How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

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Writing dissertations can prove to be the most tedious part of completing your masters or Ph.D. Writing dissertations is inevitable and getting them right is not even an option. With a good plan, your dissertation should not take long to complete.

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The first step towards an excellent dissertation is starting with a great topic. The topic sets the foundation for your dissertation, and it needs to be thought through well. Here are tips that will help you come up with outstanding dissertation topics.

1. Choose a topic that you are familiar with

You can cover various topics in your dissertation. However, it would be best if you choose topics on subjects you know about. How is this helpful? Remember that you will have to spend so much time learning about it before you start your dissertation when you select a topic you don’t understand.

On the other hand, if you know about the topic, a lot of time will be saved as you will have some foundation already. However, remember that the topic you choose should still focus on your area of study. In case you have no time to do research regarding your topic, feel free to use our custom dissertation writing service that will help you come up with a good topic and also conduct all the research for you.

2. Consider previous research done on the topic

As much as you are encouraged to look for a unique topic, beware of choosing topics that have limited research on them. This will give you a hard time coming up with content for your dissertation.

Once you draft possible topics, look for previous research on the same. Look for dissertations and journals on the topics to see what has been done and the gaps in previous research. This will also help you distinguish between relevant topics and the ones that are not.

If there is a lot of previous work done on the specific topic, it is relevant and an area that professors would like to see you cover. It will also give you inspiration on what to write. The availability of resources will make it possible for you to complete your dissertation in good time.

3. Choose a topic that you are interested in

If you choose a topic you are not passionate about; you will likely experience writer’s block. This can slow you down and demotivate you. To overcome this obstacle, choose a topic that you are interested in.

You will spend a considerable amount of time on your dissertation, and you want to work on something that appeals to you. An interesting topic will keep you motivated, which you need for a successful and effortless dissertation.

If you are not sure how to start writing your dissertation after finding an interesting topic, scheme through the where to start your dissertation writing guide and get insights.

4. Factor your course’s or program’s requirements

Choosing a topic that is not in line with your course’s requirements is a disaster in waiting. Every university has guidelines linked to dissertations, including on topics. As much as you love a specific topic, ensure that you maintain relevance.

Make sure that the topic’s wordcount falls within the recommended word count.

5. Create something authentic

It is essential to write on a subject that has been covered in previous research. However, you should be careful to remain original. Do not duplicate other topics, as this will weigh down the uniqueness of your dissertation.

Use other topics to come up with a fresh one but still maintain relevance in the available research. Look at the gaps that exist in other work and use it to come up with a topic. In most dissertations, you will also find recommendations on topics to explore in the future.

Another smart way to go about it is by assessing how current issues may have affected a previously done topic. When picking a topic, ensure that you are adding value to existing work or field.

6. Choose a narrow topic

Narrow down your topic to give your dissertation focus. A general topic will give you a hard time finding specific material. To narrow down your topic, you can start by writing down the general topic. From there, identify the main keywords or ideas in the topic.

Pick out the main keywords and articulate them to come up with a specific topic. A narrowed-down topic will guide you to finding the key or primary issues affecting the topic or your area of interest. Be careful so that you don’t make your topics too narrow such that you don’t have the space to expand your arguments.

7. Choose a topic that will not make your research too cumbersome

Your choice of topics will influence how your research work will be done. While some topics will require you to go to the field to conduct interviews and share questionnaires, others rely on secondary data.

This will mostly depend on your area of study. When looking for a topic, consider the time you have available for the dissertation. Will the research method work for you? This is a question that you need to ask before submitting it to your professor for approval.

Dissertation topic ideas

Here are some examples of dissertation topics across different subjects to inspire your dissertation.

  1. Factors affecting the implementation of international patent laws by companies.
  2. The impact of corporate structure on the financial performance of construction companies.
  3. The impact of technology on management practices.
  4. Competence development opportunities and their role in employee motivation.
  5. The impact of globalization on management strategies.
  6. The impact of competition on retailing market.
  7. The impact of technology on retail management.
  8. The impact of enforcing human resource management theories at the workplace.
  9. The impact of mobile banking on the profitability of banking institutions.
  10. Issues affecting strategic alliances.
  11. The role of the automotive industry in the growth of businesses.
  12. The impact of outsourcing on the profitability of businesses.
  13. the impact of hedge funds on the economy of developing countries.
  14. Approach taken by corporates to address workplace hazards.

The journey to writing a good dissertation starts with selecting a good topic. Choose a topic that you are interested in and one that has previous research available. Narrow down your topic, remain relevant, and ensure that you pay attention to the primary chapters of dissertation writing.

Use the dissertation topic ideas above to inspire your work.

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