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UNV104 21st Century Skills: Communication and Information Literacy

Week 2 Quiz

1.What elements are included in information literacy?

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Read, write, and take notes.

Motivation, time management, and accountability.

Research, APA, and GCU Style.

Locate, evaluate, and use information.

2A permalink is used to retrieve an article again without going back to the database and key words search initially used to find the article.

True False

3Which test taking strategy is best for multiple choice exams?





4 What are the ways you can contact the library?

Email, Chat, or Call.

Twitter, Facebook, or Google.

Individual Forum in the classroom.

Gradebook, Resources, or Course Material in the classroom.

5Peer-reviewed journal articles are often considered credible to use in academic writing.

True False

6Which reading strategy provides summary material to use for weekly review in an effort to help move learning from short-term memory to long-term memory?

Quick Reading

Muscle Reading

SQ3R Reading

7Brainstorming can help you to form ideas that you can use to create your thesis statement.

True False

8The following are types of brainstorming.

Take notes, research, and re-write.

GCU Style, APA Format, and Library.

Questioning, Freewriting, and Mapping.

Google, Citations, and References.

9What are the different types of Information Literacy?

Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Media Literacy, Research & Library Skills, Critical Literacy, and Information Ethics.

GCU Style, Library, and Facebook.

Privacy, Plagiarism, and Ethics.

10What is an expository essay?

An opinion based paper.

A narrative essay.

A personal essay.

A fact-based research paper.

11SHREK is a strategy to help with what?

Test Taking



Time Management

12It is important to grab the citation information for an article you are planning to use in support of your writing so that you can easily retrieve the article at a later date if necessary. What is another good reason for obtaining the citation information for an article?

To avoid plagiarism.

To send the author a thank-you note.

To memorize the citation information just in case your instructor asks.

There is no other need to grab the citation.

13Critical analysis is questioning how information can relate to the topic of a paper.

True False

14Which of the following is a definition of peer-reviewed journal article?

A paper written by a student and reviewed by their classmates and submitted to an instructor for grading.

An article that has gone through a process in which it is reviewed by experts in the same field prior to being published in a journal.

A paper written by an expert and submitted to their manager at work.

An article written by an expert and published in a journal.

15You should use credible sources to support your writing. Which of the following would be considered the most credible source?


A peer-reviewed journal article.

A Blog

None of these choices are credible sources.

16PORPE stands for:

Prepare, Organize, Remind, Plan, Exercise

Predict, Organize, Rehearse, Practice, Evaluate

Predict, Organize, Remind, Prune, Evaluate

Prepare, Order, Refresh, Plan, Evaluate

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