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“Medicaid” Please respond to the following:

Examine at least two (2) eligibility requirements for Medicaid. Debate the extent to which you agree with the fairness of these requirements. Provide support for your rationale.

Analyze two (2) changes to Medicaid resulting from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Determine the impact that these changes will have on both Medicare eligibility and your state government’s fiscal responsibility. Provide examples to illustrate the impact of such change.

Sample Answers on Medicaid

Medicaid is a healthcare program that is jointly supported by the federal and state governments and aimed at making healthcare accessible to such disadvantaged groups as low income earners. The program enables its beneficiaries to enjoy some services that Medicare does not normally offer, including personal care services and nursing home care. Primarily, it is the health insurance program for all citizens who may be described as high-need and less privileged. The federal government funds the bigger percentage of the program’s yearly budget with state governments playing a relatively smaller role.

One of the eligibility requirements for Medicaid is that one has to reside in the state in which they receive Medicaid services. Another criterion is that a Medicaid beneficiary must be a United States citizen or must be permanently and lawfully residing in the country. One would also be eligible for the program if they are 65 years of age and above (, 2016). To me, these eligibility requirements are considerably fair enough. Receiving Medicaid services from one’s state of residence would ensure that there is order and fairness in the provision of the service. It also rightly increases the responsibility of state governments to care for their residents. The requirement of citizenry or lawful permanent residence in the United States would ensure that illegal migrants do not access the Medicaid services at the expense of those who deservedly need the services. Further, it is in order to consider those who are aged (65+ years) because their level of productivity might have reduced given their age.

One of the changes to Medicaid resulting from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act is that anyone can receive Medicare services irrespective of their income provided they have reached 65 years of age. However, they would have to have paid into social security or Medicare funds. Another change is that those who suffer from end-stage renal disease and severe disabilities will be eligible regardless of their age (, 2016). These changes will impact on Medicare eligibility in that many people will now be able to enroll into the services. This is because those who suffer from the mentioned conditions are many. My state government’s fiscal responsibility will change in that the state will now have to budget for the expected increase in the number of Medicaid beneficiaries. This would be made more serious by the expanded services offered including limited dental and vision, smoking cessation programs, family planning, hospice, and emergency and routine care.

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