Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

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Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

Public speaking can be more joyous, mainly when you include humous. People need laughter in their lives. Funny persuasive speech topics can have your target audience agree with your point of view. Persuasive speech aims to win the audience through facts superiority. To craft a quality persuasive speech, seek speech writing service online that will help you avoid the hassles.

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Similarly, in the academic field, working on humorous speech topics makes you enjoy writing your speech. You connect with your reader more when you discuss funny speech topics. However, it is often challenging for students to come up with such topics. Luckily, we at Gudwriter have you covered; we have provided a list of funny persuasive speech topics you can use in your work according to your school level. They include:

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics – College

  1. Why men should not be deprived of their leisure time watching sports
  2. Doing your laundry is a waste of time
  3. Is it worth attending a college
  4. College students are the best liars
  5. Memes are a tremendous stress reliever
  6. We should eliminate Monday classes
  7. The happiest moment of your life is the graduation
  8. The only thing student think about in classes are song lyrics
  9. Fast food is harmful to your mental health
  10. The best procrastinators are found in college
  11. Your parents should still control you in college
  12. The level of hypocrisy in some professors is unbearable
  13. Colleges should be mandatory
  14. Your boyfriend or girlfriend should not be your reason to cry
  15. A long-distance relationship is the worst type of a relationship
  16. Online betting is getting out of hand
  17. People under the age of 21 should not be allowed to own a gun
  18. People are offended easily nowadays
  19. Should we avoid Facebook
  20. Intelligent people appear crazy in the eyes of a dump

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics – Undergraduate

  1. Can owls be domesticated?
  2. Animals understand nature more than we do
  3. Talk shows should be outlawed from television
  4. Love portrayal in films is far from reality
  5. Every culture has a different expression of love
  6. Smoking is a large part of our culture
  7. You can lie, but your facial expression can’t
  8. Marijuana should be legalized and sold in drink shops
  9. University students should wear a uniform
  10. Students should not pay taxes
  11. Do we have female criminal gangs
  12. Biowaste is an effective alternative source of energy
  13. A mosquito is the most dangerous creature in the universe
  14. The sewage system is the most crucial creation of urban ecology
  15. Students deserve a stipend
  16. Money can buy happiness
  17. Google has replaced the need to attend schools
  18. It is optional to grow up
  19. Life should have a remote control
  20. Life aims to look for temptations always

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Funny Persuasive Speech Topics -PhD

  1. International law is not a law
  2. Couple therapy is not effective
  3. Honesty could ruin a good relationship
  4. Junk food is not totally bad for you
  5. Trust will piss you off first, but it will set you free
  6. All drivers were once pedestrians
  7. Some people only smoke to piss off others
  8. Growing up is a cheat- don’t fall for it
  9. Why social media ruin your life
  10. We should find all books online
  11. Politicians should be banned from social media.
  12. There are many benefits of junk food
  13. Lying is an excellent skill to have
  14. Dogs are man’s best friend
  15. Looking intelligent is worth more than looking cool
  16. The world would be utterly different if we did not discover agriculture
  17. Human greediness is the source of most environmental problems
  18. The lifestyle between deep sea creatures and regular creatures is totally different
  19. The drug war has been the longest in the United States’ history
  20. Marriage should have boundaries

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Funny Persuasive Speech Topics- Masters

  1. Health insurance should be free to all people
  2. Become an organ donor
  3. Children are the only ones benefitting from marriage
  4. Students should have the right to grade their teachers
  5. All significant discoveries are made entirely by luck
  6. Money must be made of plastic but not papers
  7. There is a chance to contact aliens
  8. Black magic does not work
  9. People need some illusions to survive in the real world
  10. It is not okay to walk while asleep unless you know you are walking
  11. Tattoos are modern accessories
  12. Teacher-parent conferences should be made mandatory.
  13. Students should not pay taxes.
  14. You should blame your horoscope if things go wrong for you
  15. We should invent a breakup insurance policy
  16. Why we should abolish food challenges
  17. Food science saves our life daily
  18. A vegetarian diet could kill you
  19. What should we consider a family?
  20. LGBT community challenges traditional conventions of the society

You can pick various funny persuasive topics depending on your school level. However, your speech’s persuasiveness depends on how much evidence you have and how conversant you are with the subject. The list above can be helpful if you are looking for a funny persuasive speech topic for Ph.D., master’s, undergraduate, or college. We also have a list of well researched persuasive essay topics that will give you great ideas.

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