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human resources research topics

Human resources (HR) is a division of an organization charged with finding, screening, recruiting, and training job applicants, as well as administering benefits. Human resource management is an extensive topic. Its value is so immense to underrate. One of the most crucial assets in business is human capital. Students studying Human Resources Management have to write assignments such as research papers, research reports, essays, and dissertations.

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From this article, you will discover numerous exciting hot and trending human resources topics to help you handle the assignments. To create the best HRM essay, you must come up with brilliant topics. When writing an HR research paper, you could pick a topic from performance management, career development, or recruitment and selection.

Since it might be challenging getting the ideal topic on HR to write on; this article covers some impressive topics you can take inspiration from. The list covers diverse human resources topics, from the trendy ones to the interesting ones and much more.

How to Choose a Good Human Resources Research Topic

Getting the right research paper topic should be your priority after you are given the assignment. Even though some people think the topic selection is straightforward, it may be challenging. After a few searches on the internet, you will come across numerous HR topics, and choosing the right one for your paper could be hectic.

Since finding the topic is a hustle, you should know some tips on landing the ideal topic for your paper. Here are tips to remember as you search for a human resources topic.

  • The topic should be exciting and informative
  • It should match your passion and interests
  • Choose a topic you know – sufficient knowledge of the topic will mean you can handle it comprehensively and pretty well
  • Avoid too broad topics since you might not be able to cover all the aspects
  • Your topic must have relevant evidence acquired from credible sources
  • Pick the trending and latest topics on human resources rather than popular old topics
  • The topic should make sense and be relatable to your audience

List of HR Research Topics and Ideas

Your professor could ask you to curate the best research topic or propose a list of ideas from which you can choose the best. Whichever the case, your topic should be alluring and exciting to your audience. That is why we created a list of topic ideas and suggestions to help you get the right topic to create an impeccable human resources essay.

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Human Resources Management Research Topics

  1. Ways to identify workplace bullying
  2. Requirements for freelancers vs. in-office workers
  3. Effective employee training strategies to maximize production
  4. Why does employee training matter for any organization?
  5. What are the types of employee rewards that can enhance performance?
  6. What are the scopes of long-term employee training courses?
  7. Analysis of reward management strategies in an organization
  8. Implementing effective reward techniques for enhancing employee loyalty
  9. Study on performance management in different stages
  10. The significance of performance management in marketing
  11. Comparing the role of rewards on workforce motivation
  12. Benefits of employee performance management in the current scenario
  13. Examining the reward system in developing economies in a country

Interesting Human Resource Research Topics

  1. The impacts of virtual teams on productivity
  2. How do you maintain a work-life balance?
  3. The importance of job analysis
  4. Use of recruitment marketing by HR departments
  5. Flexible working plans and the millennial employees
  6. Benefits of onboarding as an approach to sustaining human resources in organizations
  7. Communicating constructive feedback to fellow employees
  8. Fathers should receive the same paternity leave as maternity leave
  9. How verbal harassment of female workers affects their performance
  10. Using data-driven strategies in HR
  11. How a firm can enhance industrial harmony
  12. Evaluating employee performance management styles
  13. Importance of refresher courses for employees
  14. Pros and cons of 360-degree feedback
  15. Calculating risks during the hiring process
  16. Investigating the leadership style of a top brand-case study
  17. How organizational climate affects the job satisfaction

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Outstanding Human Resources Research Topics

  1. Job shadowing versus job rotation
  2. Employee termination process
  3. Handling overqualified employees
  4. Use of applicant tracking system during recruitment and selection
  5. Are virtual interviews better than in-person interviews
  6. Online recreational activities to develop teamwork during remote work
  7. How labor unions facilitate employee engagements
  8. Job redesign versus job enrichment
  9. Can buying gifts motivate employees?
  10. How big data is helpful to human resources
  11. Benefits of learning management system
  12. Does a personality test matter during recruitment?
  13. Emerging trends in the human resource management restructuring
  14. How the boss approach kills employee engagements
  15. Fun activities that enhance employer-employee relations

Trending HR Research Topics

  1. Disadvantages of employees working remotely
  2. How poor team dynamics affect employee performance
  3. Using AI to manage employee performance
  4. Advantages of working remotely for both employer and employee
  5. Relationship between working remotely and low morale
  6. Can AI be used to detect behaviors that indicate an employee is about to leave a firm
  7. Poor mental and physical health affects productivity
  8. Flexible working plans and the millennial employees
  9. Time theft and sick leave fraud by remote workers
  10. How to succeed in virtual team building
  11. The link between low morale and organizational performance
  12. Why new employees should be oriented
  13. Should employees have paid family leave
  14. Strategies to promote autonomy and belonging among employees
  15. Companies should find the right people, train them and try to retain them

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Talent Management HR Research Topics

  1. Corporate talent management
  2. Talent management in the SMEs
  3. Various talent acquisition strategies
  4. Different talent management tools
  5. Role of targeted learning in talent development
  6. Role of recognition programs and leadership development in talent management
  7. Target management strategies in the military
  8. Role of recruitment in talent management
  9. Risk factors in talent management
  10. Impacts of technology on talent management
  11. Google versus IBM talent management approaches
  12. Trends of talent management in a globalized society

HR Risk Management Topics

  1. Legal measures HR can take
  2. Reasons to carry out regular internal audits
  3. How does HR ensure worker protection?
  4. Training the workplace to minimize potential risks
  5. What role does HR take in risk management?
  6. What kind of risks does HR have to manage?
  7. Is HR there to protect employees or protect the company?
  8. Reasons to carry out regular internal audits
  9. Risk management when working from home
  10. Ways to ensure all your employees follow masking and social distancing rules
  11. When should HR take legal action?
  12. Responding to a legal action taken by an employee
  13. Ways to ensure all employees get vaccinated

Career Development Human Resources Research Topics

  1. Building a coaching culture in an organization
  2. Skills that all employees should develop
  3. Professional certification training for employees
  4. Impact of cross-training on organizational efficiency
  5. How does active professional development affect productivity
  6. Role of vocational training and apprenticeship in the workplace
  7. How career development helps organizations and employees
  8. Should training be prioritized over completed current work/
  9. Impact of on-the-job training and stretch assignments on employee performance
  10. Challenges in implementing professional and career development programs

HR Research Topics on Recruitment and Selection

  1. How to attract good employees
  2. Best platforms to recruit on
  3. What is the best time to recruit new employees?
  4. Is social media an effective way to recruit?
  5. Importance of screening process during recruitment
  6. Best practices to improve employee retention
  7. How does an HR evaluate a potential recruit?
  8. What kind of employees is needed for a large company?
  9. Challenges affecting contemporary recruitment and selection strategies
  10. Is it a good idea to recruit fresh university graduates?
  11. Role of human resource planning in recruitment and selection
  12. Recruitment and selection process in Family business
  13. Factors that affect the HR selection method
  14. Effects of cross-cultural recruitment on organizational productivity

Equal Employment Opportunity HR Research Topics

  1. How to manage equal opportunity employment?
  2. Do men and women deserve the same pay?
  3. How to create a diverse workplace?
  4. Equal employment opportunity and the Glass ceiling
  5. The best tactics for implementing equal opportunity
  6. Recruiting as an equal opportunity employer
  7. Government requirements for equal opportunity
  8. How to recognize and manage discrimination in the workplace
  9. The costs of an unequal workplace
  10. Best practices for mediating disputes between employees

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HR Research Topics on Performance Management and Appraisal

  1. Reward system and performance management
  2. Performance appraisal and corporate culture
  3. Advantages of having performance standards
  4. Performance appraisal and employee motivation
  5. Performance management and strategic planning
  6. Importance of performance planning in the performance management cycle
  7. Advantages of automated performance management systems
  8. Relevance of feedback in organizations
  9. How to incorporate employee input in organizational decision-making

Research Topics on Worker Protection and Workplace Safety

  1. Combating sexual harassment in the workplace
  2. How to ensure compliance with workplace safety rules
  3. Is monitoring employees during remote work ethical?
  4. Defusing volatile and tense moments at the workplace
  5. How to deal with celebrities and famous figures in the workplace
  6. Ensuring company leadership also follows safety rules
  7. Penalties and fines for violating safety rules at the workplace
  8. How to use VR and AR in the workplace
  9. Ways to prevent OSHA violations
  10. How to identify bullying at the workplace
  11. Benefits of following safety rules
  12. Workplace safety methods and monitoring
  13. Bringing dangerous weapons into the workplace

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Workplace Safety Human Resource Topics

  1. Relevance of health and safety training
  2. How to reduce employee stress
  3. Maintaining a safe work environment
  4. What are the legal safety and regulatory requirements at the workplace?
  5. How to incorporate employee safety in the workplace
  6. Developing safety standards at the workplace
  7. How to minimize and prevent burnouts
  8. Checking on the psychological well-being of remote employees
  9. Consequences of not following safety precautions
  10. How to address accidents and healthcare issues

Human resources topics can be quite tricky to come up with. That is because there is so much that goes into creating a good HR topic that will give you brilliant ideas. If you are unable to create a stunning HR topic, you can get inspiration from this list of brilliant topics provided above or use our free title generator.

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