ME2405 Week 2 Test – A patient with morbid obesity undergoes

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1: A patient with morbid obesity undergoes a prostatectomy under general anesthesia. What physical status modifier would be added to the anesthesia code?

Answer: -P3

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2: Daily hospital management of epidural, continuous drug administration. Report code.

Answer:  CPT code 01996.

3: Anesthesia for tracheobronchial reconstruction. Report code.

Answer: code 00539

4: Anesthesia for diagnostic arthroscopic procedure of the knee joint. Report code.

Answer: CPT® 01382

5: Which organ filters and cleans the blood as well as produces the urine that carries the waste?

Answer: The kidneys

6: The surgical removal of stones from the ureter using a scalpel is called an __________.

Answer: Ureteroscopy

7: What organ is described as hollow and serves as a reservoir for urine until it passes from the body?

Answer: Bladder.

8: A patient is diagnosed with kidney stones and undergoes a procedure that uses shock waves to break up his stones. This procedure is called __________.

Answer: lithotripsy 

9: The recording of urinary bladder pressure at various volumes is called a __________.

Answer: acystometrogram 

10: Ureteral endoscopy through an established ureterostomy with irrigation and the removal of a foreign body. Report code.

Answer: 50951

11: Radiofrequency thermotherapy to treat benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH). Report code.

Answer: 53852.

12: Carl Maddox is diagnosed with a large bladder stone that measures 4 cm. A procedure is performed to crush the stone and remove the fragments. Report code(s)

Answer: 52318

13: Complex cystometrogram with calibrated electronic equipment. Report code.

Answer: CPT code 51727 

14: A nephrectomy with a total ureterectomy and bladder cuff, through different incisions. Report code.

Answer: CPT® Code 50234

15: A complete transurethral electrosurgical resection of the prostate. Report code.

Answer:  (CPT) code 52601 

16: A radical retropubic prostatectomy with nerve sparing. Report code.

Answer: CPT Code 55866 

17: The patient had a 3.8 cm testicular laceration repair from a baseball injury. Report code.

Answer: CPT Code: 54670.

18: Radical orchiectomy by inguinal approach due to a tumor. Report code.

Answer: code 54530,

19: In coding terms, there are how many stages of pregnancy?

Answer: three trimesters

20: The tube that carries spermazotoa from the testis is called the __________.

Answer: Vasa efferentia.

21: What is the type of sedation that allows a procedure to be performed without pain to the patient, but the patient is not completely asleep?

Answer: Conscious sedation

22: 99100 is an example of a:

Answer: Qualifying circumstance.

23: According to the guidelines under the Kidney heading, when does surgical laparoscopy include

Answer:  large incisions with lengthy hospitalization and recovery

24: Identify which of the following procedures is the direct visualization of the cervical canal and uterine cavity using a hysteroscope.

Answer: Hysteroscopy

25: Liza Moore has normal antepartum care, vaginal delivery, episiotomy, and normal postpartum care, all provided by Dr. Thomas. Report code(s) __________.

Answer: 59400.

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