Liberty BIBL 104 Quiz 5 – According to the Gospel of John Jesus’ mission

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1. According to the Gospel of John Jesus’ mission to the Jews was highlighted by seven miraculous signs. One of these signs is

a. turning stones into bread.

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b. turning water to blood.

c. turning a snake into a walking stick.

d. turning water into wine.

Answer: turning water into wine.

2. The Acts of the Apostles covers the time from Pentecost to Paul’s imprisonment.

Answer: True

3. John uses this central “I am” declaration to affirm the deity of Christ. One of these “I Am” declarations is:

Answer: “I am the light of the world”

4. Which of the following is not a parable of Jesus?

Answer: The Parable of the Dishonest Farmer

5. The last twelve verses of Mark are included in the KJV but modern translations like the NASB, NKJV, ESV, HCSB, and NIV usually use footnotes or a combination of footnotes and brackets to indicate that some manuscripts lack the verses.

Answer: True

6. In the Gospel of Mark there is only one quote from the Old Testament and a marked absence of references to the law of Moses.

Answer: True

7. John sees prophetic fulfillment in the fact that when they pierced Jesus’ side with a spear both blood and water came out at once.

Answer: True

8. The book of Acts ends with a final “update” as Paul awaits his trial before Caesar and the gospel message continues spreading as the church continues to grow.


9. Matthew gives special attention to the rejection of Jesus by the Jewish leaders.

Answer: True

10. Mark’s writing is action packed, forceful, fresh, vivid, dramatic, realistic, graphic, simple, direct, swift, rough, brief, and to the point.

Answer: True

11. Jesus was buried in a new tomb by Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea.

Answer: True

12. Matthew’s portrait of Christ is that of

Answer: King of the Jews

13.According to our textbook, the book of Revelation is written in apocalyptic symbolism and makes use of numbers, animals, and colors as graphic symbols of prophetic realties.

Answer: True

14.Because Matthew, Mark, and Luke have more stories in common with one another, these three Gospels are called the “_____________ Gospels.”

Answer: synoptic

15. Matthew’s Gospel names no audience for its message other than that which is implied in its Great Commission. Its message was ultimately intended to go to “all nations.”

Answer: True

16. Mark recounts nearly _______ miracles of Jesus.

Answer: twenty

17. ___________ references more historical events in the Roman Empire during the life of Jesus than the other Gospels

Answer: Luke

18. John uses this central “I am” declaration to affirm the deity of Christ. One of these “I Am” declarations is:


19. All of Jesus’ activity in Mark focus on His Judean ministry with the final week focused exclusively on activities in Jerusalem.

Answer: False

20. Matthew originally crafted this Gospel for a group of Christians who needed to become more familiar with the Old Testament.

Answer: False

21. In the Gospels, __________, Paul’s physician-missionary, writes with the Greek mentality in view.

Answer: Luke

22.The writer of the Gospel of John identifies himself only as “the disciple Jesus loved.”

Answer: True

23. The Gospel of John can be divided into two sections. The first section is the _____________ and the second section is the Book of Glory.

Answer: Book of Signs

24. The book of Hebrews belongs to the section of the New Testament known as


25.The Gospel of Matthew provides some of Jesus’ most prominent sermons, parables, and miracles, plus a record of important messages such as the Sermon on the Mount, the parables of the kingdom, and the Olivet Discourse.

Answer: True

26. The New Testament begins with the first coming of Christ and ends with the promise of His Second Coming.

Answer: True

27.Which of the following books is a General Epistle?






Answer: Hebrews.

28. Jesus asked James three times, “Do you love Me?” Upon Peter’s positive confession Jesus recommissioned him to service.

Answer: False

29. Jesus first miracle was healing a man in Canaan who had leprosy.

Answer: False

30. John’s Gospel concludes by noting that while Jesus did many other things, no one could possibly write them all down. If anyone did, even the whole world could not contain all of the books that would have to be written.

Answer: True

31. Which of the following is not a miracle that Jesus performed?

Answer: Raising of Peter’s Mother-in-Law

32. The Mark who authored the Gospel of Mark is not the John Mark that Paul did not want to take with him on his second missionary journey.

Answer: False

33. Luke is the longest book in the New Testament and gives a full picture of the life of Christ.

Answer: True

34. Mark’s audience was familiar with Jewish customs and geography. Thus, he uses them frequently without providing further explanation.

Answer: False

35. During Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances He comforted Mary, convinced Thomas of His resurrection, and reassured Peter that he was forgiven for denying Him.

Answer: True

36. The book of Acts begins with the ascension of Christ and His commission to the apostles to take the gospel message from Jerusalem to the rest of the world.

Answer: True

37. John views the soldiers’ division of Jesus’ clothes is viewed as a prophetic fulfillment.


38. Which of the following is not a parable of Jesus?

Answer: The Parable of the Foxes

39. The content of the New Testament Letters is doctrinal and personal.

Answer: True

40. The Gospel of Matthew is the most comprehensive of the four Gospels.

Answer: True

41. In the Gospels, ___________ interprets the facts of Jesus’ life with an emphasis on His deity.

Answer: John

42. All the authors of the New Testament were Jews, with the possible exception of the Roman citizen Paul.

Answer: False

43. Luke’s purpose is to give “an orderly sequence” of the events about Christ’s birth, life, and sacrificial death followed by His resurrection and ascension back to heaven.

Answer: True

44. The Gospel of __________ places an emphasis on the individual person.

Answer: Luke

45. The book of Luke belongs to the section of the New Testament known as

Answer: The Gospels

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