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Question 1

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In the world of evolutionary biology, the current belief is that taxa change in a pattern that most closely fits:

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punctuated equilibrium
stasis Correct!
A and B only
B and C only
Question 2

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What percentage of identified LIVING species are vertebrates?

50 %
23 %
6 % Correct!
less than 3%
Question 3

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The majority of species on earth are:u Answered

Question 4

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Why did Linneus’s innovation of “binomial nomenclature” revolutionize the field of taxonomy?

species’ common names are no longer confusing Correct!
every species has a unique name based on its genus and species
English is the language most scientists speak
Hierarchy is not helpful when trying to understand relationships
Question 5

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The continents are in the same locations that they were 245 million years ago.



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