Liberty BUSI 240 Quiz 4 – Which of the following is one of the assumptions

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BUSI 240 Quiz 4 Answers Liberty University | Complete Solution

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1. Which of the following is one of the assumptions of the rational decision-making process?

Answer:  Decision makers choose the alternative that is good enough.

2. The representativeness heuristic refers to the tendency

Answer: to assess the probability that a stimulus belongs to a particular class by judging the degree to which that event corresponds to an appropriate mental model.

3. The Dot Com business boom can be used as an example of


4. The concept of bounded rationality holds that

Answer:  rationality is limited when individuals make decisions, and under these limitations, rational individuals will select a decision that is satisfactory rather than optimal.

5. Incubation and verification are two

A. stages of the creative process

B. elements of bounded rationality

C. elements of the MARS model.

D. problems with team decision making.

E. two forms of influence in organizations

Answer: stages of the creative process

6. Which of these is the final step in the rational choice decision making process?

Answer: selecting the best alternative solution

8.________ shape(s) how we evaluate information, not just which choice we select.

Answer: emotions 

9. Decision makers tend to rely on their implicit favorite when they

Answer: evaluate decision alternatives sequentially

10. The illumination stage in the creative process

Answer: when the “aha” moment happens. The light bulb clicks on as spontaneous new connections are formed and all of that material you’ve gathered comes together to present the solution to your problem.

11. Which of the following is true at the highest level of employee involvement?

Answer: The entire decision-making process is handed over to employees.

12. Which of the following refers to calculating the conventionally accepted “right answer” to a logical problem?

Answer: convergent thinking

13. One school of management thought states that organizational decisions and actions are influenced mainly by what attracts management’s attention, rather than by the objective reality of the external or internal environment. Which of the following practices is closely associated with this argument?

Answer:stakeholder framing

14. Decision makers might succumb to the solution-based problem trap because

Answer:  it provides a comforting solution

15. You have just received seed money for a new e-commerce business and you want to hire a dozen people with a high level of creative potential. To hire the most creative people, you would select applicants who have

Answer: high degree of nonconformity, value self-direction, and relatively low need for affiliation.

16. The rational choice decision-making process selects the choice with the highest utility through the

Answer: Rational choice paradigm

17. Prospect theory and closing costs are two reasons why people

Answer: engage in escalation of commitment.

18. The Director of Nursing is looking throughout the hospital for a new format of a work schedule for nurses. She evaluates each schedule system as soon as she learns about it. Eventually, she finds a schedule that is “good enough” for her needs and ends her search even though there may be better schedules available that she hasn’t yet learned about. The Director of Nursing is engaging in

Answer: Satisficing

19. Which of the following ultimately energizes us to select the preferred choice?

Answer: emotions

20. ________ can be defined as the view that people should and typically do use logic and all available information to choose the alternative with the highest value.

Answer: rational choice paradigm

21. Intuition relies on programmed decision routines that speed up our response to pattern matches or mismatches. These programmed decision routines are referred to as

Answer: Response Feedback

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