IB Math IA Topics – Tips and Ideas

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IB Math IA Topics - Tips and Ideas

IB Maths IA (Internal Assessments) ideas will give you an easy time scoring top grades Introduction Mathematics internal assessment explores the mathematical inspiration of a topic of interest. You present a short comprehensive report on the evaluation. The idea is to express your mathematical understanding in an original essay. So, you have to prove your knowledge of mathematical principles and concepts.

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What Makes a Good Math IA Topic?

A good Math IA topic allows you to show the examiner that you are good at communication, reflections, presentation, personal engagement, and practical application of mathematical concepts.

So, you should pick a topic to display your ability to apply mathematical concepts and knowledge in solving real-world problems. By the end of the assessment, your audience should be wowed by your communication skills, mathematical analysis, and presentation.

How to Choose a Mathematics IA Topic

Mathematics is to make sense as a discipline of study; then, it must be applied in the real world. So the subject cannot just remain abstract that it has to slow the problems in the world today. the mathematics internal assessment essay is all about putting mathematical Concepts into solving problems. So when you want to choose a good topic for your math IA, make sure to follow this method: 

  • Brainstorming: List down many relevant topics of which you have great ancient. For example, if you are a medical doctor or love medicine, you should look for issues that would solve specific problems in the medical field. The same case would apply to IT, law, and technology enthusiasts.
  • Picking one from many: All topics will not make sense, and you need to Narrow them down to an issue with mathematical potential. Of course, you must reset wildly about the topic until you are ready to go to the next level.
  • Evaluation: For each of the ideas you have pointed out, evaluate their trend relevance and excitement. Pick one topic that has the highest potential.
  • Researching: After doing the feasibility test on your topics, you will have narrowed it down to one issue. Make sure to research this topic as deeply as possible to find all possible information. At the stand of the problem, find out how you can use the principles of Mathematics to solve it.
  •  Formulating the research question: You have enough information and content to be covered in 6 to 12 pages. Employ your creativity to develop an exciting research question that will b the title of your paper. 

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20+ Math IA Topics for SL and HL Levels

  1.  Discovering the pattern inspired by pascal’s triangle
  2.  Solving the Monty Hall problem by discovering how Bayesian probability applies to real life.
  3.  Discovering the patterns in a Pythagorean triple
  4.  Exploring various notes and chords that sound dissonant and other sound consonants just by looking at the harmonic series of their frequency ratios
  5.  How mathematics influences the flow of traffic
  6.  Explaining the birthday paradox by showing the probability of people in a room to share a birthday.
  7. Analyzing football statistics by determining how pending in the transfer window influences the point at the end of the season.
  8.  How the signing of new players or managers affects the results of a football season
  9.  Deducing how the prisoner’s dilemma in the game Theory cool is applied in real life to the tragic decision-making process.
  10.  comparing the economic stratification of four different countries using the Gini coefficient
  11. How many matches are there in a robin-round gaming event?
  12.  Finding the optimal strategy with the highest probability of winning in the legendary tic-tac-toe game.
  13. How to crack a password using probability and mathematical calculations
  14. How often do people in a room need to toast so everyone can toast with each other?
  15. Performing card tricks by checking the probabilities. How the famous three-card Monte scam was a mathematical application
  16. How to stabilize wobbly tables
  17. Finding an algorithm that can match two partners into a stable marriage.
  18. Studying metric information and not being sure about the future makes us require insurance for risk aversion.
  19.  Mapping out there spread of a virus during an influenza pandemic.
  20. Calculating the surface area of an egg.
  21. How con artists use the mathematics of deceit in pyramid schemes
  22. How a Chinese postman would take the shortest possible route to all his addresses

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Tips to Help You Write the Best Math IA Assignment

Here are a few tips to help you write a killer comprehensive Math IA assignment:

  • Choose a question you’re passionate about. 
  • Use language that is clear and precise. Write in a simple language that A 5th Grader cannot stand.
  • Ensure that the mathematical symbols and format are appropriate. In short, use clear expressions that will earn you a high grade in mathematical presentation.
  • Write an original paper. Be creative and come up with a topic that not so many people would.
  •  Review your work several times to ensure that it is error-free.

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IB Mathematics IA Assessment Rubric

So how do you know that your IB math IA research paper is successful? The IA mathematics rubric guides examiners to award marks to you. Here are key areas they are looking to be impressed by your writing:

  • Communication skills: Can you express your math ideas effectively? The examiners assess your coherence and organization skills. Your presentation needs to be brief, complete, and properly organized.
  • Mathematical presentation: Use the appropriate mathematical symbols, notation, and technology. Also, define the key terminologies player requires and use diagrammatic illustrations and formulas where needed.
  • Personal Engagement: How creatively can you engage with the research as your own? Giving a personal touch to the paper impresses examiners. have the confidence to think independently and creatively enough when presenting your findings.
  • Reflection: This criterion checks how well you analyze, understand and apply your weed to solve the problem.
  • Mathematical application: how well does the student use the knowledge of skills, concepts, and principles of mathematics in solving the problem? 

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