Liberty CSTU 101 quiz 2 – Archaic Greek sculpture of a standing

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1. Archaic Greek sculpture of a standing, clothes maiden figure.

Answer: Kore

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2. Homer composed the Iliad between what years?

Answer: About 500–480 BC

3. The first Greek code of laws. Though very severe did offer a single standard of justice for all people.

Answer: Draconian lawcode

4. When was the United States Capitol Building construction begun?

Answer: 18 September 1793

5. As we have studied the Greek Heritage, what dates could you give the Classical Period in Greek history.

Answer: 500-323BC

6. A Wealthy-German merchant turned archaeologist discovered Troy in Northern Turkey.

Answer: Heinrich Schliemann 

7. This archaeological monument is from the citadel of the kings from ancient Mycenae.


8. The first people who dwelt in Greek lands about whom we have much information were the _____.

Answer: the MINOANS

9. Who said “Justice in the life and conduct of the state is possible only as first it resides in the hearts and souls of its citizens.”

Answer: Plato

10. The so-called “Archaic Grin” is associated with Greek sculptures? It can be seen on this sculpture.


11. During the Archaic Period the Greeks enlarged their economy and gained leisure time for other pursuits: gymnastics, education, philosophic-scientific investigation, discussions in the ___________.

Answer: Agora

12. What do Historians sometimes use to refer to the great leap that propelled Western culture forward?


13. This is the name given to the civilization disseminated throughout the Mediterranean and the Near East in the wake of Alexander’s conquests.

Answer: Hellenization

14. Greek god of the sea.

Answer: Poseidon

15. When was Neo-classical architecture brought to America?

Answer:  late 18th and early 19th centuries

16. What types of columns decorated the front of the Supreme Court?

Answer: classical Corinthian architectural style

17. The apex in all the arts for the Greek civilization came to its apex during the high classical period especially during which Age.

Answer: Age of Pericles

18. The worship of Olympian gods was a complex and fascinating religion. According to the Rawls textbook, at its most straightforward the religion used mythical gods and goddesses to explain what?

Answer: Natural gas

19. Which style of art do we associate with the Archaic Period of Greece?

Answer: Archaic sculpture and pottery

20. An Archaic Greek sculpture, of a standing male youth which is nude.

Answer: A kouros

21. Individualistic to the extreme, the Greeks had no organized religion and, consequently, no hierarchy of priests.

Answer: True

22. Sparta was able to rival Athens in cultural and intellectual achievements.

Answer: False

23. The Parthenon is built during the 2nd century

Answer: 447 BC

24. Ancient Greek culture is generally dynamic, while ancient Egyptian culture is generally static.

25. The Greeks were not known for being very idealistic or pragmatic.

Answer: False.

26. According to your textbook, a culture without a divine monarch has no compelling need for monumental sculptures.

Answer: True

27. The Indo-European tribe is believed to have lived about 3000 years ago in the area of Central Asia.

Answer: True

Answered questions IVY SOCI111 Module 

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