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Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

Gone are the days when public speaking was more rigid and focused on other aspects other than the message put across. Today’s audience wants to be entertained even as they listen to your speech. One of the brilliant ways to capture your audience’s attention is by making them laugh through your funny speech topics. Funny speech topics will have them burst out of their lungs as they listen to the message you are putting across. This article looks at some of the impressive funny speech topics you can decide to work on.

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Overview of Funny Speech

Creating a funny speech is among the brilliant ways to capture your audience’s attention. The audience love to feel like they are part of the story which is why speaking on a funny topic will easily connect you to them. Public speakers will employ various methods of speech delivery based on the topic and their audience but adding some bit of humor in the speech makes it interesting and entertaining.

Writing a funny speech topic is not as complicated. It only needs some bit of humor or interesting story on the topic. You can always seek a speech writing service online if you feel overwhelmed in writing the speech. These online services have experts in speech writing that will curate a masterpiece for you. Typically, there are various types of speeches you can create and so you need to understand how to infuse the funny aspect into it. Understand your audience and the surroundings to know when to throw in a joke in your speech.

Advantages of Funny Speech

Creating a funny speech with the help of a speech generator tool has many advantages to your audience and delivery method. Below are some of the advantages of funny speech topics:

  • The humorous discourse reduces the tension in the air, creating a calming ambiance.
  • Including comedy in the speech helps add interest to your speech.
  • Through your humorous speech, you can amuse and make your audience grin.
  • You can better connect with your audience by using humor in your speech.
  • You connect with and influence your audience more effectively with the aid of a humorous speech.
  • Funny speeches can also persuade the audience to take a given action if the funny aspect is thought-provoking

Selection of a Funny Speech Topic

When talking about a speech, the ultimate king is the ideal topic. A relevant, thought-provoking and relatable topic is what is needed most to impress your audience. Creating a funny persuasive speech is challenging. If you mess up the topic, the funny speech will ultimately become irrelevant and will not sound funny anymore. That is why you need to dedicate sufficient time to look for the ideal funny informative speech topic for your audience.

Keep in mind that whatever theme you want to address while delivering your speech, the topic is crucial. A topic that resonates with the audience will always carry the day whether you add humor to it or it. Making it funny, however, will bring all the difference and make your speech stand out.

How to Deliver a Funny Speech?

Delivering a speech should be communicating with your audience to make them relate to your opinions on a given topic. Some speakers become too nervous or serious when delivering their speech and this could potentially distract your audience.  They would have a problem following what you say. While being rigid, you will have a problem persuading the audience.

That is why it is advisable to employ a soothing atmosphere where everyone is relaxed and feel free. Adding jokes and humor to your speech will relax the audience as they laugh at your jokes. To deliver a funny speech, here are some few hacks you could employ:

  • Get a funny topic

Whether you want to create an organ donation speech, informative speech, or any other kind of speech, it is advisable to create a funny topic around it.

  • Consider the audience

As you look for that funny topic, adjust it to fit the content, environment, circumstances, and the audience. Also, consider what speeches preceded yours, the date, the moderator and even the premises.

  • Get strategies that evoke laughter

You could ridicule your situation or identify paradoxes that show how unreasonable you used to be or dramatize minor issues. Inspire a funny speech using any of these antiques.

  • Read your speech to a friend

Tell your funny speech topic to a friend and see how they react to it before telling it to your audience. Avoid overthinking the jokes as this may make them more complex than they need to be.

  • Practice the speech several times

To gain good mastery of your speech topic and confidence, go through the speech several times in front of someone. Understand the intonation, tempo and pauses needed when delivering the speech.

List of Funny Speech Topics and Ideas

This part covers a remarkable list of the best funny speech topics you can create for your audience. The ideal topic ideas have some humor in them to engage the audience and make them laugh. Here are the topics you can draw inspiration from:

Persuasive Funny Speech Topics

Persuasive funny speech topics allow speakers to enlighten, engage and entertain their audience in a funny way while being persuasive. These topics persuade the audience to take a given side or buy a given idea or product from the speaker. Below is a collection of humor-infused and thought-provoking topics that you could try:

  1. Why men should not be deprived of their leisure time watching sports
  2. Doing your laundry is a waste of time
  3. Is it worth attending a college
  4. College students are the best liars
  5. Memes are a tremendous stress reliever
  6. Fast food is harmful to your mental health
  7. The best procrastinators are found in college
  8. Your parents should still control you in college
  9. The level of hypocrisy in some professors is unbearable
  10. Colleges should be mandatory
  11. Your boyfriend or girlfriend should not be your reason to cry
  12. A long-distance relationship is the worst type of a relationship
  13. Online betting is getting out of hand
  14. People under the age of 21 should not be allowed to own a gun
  15. People are offended easily nowadays
  16. Should we avoid Facebook
  17. The only thing students think about in classes are song lyrics
  18. Intelligent people appear crazy in the eyes of a dump
  19. Can owls be domesticated?
  20. Animals understand nature more than we do
  21. We should eliminate Monday classes
  22. Talk shows should be outlawed from television
  23. Love portrayal in films is far from reality
  24. Every culture has a different expression of love
  25. Smoking is a large part of our culture
  26. You can lie, but your facial expression can’t
  27. The happiest moment of your life is the graduation
  28. Marijuana should be legalized and sold in drink shops
  29. University students should wear a uniform
  30. Students should not pay taxes
  31. Do we have female criminal gangs?
  32. Biowaste is an effective alternative source of energy
  33. A mosquito is the most dangerous creature in the universe
  34. The sewage system is the most crucial creation of urban ecology
  35. It is optional to grow up
  36. Life should have a remote control
  37. Life aims to look for temptations always
  38. International law is not a law
  39. Couple therapy is not effective
  40. Honesty could ruin a good relationship
  41. Google has replaced the need to attend schools
  42. Junk food is not totally bad for you
  43. Trust will piss you off first, but it will set you free
  44. Money can buy happiness
  45. All drivers were once pedestrians
  46. Some people only smoke to piss off others
  47. Growing up is a cheat- don’t fall for it
  48. Why social media ruin your life
  49. We should find all books online
  50. Students deserve a stipend

Informative Funny Speech Topics

The informative speech topics handle informative types of speeches. These are the speech topics that inform your audience about something specific like how the world was formed or how cancer came to be. With such topics, adding some bit of humor can bring all the difference. Below are some brilliant examples:

  1. The undervalued skill of chewing gum and remaining silent.
  2. Evidence that our world is a simulation.
  3. We are actors in a rebooting simulation.
  4. Do not take life too seriously; it is too brief.
  5. 42 – the purpose of life, the cosmos, and everything
  6. Do something you have never done if you want something you’ve never had.
  7. The purpose of life is to always look out for temptations.
  8. Love typically dies of indigestion rather than famine.
  9. Perspectives diverge when the second mouse wins the cheese.
  10. Why the other side of the fence is greener?
  11. Why does everyone need their preferred kind of trouble?
  12. 5 instances in which you should not turn the other cheek.
  13. Giving soft toys as gifts can help to relax superiors.
  14. Stress reduction is aided by banging your head against a wall, but balance is essential.
  15. Children’s rebellion is predicted by not washing their hands after using the restroom.
  16. A humorous theme for an art gallery opening is “modern art is confusing.”
  17. Why do adults use shampoo that causes eye irritation if baby shampoo does not?
  18. Butter always descends with the bread.
  19. How much insanity qualifies as originality?
  20. People can no longer use the justification that reading causes deforestation due to e-books.
  21. Autocorrect errors do not destroy genuine friendships.
  22. Dunning-Kruger effect: a relationship between competence and knowledge assurance.
  23. When you are dead, you have no feelings; other people are the ones who suffer, similar to being foolish.
  24. Uncommon speed restrictions and the justifications.
  25. How to ignore the truth.
  26. My most successful error.
  27. Differences between the male and female brains
  28. The worst clothes in today’s fashion
  29. What I would like to create for everyone.
  30. How to conduct yourself to appear environmentally conscious.

Inspirational Funny Speech Topics

Are you short of ideas for your next inspirational speech topic? This section gives you remarkable inspirational speech topics with a touch of humor. Adding jokes and funny stuff to the speech will inspire your audience just how you want them to get inspired. Here are some great examples:

  1. Human nature: when you are old enough to know better but still young enough to act on it.
  2. Short beginner’s guide: get started!
  3. the reason why we no longer snap green beans with our grandma.
  4. God is fine and all, but He’s not Freddie Mercury, therefore people shouldn’t compare him to Freddie.
  5. A person’s response to slow internet might be used to judge their moral character.
  6. Customer is rarely in the right – another viewpoint on established principles.
  7. Pot for writing creatively.
  8. Be happy, it drives them crazy
  9. You do not have to sugarcoat everything
  10. You should spend time with a 3-year-old if you want to know what life is all about.
  11. Why, when someone abuses you, should you wave and smile?
  12. You can still justify yourself to get out of awkward situations.
  13. High school events don’t actually mean all that much.
  14. A flower that does not bloom in every yard is common sense.
  15. Sometimes keeping quiet is the biggest accomplishment we can make.
  16. The benefits of laughter as medicine.
  17. Playing with children’s toys while acting as if you are assisting them is still fine.
  18. You are never late, you will still make it if you put in the work
  19. Was Steve Harvey ever homeless?
  20. Talent or hard work?

Interesting Funny Speech Topics

These are speech topics that excite your audience. The topics are quite interesting like talking about space or talking about the latest iPhone to a Gen Z audience. Create such topics with some bit of fun in them to drive your message home. Always investigate and understand your audience to know what could be interesting and excite them to create the topic. Here are example topics:

  1. Completely pointless occupations
  2. People from all across the world are united by procrastination.
  3. Being entirely truthful is a direct path to hell.
  4. In the viewpoint of the uneducated, intelligent people are foolish.
  5. Why do individuals continue to read horoscopes while not believing in them?
  6. We need to outlaw “Harry Potter” because it encourages witchcraft.
  7. The most effective strategy for getting buddies to cover your bar tab
  8. How can the strangest words be used in casual conversation?
  9. How can I get past my mental obstacles when carving pumpkins for Halloween?
  10. How can you get a friend to help you with your assignments?
  11. The craft of irksomeness
  12. I was less egotistical since I had a sibling.
  13. We will be lazier than ever as a result of robots.
  14. It’s beneficial to brainstorm while intoxicated to generate new ideas.
  15. You can get some relief by blaming other people for your difficulties.
  16. Topics that should not be talked about in public
  17. The feline perspective on why cats rule the internet:
  18. The art of procrastination: How to master the skill you’re currently avoiding 
  19. A thorough investigation in defense of terrible dad jokes
  20. Leftover socks in the laundry room: A covert plan
  21. How to block unwanted advice: The science of selective hearing
  22. The challenges of adulthood: Growing up without a manual
  23. ‘Hangry’: A survival guide for understanding its mysteries
  24. The amazing world of inanimate objects: A toaster’s day in the life
  25. The odd case of “The sock that disappears in the dryer”
  26. Why men can’t find the Ketchup in the fridge: The myth of multitasking

Trending Funny Speech Topics

These are the funny speech topics that are currently trending. Most of these trending topics will be widespread meaning almost everyone in your audience will have heard about it. It means they will resonate and relate with the topic of discussion. Infuse humor in the speech topic and watch your audience light up the room with laughter. If you are unable to create such speech topics, here are impressive examples for the topic:

  1. Evidence that cats think humans are their slaves—a humorous topic for older audiences.
  2. If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito
  3. frequency of soup eating in relation to mustache appearance.
  4. Men with lumberjack beards come across as friendlier to animals.
  5. Flat-earthers and GPS users have a complicated connection.
  6. You will be set free by the truth, but not before it infuriates you.
  7. Swallows feed right before bedtime, much like penguins.
  8. Less harmful than intelligent people are those who lack intelligence.
  9. Is it feasible to run for president and use Twitter at the same time?
  10. I am not a monster for using prior birthday wishes.
  11. Is the metaverse real life or just a fantasy world?
  12. NFTs: Non-fun gibberish or non-fungible tokens?
  13. To the Moon or the Garbage: where does cryptocurrency fit?
  14. Influencers: Do they actually influence us, or are they just trying to sell us stuff?
  15. The gig economy: A future of exploitation or the future of work?
  16. Will artificial intelligence replace us or just our jobs?
  17. Social media: Is it keeping us disconnected from reality or connecting us to the world?
  18. Cancel culture: Do we judge too quickly or too slowly?
  19. Who will win the streaming wars, and who will fade away?
  20. Are we all just over it, or is there more to the Great Resignation than meets the eye?

Amazing Funny Speech Ideas

Amazing speech topics tell more about something or just anything exciting to the audience. They could range from how to lie, are reality TV shows real and how you can control laughter in a serious event topic. These are funny yet informative topics that your audience can relate with. Examples include:

  1. Your manual for life.
  2. How real are reality TV shows?
  3. the reasons why I don’t want to be a millionaire.
  4. When intoxicated, words are difficult to say.
  5. How to succeed in a debate even though you are aware of your error
  6. A contented childhood is one with no schoolwork.
  7. How to manage your laughter in a critical situation
  8. Why do we never keep the resolutions we make for the new year?
  9. How can I conserve paper towels?
  10. The most desirable things in life cost money.
  11. Lynching done right
  12. A practical joke gone wrong
  13. Have you ever encountered ridiculous ads?
  14. Do vegans truly care about animals?
  15. Junk food is for everyone.
  16. Every home has pointless items.
  17. How to recognize drunkenness
  18. Being unproductive increases productivity.
  19. Do your pals still count as friends?
  20. A true story that ultimately turns out not to be true.
  21. We are capable of lying to others, but not to ourselves.
  22. Why should you smile and wave when someone insults you?
  23. Make at least one of your two faces attractive if you are going to be dishonest.

Convincing Funny Speech Ideas

Convincing speech topics should convince your audience on a given matter. They are used to make the audience side with the speaker or intended side for some given benefits. Below are some funny convincing speech ideas:

  1. Life resembles a test I didn’t prepare for a lot.
  2. A silent individual is the most perilous animal around.
  3. You will hate yourself for not taking more naps when you were younger.
  4. Being an adult is not simple.
  5. You are always allowed to hold erroneous opinions of your own.
  6. Money can speak, and it frequently prefers to say good-bye.
  7. Even though everyone is doing it, it is still wrong.
  8. Simply said, “too busy” is a fiction.
  9. Why does math feel like psychological assault to people?
  10. Why do many students prefer to text their friends rather than contact them?
  11. I lived a life before Facebook.
  12. Compared to renting, buying a home will be wiser.
  13. You should cook together to see if the relationship would succeed.
  14. The advantages of eating dessert first: A tempting defense
  15. Embracing chaos: The key to a clutter-free and orderly home
  16. Putting the ‘Pro’ in ‘Procrastinator’: The art of overcoming procrastination
  17. Getting your dog to think you are a good boy or girl
  18. How to handle awkward small talk in elevators: The unwritten rules of elevator etiquette
  19. Why leftover pizza never makes it to the fridge: The leftover pizza conspiracy
  20. Your toaster’s dreams are revealed in The Secret Life of Inanimate objects
  21. The Science of selective hearing: Never listening to unwanted advice
  22. “I will do it tomorrow” is the catchphrase of both procrastinators and winners Alike
  23. The productive guide to daytime sleep: The art of napping
  24. Why growing up is overrated: Embracing your inner child
  25. Understanding your doctor’s writing: The lost art of penmanship

Outstanding Funny Speech Ideas

The outstanding speech topic ideas are excellent ideas that are quite unique. These could be topics that touch on surviving minimum wage, how one met a stranger and so on. Include some funny bits into the speech to capture the attention of your audience. Below are some remarkable example speech topics:

  1. How to be an attractive host at any occasion.
  2. Happy pups make happy people.
  3. Ways to trick a telemarketer
  4. Issues that shouldn’t be mentioned in public
  5. How to conduct yourself in the ideal manner.
  6. How to make it on a minimum wage job
  7. Someone I have never met
  8. Getting a job interview wrong
  9. How can I use business lingo more frequently?
  10. Beauty is overvalued.
  11. Sometimes I have clever conversations with myself because I’m bored.
  12. Reasons why I frequently get mistaken for a movie star.
  13. People with average talents succeed, but those with exceptional talents do not.
  14. We shouldn’t only be allowed to wear costumes on Halloween.
  15. You are not strange; you are merely a rare specimen.
  16. Why pizza makes for the ideal breakfast a slice of morning sunshine
  17. Lessons from horror films: A Zombie apocalypse survival guide
  18. A public humiliation masterclass entitled “The art of dancing like no one is watching”
  19. Factors why your cat should become your life coach 
  20. Embracing awkward silences in favor of awkward situations
  21. The mom-superables: Revealing the everyday moms’ superhero qualities
  22. The alien invasion conspiracy: Are we the only weird people in the universe?
  23. Sandals with socks: A fashion statement or a request for assistance?
  24. The misplaced user guide to life a fun guide to growing up

Creating a funny speech topic should never be problematic anymore. With these example topics, you can pick any and modify it to your liking to produce a masterpiece. If you are still unable to do it, we have a team of experts that are quite knowledgeable in producing the best funny speech topics and essays too. Our writers will work on your topic of choice and create an engaging and thrilling speech. We also have a speech generator that can create impeccable funny speeches for you. Try our services today for exemplary results.

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