN stone is named after the

Answer: first mound to emerge from the water,

the location on which the first rays of sun fell

5.The image above is the ____________ .

6. The theater at Epidauros, which is still in use today, eventually accommodated

Answer: 14,000 seats.

7. After the death of the Buddha, disciples divided his ashes and placed them in ten significant locations marked with an architectural shrine called a

Answer: stupa

8.The exhibition “Architecture without Architects” organized by Bernard Rudofsky in 1964 was intended to illustrate that

Answer: the study of architecture should not cater exclusively to constructions of the wealthy by academically trained designers

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