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Question 1

0.5/ 0.5 Points

How will the desired centripetal force be set?

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By choosing a value for the hanging mass.
By measuring the velocity, radius, and mass of the test mass.
The centripetal force will not be set in this experiment.
By measuring the acceleration and mass of the test mass.
Question 2

0.5/ 0.5 Points

A particle in uniform circular motion requires a net force acting in what direction?

Towards the center of the circle.
Opposite the direction of the velocity.
Away from the center of the circle.
In the direction of velocity.
Question 3

1.0/ 1.0 Points

The centripetal force acting on a particle is given by F = mv2/r. If the centripetal force and mass are kept constant, increasing the radius of the particle will mean that the particle’s velocity must decrease.

Question 4

0.0/ 0.5 Points

While the platform is rotating, the hanging mass remains attached to the test mass and is not removed from the platform.


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