How to Cheat on ProctorU

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How to cheat on proctoUu

Cheating on proctored exams is possible and also effortless. There are many ways that students use to cheat in online exams. Cheating is made possible because of the lack of human supervision on proctored exams. Read on to understand how proctorU works.

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Proctored exams use a computer program like “Proctor IO” or “Proctor U” to conduct the exam. You only need a desktop computer or laptop, a mic, speakers, and a webcam to do the exams. As a result, student cheating on proctored exams is everywhere on the internet. However, if you need any help with online classes, you can use our take my online class services at Gudwriter where you are guaranteed of a good grade. Let’s find out how.

What is ProctorU

ProctorU is an online proctoring service that enables students to take virtual exams while maintaining the institution’s exam integrity. Students take an exam while a proctor observes them and the activities on their screen.

How Does ProctorU Work?

When a school creates an exam event in proctorU, students schedule their exam session during a specific period. Students are assigned a proctor to access proctorU to start the intake process. The intake process entails checking student ID and scanning of student’s physical environment and a human proctor supervising their webcam and screen.

You will require a password to begin your virtual exam. The proctorU uses this password to allow the students to take exams online. A chat room provides communication between the proctor and students if the need arises.

While this software seems theoretically practicable, there are still some loopholes in how to cheat proctorU.

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How to Cheat on ProctorU

Despite proctorU strict policies, there are loopholes in them. The proctor you are assigned in proctorU is possibly your teacher and will supervise your exam via the feedback from the webcam, so you should be vigilant.

You should also be careful when opening the browser of the computer you are taking the exam from, as there is an AI detector on the proctor to identify when you browse.

There are several ways in which you can cheat on proctorU, but you have to be cautious.

  • Using an HDMI Cable

A High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is one of the most effective and fantastic ways to cheat online proctor exams. It enables you to share the screen among several devices compatible with HDMI, as the proctor cannot have the capability to monitor what is happening outside the computer.

You should, however, not link the external device/screens to your computer before the exams start. Your external screens should be away from your computer to prevent the proctor from detecting them. This method is effective if you have friends, a WhatsApp phone, and a wireless mouse.

Attach a wireless mouse to your phone as this will enable you to use the phone freely while staring at the screen-keep your phone on the screen. Pass the HDMI capable to your friends in the other room where they can access the question, find answers and send them to your WhatsApp.

  • Thin Paper Technique

Students also apply this technique using thin paper during physical exams. You write down some notes in small, readable writing on a thin paper before taking the exam. Then place the piece on the keyboard below the monitor.

The webcam cannot detect the paper at this spot, allowing you to copy answers from the notes.

  • Headphone/Beanie Technique

Using this technique requires a beanie, a friend, and Bluetooth headphones. Put on the headphones and completely cover them with a beanie, and then your friend can tell the answer without raising suspicions.

  • Use a Virtue Machine

Virtual machines are emulations of physical computers and a way to cheat on online exams -They are software that functions similarly to the actual computer.

The proctorU can’t control or track a person using virtual machines, a loophole you can utilize. It will allow you to bypass the security system on proctorU, which signals the proctor when you open a website or browser. However, remember, the proctor can still hear and see you.

  • Vaseline and Tape Technique

It is the most direct way to cheat on proctored exams. This method entails reducing your webcam quality. Apply one Vaseline layer or tape layer; the layer makes it difficult for AI to sense any movement.

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Why is it so Easy to Cheat on Proctored Exams?

Lack of no physical supervision is the main shortcoming of such tests. It poses many questions, such as how much area the webcam will show. How will your supervisor know any information being distributed to the student when there is no complete view? When the camera points only at the student, how will you determine whether anyone else is in the room?

Such security features only will protect only against the activities that happen on the computer, such as opening a browser or website. And test takers are aware of that, so they don’t do it. They only require to scroll through the questions, and the people in the other room will do them.

They will work on the questions and pass the answers to the test taker though it makes exams taken at physical centers more credible than those done online.

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How to Use ProctorU to take Your Exam?

You should have the identification document (ID) allowed by your institution ready and secure a quiet and well-lit room before taking your exam.

Your online exam can be of two types depending on whether a human proctor launches your exams or not. The following is how to take the exam on the two types.

  • Live Human Proctored Launch

Unless there are other challenges, this process takes 8 to 10 minutes.

  1. Login into your proctor account 2 to 3 minutes before the time scheduled for your exams and click start when the countdown timer reaches 00:00:00. You will be prompted to download the proctor extension and accept the terms and service conditions if you don’t have it.
  2. You will then be prompted to share your screen is a crucial step to be proctored online. It is a precheck stage, and you will be guided to a few equipment checks to ensure everything is working correctly.
  3. Photos and Authentication. For identification, you will take a picture of yourself and your ID. Depending on the institution, you may also be asked other randomly generated questions.
  4. Chat box Download. You will be required to download an applet file that will bring the chat box that will enable you to communicate with the proctor.
  5. Proctor Connection and Confirmation. Your proctor will confirm that you are successful in the identification stage. You will go through the exam rules together and display the permitted resources to take the test.
  6. Remote System Check. Your proctor will take control of your keyboard and mouse through the LogMeIn rescue applet to ensure you are not running prohibited programs. You will also see the proctor’s activities on your computer.
  7. Camera Pan. Using the webcam, you will show all sides of the room and desk space.
  8. Exam Navigation and Password Entry. Your proctor will direct you to the exam delivery system and unlock the exam.
  9. Take the Exam. You will receive the controls and start the exam.

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  • Automated Proctor Launch

Automated proctor launch takes 2 to 5 minutes without distractions. The launching steps are similar to a live launch, only that you will take the exam immediately after accepting the rules.


  • Does ProctorU See Your Face?

Yes, not only does it see the face, but the proctor also records it. Your face should be visible to the camera throughout the exam, from the chin to the forehead. The human protector is always watching for suspicious activities from the other end.

Your face should not move away from the field of view often, which may lead to exam suspension.

  • Does ProctorU Use a Camera?

A proctorU uses a computer webcam to record and monitor you for the entire exam period; at no point during the exam should you turn off the webcam.

  • Does ProctorU Track Eye Movement?

It tracks eye movement to detect the student’s intentions to cheat. Eye movement enables the proctorU to read your emotional conditions and visual attention to identify any wrongdoing.

  • Can Proctor See Your Hands?

Proctors cannot see your hands during the exam. The only visible part of your face is from the chin to the forehead. However, you will display your hands to the human proctorU before the exam starts. ProctorU only observes your face, computer screen, and audio.

  • What Happens if the Internet is Disconnected or Power Goes Out During the ProctorU Exam?

If the disconnection is temporary, usually less than 10 minutes, you will reconnect to the proctor automatically, which will re-open your exam if possible.

If you cannot reconnect with the proctor or it is impossible for the proctor to re-open the exam, you will need to contact proctorU and reschedule your test.

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